Under the dual monarchy known as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Austria once ruled over most of the TARG villages that are now in Poland. They were part of the Austrian Crownland known as Galicia (or in German "Galizien"). Its capital was Lemberg, currently in the Ukrainian city of L'viv (35). Governed mostly by Polish aristocrats, Galicia was the most populous of the Crownlands and also the most impoverished, leading to many of our ancestors emigrating, heading to North America and elsewhere in search of a better life. TARG members can expect to find family in what were the districts of Bochnia (3), Limanowa (33), Myslenice (39), Nowy Sacz (42), Nowy Targ (43), Wadowice (67), Wieliczka (68), and Zywiec (74). The TARG circle or "Sphere of Influence" has been superimposed over this map to help TARG members determine which of the districts of old Galicia might have been where their ancestral village was located.
This special historical district map was prepared for us by historian and genealogist Timothy C. Parrott. Our many thanks to him for his efforts.

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