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"I have just finished reading the book and want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I have reviewed several fascinating books about World War II, this is the first I have read about the OSS and British SOE operations in the European theater of operations. I truly appreciate your effort in reporting on this little known story of the Allied efforts in Slovakia. The locations in Slovakia where the operations took place were of particular interest to me since several were home to my ancestors." -- G. Kubancsek

"I found the book to be fascinating reading. I never knew these things went on in Slovakia during World War II. What a debt we owe to Maria Gulovich." -- G. Keyes, Phoenix, AZ"

I received the book "OSS TRAGEDY in SLOVAKIA". It was very informative. I never knew that the OSS and the British were involved so deeply in that part of the world. It must have been important to General Donovan for him to to have recognized the efforts of Maria Gulovich. I also read an account of her efforts which was printed in the Ventura County Star newspaper. Thanks." -- E. Amrick, San Diego, CA

"World War II: OSS Tragedy in Slovakia." These copies are autographed by the author! (For a full description of the book, see below.) This 337-page new book, loaded with footnotes, photographs, maps and an extensive index, retails for $22.95. For a limited time we have these special copies signed by the author available for just $14.95 plus $4.50 shipping!

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About the book:

The author, Jim Downs, is a former U.S. Army counterintelligence agent. He vividly chronicles a desperate journey from survivor accounts, files of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, and Slovak and Czech governments files. Much of the story takes place within our TARG sphere. In 1939 a pro-German and former Catholic monsignor named Tiso had established a police state in Slovakia directed by the Germans. Maria Gulovich, a second-grade teacher, recalls that in September of that year the German soldiers with their new weapons and shiny horses poured into Slovakia past her Stara Lubovna home, marching by ceaselessly for two weeks.

The backdrop of Down's extraordinary adventure is an OSS daring attempt in the fall of 1944 to drop groups of agents into German-controlled Slovakia to assist a Slovak uprising against the Germans and to rescue dozens of downed Allied airmen. The rescue was successful, but German SS divisions crushed the uprising and sent the agents fleeing into the Mala Tatra mountains outside of Myto and Polomka, SK.

At 23, Maria Galovich would play a life-saving role. In the dead of winter and with great peril to her own life, she kept the American and British agents fed and out of the hands of the relentless enemy for weeks. When it was all over, 14 Americans and 3 Brits were dead. But without Maria, none would have made it. After the war the CIA director and the head of OSS Gen. "Wild Bill" Donovan helped Maria to immigrate to the U.S. On May 25, 1946, Donovan presented her with a Bronze Star for her heroic and meritorious actions and she was given a scholarship to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. She became the first woman to be decorated on the Plain of West Point in front of the Corps of Cadets.

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