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Newsletter for January 2005
Happy New Year to our ever-growing list of TARG members! We have just added 33 new members since December 1st. A very big "Thank you" for all of your cards and e-mailed wishes I received over the Holidays! And many took
advantage of the unadvertised Christmas sale we had -- although we do still
have inventory left, for anyone who feels left out.
As many of you know, I have been asked to speak at the Czechoslovak
Genealogical Society International's Winter 2005 Symposium to be held Friday
evening and all day Saturday February 11 & 12 in Orange County, California.
Helene B. Cincebeaux was also asked, along with eight other quality speakers.
I feel really honored to present a discussion of our TARG activities and
findings for the first time publicly.
You can find out more about the entire program and how to attend on the
CGSI's website at www.cgsi.org. I know a few of you had said you were going
to try to come. It will be really great to meet some of the TARG members I
presently only know via the internet! The organizer say there is still room
for anyone who wants to attend. (See announcement below.)
I am working hard to put together a nice hour-long presentation entitled
"Tatra People, History and Research". I'm also including the outline of my
talk and supplemental resource material in the Winter 2004-2005 issue of the
"Vcera a dnes" Journal which I edit for the CSGSA.
If you can't go to the symposium but would like a free copy of that
issue, just send me a 9"x12" envelope with 83 cents postage -- or $1 and no
envelope -- and I will send you a free copy of the journal. (I've already
cleared it with the people who run the CSGSA, and it's okay.)
I had wanted to do some work on the TARG website over the Holidays, but
as many of you who tried to visit the site know, the server was down most of
the time. In fact, it was just last week (after a bunch of Cyberpixel's
upgrades) that the site has been truly steady again. So, I'm afraid I
didn't get much done like I had wanted to -- but I did have a great time
with the family over the Holidays. Hope you did, too!
-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Founder

1. TARG's website is: http://mytarg.net (or also www.mytarg.net).
2. TARG "Home Page" backdoor: http://www.mytarg.net/index2.html (lets you in
just in the event a hacker disables the home page again.)
3. Feb 2005 Symposium info: www.cgsi.org.
4. New Nowy Targ Website: http://www.zsr.nowytarg.pl/
5. For the latest on Slovakia's Storm Damage Recovery see:
6. Tvrdosin, Slovakia research & history links:


---Hi Paul, I can help anyone interested in finding their relatives and
their families in Polish part of Tatra Mountains, Podhale and Malopolska
county. Write to me - I will do my best. -- Tomasz Zielinski (e-mail:
*** Dear Tomasz, Thank you. I will pass this info along to the group. --
Paul (NOTE: I do not know Tomasz or his motivations, nor what he would
charge - if anything - to help TARG members find their family info. Please
get back to me if you contact him and have reservations.)
---Hi Paul, I sent you a message w/attachment entitled "Trybsz" for
inclusion on the TARG site. I also realize you are very busy with all your
projects and the seasonal activities but I would like to hear if you
received the attachment & if you intend to use it...Bill
***Hi Bill, Busy doesn't even begin to describe life right now!! FYI: I did
get your info -- thank you! My vacation time off between Christmas and New
years was not very productive with our TARG website because the server was
down the whole time. I will have to work on it later in the new year after
the February Symposium. Thanks. -- Paul
---Hello Paul, Thank you for sending the TARG Newsletters regularly. The
information in the Newsletters and advise from other research group members
has been so helpful to me in tracking down family roots and planning a trip
to the area next year. Many thanks, Jim Sadlish
***Hi Jim, And thank you -- glad you have found help here! -- Paul
---Hi Paul, I am researching BEDNARSKY from Kacwin (now in Poland),
VERESVARSKY from Stefanova (Slovakia), CHATRNUCH from Dolna Streda (Slovakia), and NEMCOVSKY from Katov (Slovakia). I have some info to share on the Veresvarsky line, and have hired a researcher to help with the
Bednarsky branch. I'd like to buy some maps of Slovakia, too. I'm also very
interested in pictures of my afore mentioned villages. Any and all help is
appreciated, and I would love to share what I know, if it is helpful to
anyone else! -- Thanks, Heather
***Hi Heather, Thanks for visiting our website and signing the guestbook.
There is only one Kacwin and I have personally been there doing photography.
I can help you there...I even have video of the town, if that is of interest
to you. I believe the other towns and villages you mention are probably outside
the TARG sphere. Katov is not far from the Czech border across from Hodonin.
Dolna Streda is closer to Bratislava by the city of Trnava. There are three
Stefanovas listed: one is by Dolny Kubin (close to TARG sphere), one between
Hodonin and Myjava (not too far from Katov), and one by Trnava in Bratislava
county. A 1916 VERESVARSKY & CHATRNUCH wedding shows up on
http://www.tccweb.org/Web%20Site/MARRIAGE2.pdf in PA which lists both as being from Bratislava county area. So I'm inclined to believe your
VERESVARSKYs also came from Bratislava county. If that's the case, it is
outside our TARG area and we wouldn't be able to use the data from that
line. Same with the others outside of TARG. We would, however, love to have
anything on your Kacwin BEDNARSKYs! As for a map, may I recommend those on our TARG website. The very detailed Tatra and Podhale map at 1:75,000 scale will show Kacwin and its surroundings better than any map I know of. You can go to our TARG website at http://mytarg.net and click on "NEW: Special Books, Maps, etc. for Sale", then on "Maps & Atlases". - Paul
---Hi Paul, I am interested in finding a contact or more information on the
town of Tvrdossin, Slovakia. Can you help? Family names are Lichtenberg and
Tandlich. Thank you, Allan
***Hi Allan, We've covered Tvrdosin, Slovakia in previous issues of this
newsletter, including LDS microfilmed records from the town. Tvrdosin is a
pretty large town. I'm not sure what religion your family lines are, but I
do recognize TANDLICH as a Jewish surname that I've seen in Jewish records
from there which have been microfilmed. Our back issues are found at:
http://www.mytarg.net/Resources/index.html. See what you can find, then
e-mail me with any further questions you might have and I'll be happy to try and help. For general town information try these websites (some are in English):
For others researching there try:
http://slovensko.com/forum/read.php?3,1651,page=2 -- Paul
---Dear Paul, At the Abbey where the Slovak Institute is located we have a
seminarian (Marian) from Slovakia. He came to the Abbey through our efforts
to help with a shortage of vocations in America. Our seminarian has friends
at Spisske Pohradie and I asked him to E-mail to verify they have someone
handling the old church records of former Slovak parishes now in Poland, which falls under those contacting TARG. The laymen in charge of these records is a Mr. Olejnik. I could contact him but it is really you as TARG that should learn
if he can be worked through for your members. The feeling here is he can
communicate using English. His E-mail is: archiv@mail.sk. I would
appreciate you forwarding a copy of your request and then his reply using my
Slovak Institute (SIL) E-mail address: slovakinstitute@csnmail.net. Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sincerely, Joe Hornack
***Hi Joe, Thank you for this information. I will pass it along to our
members. I know some have tried in the past to contact Mr. Olejnik by mail
without any replies being received. We met him at the Spisska Kapitula
Archives in 2001 and he did show us some of the records of Slovak villages
now in Poland. (They were in with the Slovak records as they are simply
bound by year, not by village.) I don't believe anyone in TARG has tried his
e-mail before. Thanks again! -- Paul

Dear Friends, Chuck Pospishil of our planning team has shared with me
the status of the upcoming Winter Symposium in Orange, California. For all
the details please visit www.cgsi.org or refer to the latest issue of CGSI's
journal "Nase rodina" for the registration form and hotel reservation info.
Chuck says:
YES, rooms are still available at discount rate.
YES, we will accept walk-ins at hotel and Family History Center.
YES, we have a great speaker program and wonderful facilities.
YES, CGSI must receive registration by 8 February to guarantee dinner.
YES, we have a special dinner menu, tested by gourmet diners last week.
YES, the dance troupe is ready.
YES, imported beer is on ice.
YES, we promise Sunshine.
If anyone would like to attend, please let us know. Thank you!
Jim Kallal, 714.846.2238, Co-chair, CGSI 2005 Winter Symposium

One of our newest TARG members, Diego Kriscak, lives in Trieste, Italy.
He is trying to contact Melissa Fairbanks who left message #157 in our TARG
guestbook. He has info to share with her, as does TARG member Willard Zipoy. But Melissa, like a few other enthusiastic guestbook signees, failed to leave any contact information! If anyone knows Melissa's e-mail or mailing address, please let me know so I can pass these messages along. Thanks! -- Paul

"Currently (written in 1949, mind you) we are developing the national
economy as well as Tatra shepherding. Until now the sheep were kept on
grazing lands as well as the forest which often caused tremendous damage.
Attempts are being made to find new areas to graze. This attempt has been
successful in the vicinity of Jaworki, where exemplary shepherds' housing, a
new cheese factory, a smoke house, and new strategically placed control
fencing for the sheep was built.
"Currently in the Tatras there are other modernizing of cheese factories and
shepherds' housing projects in the planning stages. The end result of all
this development will hopefully be an improvement for the population's
economic status. As well as building new cheese factories, there are plans
underway for better facilities to enhance milk production and efforts to
increase shipping and distribution.
"However, all of these activities are not disturbing the charms of
mountain life. The style of new housing is kept under strict guidelines to
keep the architectural purity intact. The modern shepherds are still wearing
their characteristic belts, they are still wearing the very characteristic cuff
links, carrying their alpenstocks, and still are singing their folk songs.
"North of the town of Szaflary there is an area called Nowotarszczyzna.
This region is slightly different than the neighboring Tatra Highlands. Some
of this land is lowland, here and there covered with peat and spruce. The
villages are closer together and there are more masonry houses.
"Nowy Targ, the capital of the Tatra Highlands, does not possess any
significant historical buildings there other than Saint Anna's church
located there. The legend says that Nowy Targ was built by the bandits of the Tatra Highlands. Until now the city was totally neglected. Since there are plans now for new economic development, this region and the city will directly benefit.
In the vicinity of Nowy Targ there are some small remains of noble
estates. In Ludzimierz, poet Tetmajer was born in a noble home which no
longer exists. In Lopuszna, located east of Nowy Targ, Severyn Goszczynski was hiding from the Austrian police after the "November Uprising" in the famous manor house there. In that area there are also several traditionally built wooden churches. The most beautiful of them all is a little church located in Debno, just east of Nowy Targ. The church is decorated with characteristic ornamentation and inside with very old regional paintings. The church most likely was first constructed in the 1400s and its building material is native oak. Equally beautiful are the oakwood churches built in the 1500s located in Trybysz, Bialce, and Orawec (in Orawa). In Orawec the church is ornamented with paintings which originated in the 1600s. Beautiful old churches are also found in Harklowa, Sromowce and Lopuszna. Indeed most of the region's churches posses beautiful gates and fences, and inside are decorated with precious paintings and statues.
Lopuszna is where Goszczynski wrote his best poem about Sobotka and
where today there is a fabulous fish factory taking advantage of the riches
of the nearby Dunajec river. That is how the past connects with the present,
where tradition and today's realities meet.
(Part 9 of 12 in our next issue.)

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