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Monthly Newsletter for April 2000
Stastne prezitie Vel'konoc^nych sviatkov! [SL] and Szcze~s'liwych s'wia~t
Wielkanocnych! [PL] Special Easter Holiday greetings to all ZARP and PARG
members. And many, many thanks for your continued prayers and letters of
support for our son John. He continues to recover very well!
For ZARP members this is our14th newsletter. For PARG its number 6. This
is a very thick issue this month - and still didn't have room to fit all
that has come in. More next issue!
-- Paul K. Bingham
PARG & ZARP Team Leader
P.S -- First in the "Letters" section below you will find a discussion of a
"letter-writing help book" project to help ZARP & PARG. If you could please
send letters or paragraphs (in English) of things you would like to say to
or ask of your relatives in the old country, we may translate them and
include them in our book. -pb

(1) Kat Turk sends in The Slovak Spectator site regarding village life (and
the myths that surrond them by tourists) which surround Bratislava and other
cities: http://www.slovakspectator.sk/slovakspectator/article.asp?id=3271
(2) Bill Serchak sent in site with procedure for installing language support
for Windows 95/98, at: http://www.ce-review.org/ The language
support site is: http://www.ce-review.org/computing/installing.html
(3) Great Slovakia Site sent in by Joe Marhefka:
(4) Vladimir Kovalsky tells us the Slovak White and Yellow Pages are now
available at:www.zoznamst.sk
Use these instructions: Click on "BYTOVE STANICE", then
enter these compulsory fields: "Priezvisko" (Surname) and "Mesto"
(Town/City/Village). English version is still under construction.
(5) Bill Serchak says there is finally a website with a map & short blurb
that illustrates what happened to Spis & Orava at the end of WWI. It's at:
http://members.aol.com/genpoland/gal.htm Touch on the words 'Spis & Orava'
to see the text.
(6) Social Security Death Index (SSDI) UPDATED 12 April 2000 at:
http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ssdi.cgi (off ROOTSWEB)
(7) Old Maps of PA and NJ towns from Gleason's Old Maps:
http://www.oldmapsetc.com or
http://members.aol.com/oldmapsetc (off ROOTSWEB)
(8) David M. Ostrowski off GEN-SLAVIC says to please take time to visit the
Polish Genealogy Project: http://polishproject.hypermart.net
(9) Alicia Batko found this ship site - lists by year, port of departure,
and entry! http://istg.rootsweb.com/index1.htm
(10) Joe Marhefka sent in this Spisska Bela, Slovakia webpage URL:

-- "Hello Paul, got the latest newsletter and am glad to hear the family is
doing better. Thanks to you, letters from family in Orava keep rolling in--
I sent 4 letters to addresses you provided and have received 3 letters and 2
phone calls! This is a very exciting time for me-- the culmination of 5
years of research! Any recommendations for learn-to-speak Polish
resources? I so enjoy sharing this good news with you; keep up the good
work!" - Rob Otrembiak
***Hello Rob, I don't know what to recommend to learn Polish. But just so
you will know: we have begun work on a book with lines and phrases -- some
fill-in-the-blank -- that you can piece together to compose letters when
writing to relatives, the archives, priests, mayors and others to obtain
documents, history and records as well as send wishes, make plans and tell
what is happening in your own family. It will have columns in English,
Polish, Slovak, Rusyn, Czech, Ukrainian, German, Russian and perhaps
another language or two. (We have translators lined up for many of these
anyway). Don't know when we will be done or how much the final product will
cost per copy yet. We want some of the proceeds to go toward PARG and ZARP
research, too. The idea is to sell copies and have one or more sent over to
the relatives there so they can send replies back in English. No need for a
translator, computer programs or searching every word in a letter with your
-- "Hi Paul, Thanks for the newsletter! I am so glad your son is doing well
after his accident. Miracles do happen! Thanks for keeping us informed about
our heritage." - Anne Ryba (Lechnica area ancestry)
-- "Hello Paul, We recently received the video about Krempachy and are
thrilled to see pictures of the area showing my grandparents local church,
Zigmond names in the cemetery, and the actual church records. The video
opens another door for us so we can continue our research. A big thank you
for all the work you put into this." - John and Elaine Pletsch
-- "Dear Paul, I was very sorry to hear about your son, but happy that he is
okay. I hope that he continues to improve. My thanks for the video you took
for me. I didn't realize that you didn't speak the language, but even so, it
was great. My thanks for what you are trying to accomplish, have
accomplished and will in the future. You had a closeup of my grandfathers
grave, and some I did not recognize but hope to research." - Jim Ballek
-- "Dear Paul, Thanks for the latest newsletter. I'm glad your son is making
a remarkable recovery." - Fran Rozek
-- "Dear Paul, Just a report on our Slovak exhibit at the Museum of Natural
History in Cleveland. They had 118 people signed on for the VIP reception
and were expecting 300 - 500. Understatement of the year! Over 3,000 people
showed up! It was unbelievable! A Slovak group in folk dress played and two
groups danced. We sold just about everything we brought and Helene had to
give her lecture and slide show twice (one showing after the other!). The
museum personnel couldn't believe it was happening and neither could we.
They were lined up for a "mile" in the snow & cold and jammed in front of
the entrance to the auditorium! We never had such a "mob". All of us are
past exhaustion!" - Helen Zemek Baine
-- "Dear Paul, As a newcomer, I just read the news. So pleased that your son
is now on the road to getting well. God Bless." - Jim C. Gajniak
-- "Dear Paul, You just made my day, this is the most encouraging news I
have had in a long time, and I want to give you a special thank you." - John Lach
-- "Hello Paul, I think this school in Krakow is better than in Bratislava
but changing schools is not easy. You are right: I'm very busy with my new
school, I have more lessons than my school friends because I have some
differencies transfering. My brother is studying here at the same university
but in another faculty. I meet him usually two or three times per week. My
family in Jurgow is very well and all are very busy :-) with school and
work, etc. Jurgow is still very cold about 0 - 6 Celsius, winter this year
is very long. In some parts of Jurgow there was still snow last weekend
when I was home!" - Lucjan Soltys
-- "Dear Paul, My mother is from Ciche and my father from Chocholow. There
is little I know about that area although I have been there twice and still
have relatives living there. Also, I'm somewhat new to the internet. Any info
will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance." - Helena
-- "Dear Paul, I am just reading the ZARP newsletter about your son. My
prayers are with all of you although it sounds like He has already heard a
lot of other people's prayers. February was not a good month - your son and
Mary Dembinski. It just reminds us how fragile life is." - Marti Haney
(We lost one of our dearest members, Mary Deminsky, in a Phoenix car wreck.)
-- "Ahoj, Paul! Special get well wishes are sent to your son - soooo sorry
to hear about his accident. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire
family... take care. So glad to hear that he is making great progress.
D'akujem for the new newsletter. I agree with your thoughts about our Slovak
ancestors,etc." - Marriane M. Ponist
-- "Paul, Received your newsletter and was sorry to hear about your son's
accident. It is a miracle that he is recovering so well and we be as good as
new before long. We will pray for his continued recovery. When I originally
posted my inquiry regarding Kalman - Goldinak - Narcis, you replied with two
addresses I could write to. Your knowledge of the Slovak area is
fascinating. Thank you." - Ray Slack
-- "Dear Paul, Thank you so very, very much for the information. I feel like
I can make much better strides in my search now. People have always told me
that the name was of Slovak origin, now I know!! Really, I feel like I have
jumped forward so far, once my mother passed away last year unexpectedly,
I never thought I would find this much information. As my search continues I
am finding that I am as interested in learning about the regions and
corresponding cultures that are associated with our heritage, as I am
hunting down ancestory. Again, your insight has certainly created a spark---my sincere
thanks and appreciation." - Kelly Boucher
-- "Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your reply. I'm extremely grateful for
the info on the VOSCEKs from Mala Frankova you've supplied. I will try to
write. I'm thinking of getting help in translation from our local Slovak
association. I'll let you know if anything exciting comes from this. Thanks
again." - Kelly Sembinelli
-- "Dear Paul, Helene's Summer Tour will be in the Polish Spisz area on
August 4th. (I will be there on August 2nd to begin my work in Krempachy).
Therefore I'm going to begin to look at a new decent 35mm camera with the
proper added lens. Thanks again for your help. I know I can always count on
you. Ever since you sent me that e-mail a year or so ago saying that you
knew where my grandfather's and grandmother's villages were located and
inviting me to join ZARP, you have provided unfailing help and
encouragement." - Paul Hadzima
-- "Dear Paul, Sorry for being so late getting back to you. Your video
arrived this weekend and it was beautiful! I plan to visit in 2001. You did
so much of the groundwork, it should make our visit so much more enjoyable.
Again, with my gratitude, thank you." - Marylee Kois Skwirz
-- "Hello Paul, Many thanks for the response. My father's Waxmonsky side
hails from Trybsz, my mother's side--Rabianski--comes from Czarna Gora, I
believe. Both Mom and Dad spoke Slovak and a Goral dialect of Polish.
Regards." - Gary Waxmonsky
-- "Hi Paul, I can't wait for the day when I can check out what all info you
came back with from the villlages you visited-- I'm sure some of my
relatives have to be in there some place. Zygmontovich, Domion/Domyon and
Mihalik. Talk to soon." - Peggy Cingle
*** Hello, Peggy. I must tell you, I never found your surname spelled
DOMION, but rather DOMIAN and once DOMJAN. Our surname index with listings from the phonebook there, my cemetary headstone inventories and Hungarian
census extracts has five listings for DOMIAN in Frydman, one (DOMJAN) in
Dursztyn and six DOMIANs in Trybsz. Trybsz is just up the hill from
Jurgow -- with parts of Czarna Gora in between. The listings in the Jurgow
records for people from Czarna Gora are numerous, as it was once part of the
Jurgow parish. I have lines from there, I find now, too. Bill Serchak has
photographed the parish records from Trybsz, too -- so if your DOMIANs are
from either one, we have the books!
ZIGMONTOVIC (also spelled ZYGMUNTOWICZ and ZYGMONDOWICZ) has two listings from Trybsz besides yours and more than a dozen from the Polish
town just west over the river from Trybsz called Bialka! Now Bialka was a
big parish and my own Brzegi relatives once were part if this parish. I have
met with the priest there and he has many, many old records. I was able to
get a look at my lines there, but many others, like Karen Melis's elusive
WODZAK line ALL appear to have begun in Bialka. We are thus making
photographing Bialka's records a big priority on our next trip!
MICHALIK (also MIHALAK, MICHALAK, MICHALEK, MICHALIAK and MICHLIK) are mostly from the Jurgow area: 5 listings from Javorina, 17 from Zdiar,
2 from Jurgow, 9 from Brzegi, 1 from Bialka and 1 from Bukowina. (There are
also 7 MICHALECs from Frydman and a few other variations from villages
further east-- these are probably not the same line.) People from Javorina,
Zdiar and Brzegi entries in the Jurgow records are numerous, too. We are
going to try and make all of these records available on CD -- a big task, so
be patient! -- Paul
-- "Hi, Paul. I'm researching the surname FURDEK. I was wondering what you
know about them, if anything. Specifically, I believe the family branch I'm
looking for migrated to the Wisconsin area. Thanks!" - Natalie Furdek
***"Natalie: I have the Milwaukee phonebook and I find 7 Furdeks in it. If
you'll contact me I'll be happy to pass them on." - Gloria Davis
-- "Hi Paul, I can't thank you enough for the xerox copies of the photos and
info about Osada and Ustie that you sent. I really appreciate your efforts
very much. God bless you." - Bob Panek
-- "Hi Paul, I just received the video and enjoyed it very much. I noticed
that most of the graves were of folks from the early 1900's and a couple who
were born in the 1880's and 1890's. What about older graves? Were they
unmarked? Thanks!" - John Batzel
***Hi John, glad you enjoyed the video footage. To answer your question, the
cemetaries are very small and very old and so the space is reused. Old
graves from before the late 1800s have pretty much been destroyed by the
weather. With no grave markers left, the newer graves are just built right
over the older ones. Areas of the cemetary that look unused usually are not
smooth but a little lumpy -- I was told these are old gravesites that will
be built over, too. - Paul
-- "Dear Paul, Thank you very much for making my e-mail address change. I
certainly didn't want to miss an issue!! You do a great job." - Susanne Saether

Ján Faltin reports from Slovakia:
"The actual situation in Slovakia is no fun. The prices for everything
are incredibly high, while the salaries of most people still remain quite
low. Can you believe that gas costs almost 4 dollars a gallon ?
Fortunatelly, my father's business is doing very well and mom also has a
very good job, so all these economic problems do not really affect my family.
"This economic recession is a consequence of past President Meciar's
politics - he made all his party-members and friends directors and managers
of our most important industries, and since all these people had no clue how
to lead such a business, most of them are going bankrupt now. Even our most
important national steel producer in Kosice is heavily indepted. And all
this is of course pulling down the whole economics.
"To tell the truth, I don't even read newspaper anymore, because it
always makes me so upset. I think that generations have to change until
everything is going to be ok here. After communism fell, most of the
industries were privatized my Meciar's people. They got those businesses for
very little money, but instead of trying to make the business run, they
bought huge houses, expensive cars - simply, things that they could not
afford during communism, and that's why most of the big companies here are
now bankrupt. Its awful.

TRIPS TO SLOVAKIA IN 2000____________
Helene Cincebeaux has three tours this summer with stops in the Tatra
mountains and two with days in Polish Spisz. She can provide you a
driver/translator for day trips to visit ancestral villages. Visit her
website at: www.our-slovakia.com or e-mail her at: Helenezx@aol.com
(2) Thom Kolton is also visiting the area with a group of Osturnites this
July and is including Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. At last notice he
only had a seat or two left. For more information e-mail him at:

Thank-yous to Paul Hadzima, our Team Leader in charge of Krempachy, who sent
in the following Krempach surname list. The village was also known as
Krumbach (German), Bela Korompa (Hungarian), Dunajec Krempach and Krempachy
(Polish-present name).
Surnames as found in the Hungarian censuses (A=1715, B=1773, C=1828):
Bassia: A,B
Bednardcsik: A,B
Bizek: B
Bizup/Bizupp: B,C
Brizsek: C
Bronski: C
Bucz: C
Christophek/Xstofek: A,B,C
Dobosz: B
Faltin: A,B,C
Francsek: A,B,C
Gacsek: C
Gallus/Galuss: B,C
Gribek: B,C
Griglak: C
Grigus: A,B,C
Halupka: C
Hila/Hilla/Hilya/Hijja: A,B,C
Hmelya: B,C
Hornik: C
Ielen/Ieleny: B
Kacmarscik: A,B,C
Kalata/Kalyata: A,B,C
Koval: A,B
Kovalcik: C
Kovarszky: C
Kozak: A,B,C
Lorencz/Lorincz: A,B,C
Lukacz/Lukas: B,C
Marko: B
Masek/Mazek: A,B
Mlinor: B
Mogilsky: C
Oravecz: B
Organiscz[ak]: C
Pacsiga/Paciga: A,B,C
Pahola: A
Palyuch: B
Petrosek/Petrassek/Petrasek: A,B,C
Pitka: B,C
Polyak: B
Rafacs/Raffacs/Raphacs: B,C
Seliga/Schelliga: B,C
Simek: B
Surma/Szurczma/Schurma: A,B,C
Svecz/Szvecs: A,B,C
Tibus: B,C
Tomesa: B,C
Tomaskovits: C
Sigmon/Sigmond: A,B,C
Zalundek: C
NOTES: The only spellings used are the ones found in the three censuses.
X This list is not entirely complete since there are a few names that seem
unreadable. I hope to make updates; any additions and corrections will be
greatly appreciated.

POSSIBLE MEMBERS LOST___________________
Here's some ZARP & PARG researchers that we are unable to contact.
If you recognize any of these, please let us know!
C. Lange LangeCA@aol.com
Mary Yonick myonick@voyager.net
Jess Piszczor Crashe@iwaynet.net
Irene Zawasky ZAWASKY@webtv.net
Kenneth Sisitka Kmsisitka@hotmail.com
Mic Hayes MCclain@uakron.edu
Joann Z. Mottese jermo64@hotmail.com
Edward Griglak ah870@cleveland.freenet.edu
Russ Hayes/Frank Kurtz randbisc@m7.sprynet.com
D. Redding dredding@mindspring.com

OTHER NOTES______________________________
(1) Contact us if you would like the e-mail address of someone in PARG or
ZARP. (2) If you have comments, questions, someone's address to add to our
mailing list or missed any newsletter issues, just ask! (3) This e-mail
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