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Newsletter for October 2003
Special All Saints' Day (Halloween) Greetings to TARG members
everywhere. The whirlwind that met me when I got back from our Eastern
European trip last month continues as we endure the worst wildfires in California history.
One of the walls of flame came up to the edge of the city Monday, but a
shift in the wind has now sent it towards the mountain without loss of life
or property here. So many other communities are not so fortunate. But our
prayers are being answered as cold, wet air and rain has come up quickly off
the ocean. We hope to see the last of the fires out next week.
I must also send our heart-felt thanks to all of you TARG members who
have sent messages and promised your prayers in behalf of my 88-year-old great-
uncle who was so gravely ill and suffering delirium. What a miracle has
blessed our family in the last two weeks as he begins to recover his
strength, his appetite, his memory, his mental abilities and his smile. God
has granted our desires and is bringing him back when most had given up.
This is truly what we had hoped for!
We had such a wonderful time in Slovakia and Poland in August and
September. We can now discuss the trip with him and show the pictures and he
is able to enjoy it all. It is truly remarkable! Thank you again for your
prayers and support!
Just today I received an e-mail from Cousin Lucjan who shared a current
article in the magazine "Zivot" (means "Life") featuring pictures and an
article of our TARG trip with Helene B. Cincebeaux. Lucjan has prepared a
link with color copies of the 2-page article in PDF format at:
http://lsoltys.izoo.krakow.pl/targ/. For those that speak Slovak or Polish
you can also contact the Zivot publishers at: http://www.tsp.org.pl/kontakt/.
Please note: we are trying to get copies of this issue sent so they can be
available to TARG members who would like copies. Please let me know if you
would be interested. The cost would likely be just a few dollars.
Oh, there is so much to do and to catch up on since returning and having
so many things going on in our life right now! Thank you for your patience
as we get through these family challenges and to your e-mails and requests.
And thank you for your continued prayers in behalf of our Uncle Jerry
-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Founder

(PLEASE NOTE: This article now contains e-mail addresses in the new Spam-Resistive format where "@" and "." symbols are replaced with "-AT-" and "-DOT-".) Some TARG members have had trouble in the last six month reliably getting e-mail from me or to me at my bingham-AT-iols-DOT-net address. Good news: Although we will keep the IOLS address for another six months (until the annual contract runs out), I have a new e-mail address that you can reach me more confidently at. The e-mail address is: binghams-AT-sbcglobal-DOT-net. If you have something to share, don't hesitate to use this address. (I will NOT be publishing this address on our www.mytarg.net website, as that leads to an abundance of "spam" e-mail I have to sift through to find your messages.)

1. Site with various country's phonebooks online:
2. October is Family History Month. Images are for sale at the Ellis Island
website at: www.ellisisland.org. It's possible you may find your family's
arrival records, and picture of the ship they sailed on. Money goes to support Ellis Island.
3. 2-page Zivot article (in PDF format) about TARG group at:
http://lsoltys.izoo.krakow.pl/targ/. Thank you Lucjan!
4. Zivot Magazine's publishers are at: http://www.tsp.org.pl/kontakt/.

YOUR LETTERS (These have been piling up - Sorry!)_________
- Hello Paul: Pawel's wedding turned out good I think. But there were so
many preparations beforehand. I'm a little worried about my own wedding next
April...now that I've seen all of this! ;-) I'm sending you some pictures
from the wedding. I'll send you several more if you want. - Cousin Lucjan
- Hello Paul, My great grandfather was Stanislaw Michniak, he came to the
U.S. from Poland to live in 1911 with his great uncle. He was married in
1912 to Teodora Maniak also from Poland. I'm now trying to find his
relatives. - I. Michniak
- Hi Paul: Received Jim Down's book about the O.S.S. today - anxious to
settle down this evening to some interesting Slovak history. By the way, I
have the "Slovak & Polish Tatras" Guidebook. It's so wonderful! - Joanne Lorincz
- Hi Paul: I received the book "OSS Tragedy in Slovakia". It was very
informative. I never knew that the OSS and the British were involved so
deeply in that part of the world. It must have been important to General
Donovan for him to have recognized the efforts of Maria Gulovich. I also
read an account of her efforts which was printed in the Ventura County Star
newspaper. It was nice meeting you on the Goral trip! - Ed Amrick
- Hi, Paul: Happy to hear that your Slovak Trip was excellent and that you
returned safely. Sorry to hear about your uncle and his chemo treatments.
That has got to be very hard for him. And it is also draining on you and
your family. Just wanted to thank you so very much for finding the Spis
Guidebook for me. I received it this past Wednesday. Looking forward to
receiving the TARG Newsletter when things calm down for you. Again, thank
you for this. I really appreciate it. - Eleanor K.
- Hi Paul: I happened to come across the following link for the Polish
telephone white pages. Recall it was offline for a while, but now it seems
to be back. It's at: http://tel.tpsa.pl/asp/szukaj_a.asp. It can be made to
work only when a town is specified and the proper province or state is
chosen. Some translations to help you are: Imie: "Given Name" (not
necessary unless you know it); *Nazwisko: "Surname"; Ulica: "Street" (also
not necessary); *Miejscowie: "Town"; *Województwo: "Province/State" (choose
from list under arrow); szukaj - "search" (click when above * information is
supplied). - Regards, Florian Simala
- Hi Paul: Here is a list of surname info from the TARG town of Kroscienko,
PL. http://genforum.genealogy.com/poland/messages/22561.html. Hope it is
useful to someone! - Wendy B.
- Hi Paul: I'm looking for possible relatives in Bialka Tatrzanska. Could
you help me find out about Franciszek Koszarek? He left the town in 1914,
and supposedly never returned. Also would anyone know about Andrej, Jozef,
or Anthony Zygmuntowicz? They supposedly left for the U.S. before WWI. I
appreciate any information you can give. Thank You. - Lynette Zygmuntowicz
***More next time!!! - Paul

CONTACTING TARG_____________________
(PLEASE NOTE: This announcement contains e-mail addresses in the new Spam-Resistive format where "@" and "." symbols are replaced with "-AT-" and "-DOT-".) To contact TARG the e-mail address is: TARG_NET-AT-hotmail-DOT-com. If you have trouble getting mail bounced back try my new personal e-mail address at: binghams-AT-sbcglobal-DOT-net. The old e-mail addresses bingham-AT-iols-DOT-net and bingham-AT-iols-DOT-com will remain active until summer 2004. Our "snail" mailing address is still (in spite of the fires!): TARG, P.O. Box 3533, Escondido, CA 92033. The official TARG website is at: www.mytarg.net or also at: http://mytarg.net.

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