About the Tatra Area Research Group

Slovak Map with Sphere of Influence ShownThe Tatra Area Research Group (or T.A.R.G.) began in 1998 to help those researching their family history from settlements in and around the Tatra mountains of Northern Slovakia and Southern Poland. Its goal is to compile information and aid in helping others make connections to the past and present in this relatively unknown region of the world.

TARG Founder Discovers Family HeadstoneMembership in TARG is free. We ask from you only what we have asked the hundreds of others who have joined thus far. Simply share with us what information you know so we may share it with others in the group. Some have lots of information, others precious little. But by each sharing what they know, we are painting a more complete picture of the families, the lives, the villages and region our ancestors knew. Do you have stories to tell, village or family names to list, old maps or photos full of clues to share? Our free TARG e-mail newsletter is where we relay such gems monthly. Visit the Contact Page or our TARG Message Posting Page if you would like to participate. Thank you.

-- Paul Bingham, TARG Founder

Attempting to Read old Gravemarker InfoLeft: finding evidence of family. Right: doing inventory in old ancestral TARG village cemetery.


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