November 2004 Storm Damage in Slovakia's Southern Tatras

108 mile-per-hour winds flattened vast areas of pristine mature forest and devastated resorts and villages just as Winter ski season began. As many trees were blown down in this single storm as the entire Slovak logging industry cuts in a whole year.

Countless structures were damaged by the high winds, airborne debris and toppling trees.

Downed trees smothered homes, choked roadways and covered rail lines. Until crews could cut their way through, many towns remained completely isolated.

Metal roofs were ripped from buildings and hurled dangerously into others like crumpled paper.

Resorts once shrouded in dense, lush forest were left exposed with only the tiniest of saplings left standing.


Map of the Area Having Sustained the Most Destruction from this Historic November 2004 Storm

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(Thank you to Lucjan Soltys and Eileen Zinchiak for contributing to this report.)

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