The Tatras and Kasprov (or Kasprowy) Peak

The Tatras are craggy, barren peaks and the tallest in all of the long and famous Carpathian range to which they belong. Popular for climbing in the summer, they are a challenge for only the most experienced in the winter. Their beauty and majesty any time of year has been over the centuries the subject of song writers and story tellers, poets and painters.


To Slovaks "Kasprov Vrch", or "Kasprowy Wierch" as it is known on its Polish side, is 6519 feet (1987 m) high -- an impressive peak in the High Tatra mountains and what we use as the very center of our TARG sphere. It is accessible from both sides by trail and more easily by cabled gondola from Zakopane, Poland in favorable weather. From Kasprov Peak (looking southwestward as shown in this photo above, right), one can see the passes, mountains and some of the plains of Slovakia beyond. The tallest peak in the distance is Slovakia's 8182-foot high Krivan Peak (2494 m), a legendary peak thought until 1793 to be the highest. That honor was then passed on to Slovakia's Lomnicky peak at 8636 feet (2632 m). Lomnicky Peak is also accessible by overhead tram in good weather from the station in Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia. In 1871 scientists using more modern instruments discovered that Slovakia's Gerlachov Peak to the east (at 8711 feet and 2655m) was actually the winner as the tallest Tatra Peak by 75 feet. The highest Polish Tatra peak is Mt. Rysy at 8199 feet (2499 m).

Looking down from Kasprov Peak (as shown in this photo at left looking south), one can see the forests and lower mountain ranges in southern Poland. Just hidden under the nearest band of clouds in this picture is the city of Zakopane, Poland. In the center at the very bottom of this picture, one can see a gondola car making its way by cable to the peak from the station in Kuznice. Kuznice is a little village once known for its mining operations, just south outside of Zakopane. Today its mine and smelters have shut down, but is now busy serving the tourists and skiers visiting the mighty peak.

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