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(from December 2011)

(From April 2011)

A Very Happy Easter to Everyone!

(From November 2010)

As we honor our Veterans, let us remember Michael Strank born in the TARG village of Jarabina, just outside Stara Lubovna, Slovakia. Years later it was Sergeant Mike who led his men up Iwo Jima's Mt. Suribachi to raise the flag in this now famous photo. He was killed the next day by a mortar round.

(from February 2010)

Farewell to Two Beloved Men

Neil Durrant Bingham October 31, 1928 to October 5, 2009 ~ Jarislav Adalbert Vojtanek July 20, 1915 to January 30, 2010

(from July 2009)

The Bazilika Panny Marie on a hill north of Levoca, Slovakia. This was the view out of my room in the 500-year-old Hotel Barbakan located in the center of the ancient city of Levoca June 1, 2009.

(from May 2009)

Spring Comes to Polish Spisz!

Sylwia & Judyka Plucinski, dressed in their traditional Goral costumes, are seen here enjoying the flowers and beautiful weather.

(from February-April 2009)

Happy Easter!

Displayed here is the new Slovak stamp issued for Easter 2009. It includes the scent of the yellow Easter Daffodil imbedded in it as well as the mark of the Euro. Slovakia converted over from the Koruna to the Euro in January.

(from January 2009)

A Happy New Year to You!

(Photo taken a little distance out of Habovka, Orava, Slovakia.)

(from August 2008)

The main bridge across the Bialka River linking the towns of Bukowina Tatrzanska and Czarna Gora in Polish Spisz gave way on July 25, 2008 after many days of heavy rains. Torrential rains in many of the towns and villages in our TARG region have led to evacuations and heavy property damage.

(from July 4, 2008)

Anna Agnes Vojtanek was born July 4, 1908 in Slanica, Orava county, Slovakia. She immigrated as a child with her parents to the United States and later became a U.S. citizen. She would have been 100 years old today.
(Anne was the beloved grandmother of TARG founder Paul Bingham, and his inspiration. The photo was taken in July 1978. Anne passed away early in 1990 at the age of 81.)

(from June 2008)

(from April & May 2008)

The days grow longer, the foothill snows recede, and the cheery crocus bulbs begin to bloom.
Spring at long last returns to Polana Chocolowska

(from February & March 2008)

Szczesliwej Wielkanocy! (PL) Veselu Vel'ku Noc! (SK) Happy Easter! (ENG)
Village Easter Procession in Jurgow, Poland. (Photo by Lucjan Soltys)

(from December & January 2008)

Our wish for a Happy New Year 2008 to all of you in Slovak and Polish!

(from September thru November 2007)

(from October 2006)

(from February 2006)

(From January 2006)

(From December 2005)

LEFT: Christmastime and Hanukkah in the Tatras over a century ago was a time to celebrate and a time to be with family -- much the same as it is today!

RIGHT: A snowy night just before Christmas 2005 at a Tatra Village's Roman Catholic church. (picture courtesy of Lucjan Soltys)

(From November 2005) A Thanksgiving Day shot of the Tatras and their first taste of Winter.
(Our thanks to Lucjan Soltys for providing this photo.)

(from Sept 2005) Under the dual monarchy known as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Austria once ruled over most of the TARG villages that are now in Poland. They were part of the Austrian Crownland known as Galicia (or in German "Galizien"). Its capital was Lemberg, currently in the Ukrainian city of L'viv (35). Governed mostly by Polish aristocrats, Galicia was the most populous of the Crownlands and also the most impoverished, leading to many of our ancestors emigrating, heading to North America and elsewhere in search of a better life. TARG members can expect to find family in what were the districts of Bochnia (3), Limanowa (33), Myslenice (39), Nowy Sacz (42), Nowy Targ (43), Wadowice (67), Wieliczka (68), and Zywiec (74).

This special historical district map was prepared for us by historian and genealogist Timothy C. Parrott.

(From August 2005 TARG Homepage) What are ancient Inca drawings and artifacts doing on the TARG Website? Well, a long-standing mystery of Niedzica Castle stems from the location of treasure locked in the "Quipu/Khipu" or Incan string records left by a castle noble's wife, herself an Incan princess. Scientists are now beginning to make headway in deciphering the writings such strings hold. For more see the article in the August 11, 2005 issue of "Science Magazine", or this online report by "New Scientist" at: www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7835

(From July 2005 Homepage)
Like having a sense of humor and being tough, longevity seems to be another trait among the Goral. My Uncle Jaraslav Vojtanek (above) just celebrated his 90th birthday July 20th. His favorite gift? The new "Harry Potter" book. He's read all of them! (Uncle Jerry is the one who beat cancer two years ago. Photo by Paul Bingham)

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