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Please make your check or money order out to TARG and mail it along with your order to: TARG, P.O. Box 234155, Encinitas, CA 92023-4155. If you want to use PayPal, e-mail targ_net@hotmail.com for details. (Note to Credit Card users: you can also use your credit card via PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account! Go to www.paypal.com for details!) TARG thanks you for your support!

Shipping note: When ordering more than two items, shipping is paid on the first two most expensive items, then no additional shipping charge is due beyond that. So for example, if you ordered a book for $18 plus $6 shipping, a tee-shirt for $14 plus $4 shipping, and a calendar for $7 plus $3 shipping, you would pay only the shipping charges on the first two most expensive items, the book and the shirt ($6 + $4). The total for this order then -- for both the items and the shipping -- would be $49.

If you don't see the title you want, write us and tell us at targ_net@hotmail.com.

Pages last updated July 23, 2010

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