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February 2004 Newsletter
Happy Leap Year to all TARG members! And welcome to all of those just
joining our group. Some growth news: there are now more village webpages up
on our TARG website found at www.mytarg.net (or http://mytarg.net). If yours
is NOT up yet, let me know and I will make it a priority in my next batch.
You can still contact me via my personal bingham-AT-iols-DOT-com address (in spam-
resistive form (minus "@" and "."), although the bingham@iols.net address is now gone. But I encourage you to use the official new address: editor-AT-mytarg-DOT-net (in spam-resistive form (minus "@" and "."). Replies will be quicker via this address.
Also, TARG now finally has its own bank account. This means we can
accept your checks made out to "TARG" -- and we can do so in both U.S. or
Canadian funds to purchase anything on the TARG website. And here is a
special to take advantage of: For the month of March, you can get any 2004
calendar listed for half price if ordered with another item.
This month's newsletter is much shorter than January's, but includes
some important items, so could not wait for a "double issue". (March's issue
will most certainly be a much larger one.)
-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Founder

Last month we included a letter from TARG member Leonard Kowalski's
daughter, Jane, saying that her dad -- and our good friend -- was fighting
Pancreatic Cancer. It is with sadness that I must report that he passed away
on Monday, the 16th of February at 5:48 am. He will be greatly missed. We
also received word from TARG member Ruth Bross' daughter, Marian Metivier,
that Ruth left us on Saturday the 31st of January. Our thoughts and prayers
to Ruth and her family as well as Leonard's.

---Dear Paul, I always look forward to reading your electronic newsletter
but now that it is becoming quite large, could you change my receiving
e-mail address to our computer at my work location? Thank you. Sincerely,
Joe Hornack, Vice Director, Slovak Institute, Cleveland Ohio.
***Hi Joe, Certainly -- no problem. I do try to keep the newsletter to four
printed pages or less each time, but it is often difficult. (It's always
text-only for the benefit of our text-only e-mail members. For photos see
our www.mytarg.net website.) - Paul
---Hi Paul, Due to problems with spam, I have also changed my email address.
I'm encouraging everyone to read the recent book "The Lemko Region,
1939-1947, War, Occupation and Deportation" edited by Paul Best and
Jaroslaw Moklak. It is the 4th volume of scholarly papers given at a
conference in Cracow in 2001, and providing an in-depth look at issues
(religion, politics, ethnic cleansing, war and resettlement) based on
emerging documents. Available from Inter-Ed, Inc., P.O. Box 3052,
Westville Station, New Haven, CT 06515, inclusive price is $25.
Best is at the Southern Connecticut State University. Thanks! - Eileen Zinchiak
***Thank you, Eileen. I will pass this information on to the group. - Paul
---Hi Paul, I am interested in Maps including Piekielnik and Nowy Targ.
Would the Tatra & Podhale Map include these? Would also like pictures of these same
areas. We are having a family reunion in July and I am preparing a booklet
for this. Thanks. - Joann Eisner
***Hi Joann, The blue-covered "Tatry i Podhale" map we have does include
both Nowy Targ and Piekielnik. It is an excellent map, too. I've looked
through all of the calendars and books TARG offers with coverage of the
Orawa region and I find no pictures of Piekielnik. It is a small village and
off the main road really. I'm not sure what to offer you if you need photos.
I did visit Piekielnik last August and shot some digital video with my
camcorder in the village. I could lift frames out of the video and/or send
you a copy of the video if you wanted it. (I'm not sure what you were
looking for so far as photographic subjects are concerned.) Let me know if I
can be of any further help. - Paul
---Hello, I was unclear as to whether signing the guestbook (on the TARG
website)automatically made me eligible to be on the mailing list for the
newsletter or if I have to specifically request it. Anyway I find your site
fascinating and would love to be on the mailing list. Please advise if there
is any charge involved. Thanks. - Dave Asplund
***Hello David, Welcome! I will put you on our e-mailing list for the
newsletter. And thank you, but no there is no charge. We ask only that you
share anything you know about your family lines or area history and culture
with the rest of the group. We do offer maps and books on our website. Any
purchases are voluntary and do help the cause. - Paul

If you haven't checked out the TARG Website's Guestbook entries in a
while, I encourage you to go take a look. At last count we have 112 with
lots of good family name and village info! Just go to:
http://mytarg.net/Guestbooks/index.php. And thanks for participating.

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1. Our TARG website is found at www.mytarg.net (or http://mytarg.net).
2. A great Tatra Mountain Virtual Tourist website is:

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To contact the TARG Editor, the new e-mail address (in spam-resistive form (minus "@" and ".") is: editor-AT-mytarg-DOT-net. Our "snail" mailing address is still TARG, P.O. Box 3533, Escondido, CA 92033. use it for sending in orders or photos and anything else you want to share with the group. (If for some reason you are unable to contact us
at the new editor-AT-mytarg-DOT-net e-mail address, go ahead and use the old
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