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Newsletter for April 2002
Hello to all of you TARG members, including all of the new members this
month! April has been a busy and the newsletter will necessarily be a short
one. I do want to say "Thanks!" to all of you who have sent photos of your
villages! I will be posting the best ones soon to our new web site. To all
of you who have not sent in photos, please feel free to do so...either in an
e-mail or by snail
mail. (See contact info below).

-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Founder

1) Helene Cincebeaux is finishing bookings for her trips to Slovakia and
Poland this summer. If you want to go, you can still get in! Just follow the
links on her website at: www.helenezx.homestead.com
2) The new TARG website is up and running! Come visit at:
3) A new one-step search for the Ellis Island records has been set up by a
fellow named Stephen P. Morse (see article below) at:
4) Ed Budzak shares this great website for LENDAK. Go to www.lendak.sk.
5) Dr. Maros Krajnak shares his URL where you will find 319 village photos
at: http://www.village.sk

---Peggy, Lipnica Wielka is on map G on the TARG website, upper right hand
side in square C3. It follows along the Lipnica river (hence the village's
name). - Paul
***Wow! Thank you so much. I am so impressed. I just started this
genealogy with a Christmas present I received for Family tree Maker. My dad, and his
sister/brothers are all gone and I wish now that I had listened to more of
what they said about people and places. I do not intend for my son to share
the same fate. Like I said, I found a long lost cousin Yanoviak who actually
has recording of my aunt (Pastva), his (and mine also) godmother which he is
sending to me. He told me this site was great! I now am a firm believer.
You have already helped me immensely, I had found various spellings for
Lipnica on the Ellis Island records and being an amateur, did not know what
to make of it. Thanks again.
- Peggy (Pastva) Hanley
***Dear Paul, Thank you again for another great newsletter! Your dedication
to this region and it's history is a blessing to all of us in the search for
our ancestors. I don't know enough yet about my family from Czorsztyn and
Haluszowa to be able to write anything - but if someone else with ancestors
from this region could - I believe we all could learn something from it. Keep up the good work! - Patti Marsicano
---Thank you for the kind words, Patti. - Paul
***Paul, I haven't forgotten you and my promise to send you photos of
Jaworki and Szlachtowski. I'm sending them now! If you need any help with
your site let me know. I don't know too much about setting up a web page but
I can type and help out in some way. - Kathleen
--- Hi Kathleen, thanks for your willingness to help, and for the great
photos! - Paul
--- Hello Mary, Thank you for your e-mail. I will put you on our mailing
list for the TARG newsletter and will send you our latest edition. Yes, both
Kamienka and Biala Woda are within our study area. Biala Woda is surrounded
by the beautiful mountains of the Pieniny National Park. Have you ever been
there? The Pieninies are truly stunning. What surnames are you researching
from these two villages? - Paul
***Hi Paul, I have been to what is left of Biala Woda. I also was in
Kamienka. I visited both towns in the Summer of 2000. I found a cousin,
Bittner, in Kamienka. I am still looking for information on a Michael
Barniak from Biala Woda. - Mary Caetta
***Hi Paul, Thanks for responding. My grandparents are from Jakubany, Spis,
Slovakia. Names DUDA, KUNDLYA, and have been able to search back thru 1800.
Family names: ROMANESCZ, KRIVONYAK, BONDRA, CHUDIK, BESKID, PETRUSZ, ROMANESZ-CSOMA (if not for this site I do not think that I would have been able to get past my grandparents. The village is small enough that every one
is related somehow or other!!!!!). Many of these people settled in the same
places here and knew each other: Ernest PA, Indiana PA, Donora PA as well as
Sharon PA and Warren OH. I do have one friend from Sharpsville PA who is a
Goral by name. Whatever would be of help would be greatly appreciated. - Eveline
***Hi Paul, My dad Stanislaw Gawel came to USA from Bialka, Poland in 1923.
I spent some time in the village in the 1930s and left in 1939 to USA. I
would be interested in sharing and exchanging information with anyone who is
doing research on this Village. - Stan Gawel

I am pleased to report that the 4.3 MegaPixel digital camera, 128 MB
memory card, rechargable batteries, battery recharger, cables, software,
etc. made possible by generous TARG members and TARG book sales is now
SAFELY in the hands of my cousin in Spisz. Richard Brozenec, who has
ancestry in Nowa Biala, took the items with him from the USA to Poland to
hand-deliver them for us. Yesterday they were presented to my cousin in
Zakopane. Thanks, Richard!
(Here's just a snippet from my cousin's e-mail.)
"Today we met Mr. Brozenec in Zakopane and he gave me the camera
package. :-) It is a very nice camera! I showed the little movie you took on
it to my family and then tried taking some pictures myself. Right now the
batteries are low, so I'm recharging them in the new charger you sent along.
I'll probably send you some pictures on Tuesday or Wednesday from the new
camera. Now I will probably spend many hours reading the digital camera's
manual learning about all of the functions. It looks like much of it will be
very simple...but we'll see when I actually take some pictures!"
"Many thanks to you, Paul, and to all of the other people in TARG which
helped to purchase this digital camera!" -- Lucjan

Have you ever heard of a fellow from San Francisco named Stephen P.
Morse? Well, you should know that he has created a new search tool on his
website that lets you dig into the Ellis Island data like never before. His
website is at: http://home.pacbell.net/spmorse/ellis/ellis.html. On it you
can add parameters and it will locate more of your surnames and villages,
especially those that were misspelled and that you wouldn't have been able
to find otherwise. For example, I did a search to find my surnames from the
village of Czarna Gora (Carna Hora in Slovak). Besides these, I found it
listed as: Clarnagora, Csaznagura, Csarnagora, Csarnagura, Csarnagora,
Czarnogova, Csacua...urs, Czarnogora, and C...gura.
Reportedly, thorough searches you can do normally on the Ellis Island
site will show 70% of the names contained in the records. His site will get
you over 95%. Try it out! You'll love it!

CONTACTING TARG_____________________
To contact TARG the e-mail address is: TARG_NET@hotmail.com. Our mailing
address is: TARG, P.O. Box 3533, Escondido, CA 92033. Our new website is
at:www.ancestral.net/Home.html. Thanks for participating!

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