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Newsletter for June-July 2001
Vi'tanje & Powitanie! (Welcome!)
Greetings to all of you TARG members, and a special welcome to the
large number who have joined us within the last two month.
Perhaps you have been wondering why we have not had a TARG newsletter
in a while, or if you had somehow missed getting yours. No, there has not
been one for some time. Some computer problems have led to the loss of much
data. In a nutshell, a program was "uninstalled" and ended up taking with it
many important files. Among these were ALL of my inbox e-mail files for the
last two years - literally thousands of informative e-mails from folks like
you. Also removed were all past issues of the TARG newsletter.
I am in the habit of backing things up and have been able to restore most
everything up to March of this year. But if any of you wrote to me between
about mid-March and mid-June, and I did not respond, chances are I CAN'T
now. Please resend what you sent! I also have copies of all of the TARG
Newsletters except March, April and May. If any of you kept electronic
copies of any of these, please send these, too. (I have printed copies, but
new members often want back issues and sending them electronically is
much preferred). Thanks to any of you for your help!
One thing I was able to rescue (using Norton's Utilities) was my address
book -- complete and intact. So I never lost any of you, thank goodness.
Our TARG website has lots of new researchers and their villages and
surnames listed in the guestbook. Take a look if you haven't visited in a
while at: http://targ.1avenue.com.
Twenty-one of us TARG folks are preparing to leave for the Tatras on
Helene's August 8 through 20th Góral Homecoming 2001 Tour. Actually, three
of us are leaving this Friday, August 3rd, to do some further research for
the TARG group prior to the rest of the members coming over. We will surely
have lots of stories to tell!
But don't look for that issue any time before August 25th. You see,
that's when my 21-year-old daughter is getting married! I don't know whether
"August" means "busy" in any language, but it does in our home! See you
after the reception, and if I'm still alive!
-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Founder

TARG TRIP THIS AUGUST 8 - 20!____________
Twenty-one TARG members are just as excited as we can be to go to the
beautiful Tatra mountains on the August 8-20 Góral Homecoming 2001 led by
Helene B. Cincebeaux. We'll be visiting the ancient Spisska Kapitula
archives, where all of the Roman Catholic records were kept for much of the
TARG area in Slovakia, including Orava, Liptov and Spis counties. We will
visit the Orava Skansen museum and also stop in Bratislava to load up on
lots of interesting maps and books before we return. We will also spend many
days and nights in Poland, in Podhale, Orawa and Spisz. We can't wait to go!
We'll tell you all about it when we return.
Cousin Lucjan in Jurgow reports that it has been raining constantly
around the Tatras for about two weeks now. Forecasters say it will rain
for at least one more week. So houses along the river's edges have been
damaged by high water, but most roads and bridges are still passable.
We are hoping that our group will bring the sunshine with us so all of the
photos we take will be as beautiful as it truly is. But we are taking our
rain gear, too, just in case!

CONTACTING TARG_____________________
To contact TARG the e-mail address is: TARG_NET@hotmail.com
Our new website is at: http://targ.1avenue.com (Also www.1avenue.com/targ will get you there.) TARG's mailing address is: P.O. Box 3533, Escondido, CA 92033.

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