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Newsletter for Sept/Oct 2000
Vi'tanje & Powitanie! (Welcome!) For this issue we have TWO wonderful
inclusions thanks to Slovak tour-guide extraordinaire Helene B. Cincebeaux.
The first item is the itinerary for next years special 11-night, 13-day
TARG area genealogy trip next August (!!!) For those who went last year,
they know how great and productive this was. This new planned trip is an
even better, longer trip with more time actually in and around our TARG
villages, including four nights in Poland. If you want to go, contact her AS
SOON as you can and tell her you are a member of TARG. She has faithful
travelers who love to go with her every year to new destinations like
this -- but we want to have as many TARG folks go on this specially designed
TARG tour as possible and spaces are limited.
The second item is Part 1 of the latest "Slovak Pride" listing of
surnames and researchers from northern Orava and Spis as well as southern Poland.
Helene can put you in touch with these researchers -- just send her an
self-addresses stamped envelope and she'll address it and mail it for you.
If your name(s) is(are) here and there is an error, she wants to know.
(There will be three more parts coming in TARG Newsletters!)

***How to contact Helene Baine Cincebeaux:
151 Colebrook Drive
Rochester, NY 14617-2215
Toll free: 1 (888) 529-7150
E-mail: helenezx@aol.com

Dubbed: "The Goral Homecoming & Zdiar Festival 2001"
$2,299 per person; Aug. 8 - Aug. 20, 2000 (11 nights -13 days)

Day-By-Day Itinerary:
Wed. Aug. 8 - Depart Newark International Airport about 5:15 p.m.

[Four Nights in Zdiar's Beliansky Tatry Mts. - NE Slovakia]
Thurs. Aug. 9 - Arrive Kosice, travel through the gorgeous Slovak
countryside to old Spis County and our destination, picturesque Zdiar, in
the Tatry Mts. very close to the Polish border. Get acquainted dinner and
discuss trip plans and special arrangements.

Fri. Aug. 10 - Enjoy grand Spis Castle and the Spisska Kapitula Archives;
marvel at historic walled Levoca and Master Paul's altars; view ancient
Kezmarok Castle and get wonderful maps and guide books to the region in the
extensive bookstore in the Old Town; welcome party in a shepherd's koliba!

Sat. Aug. 11- Meet Slovakia's last sheepskin coat maker and his 3 generation
family under the Tatra peaks, view a church, a Gothic treasure dating from
1201. Then Stara Lubovna Castle & outdoor folk museum to learn about life in
the region a century ago; option to visit Litmanova pilgrimage site; Red
Cloister Museum, awe-inspiring raft ride on the Dunajec in Pieniny National
Park, look for the black storks; Goral Picnic and music!

Sun. Aug. 12 - Festival Mass in Zdiar's jewel of a Church, many in folk
dress; Festival Parade, then the charming Goral Festival under the Beliansky
Tatry peaks featuring many groups. Traditional local music, groups from Spis
Poland and a Zdiar folk wedding are highlights!

[Four Nights in Southern Poland]
Mon. Aug. 13 - Cross the border into Spis Poland. Visit Jurgow's Soltys
museum home and wooden church; Czarna Gora, Trybsz wooden church, Lapsze
Wyzne, Lapsze Nizne & Lapszanka. A festive stop in Nowa Biala to meet the
village Librarian and feast on her delicious cheesecake & other home-baked
treats; Lopuszna manor house, environs.

Tues. Aug. 14 - Grand Niedzica Castle; then folk market in Kroscienko, an
old spa town and Pieniny Natural History Museum with the largest number of rare
species in Poland or Slovakia; charming Grywald with its folk cottages &
wooden church; Czorsztyn castle ruins; Debno, oldest wooden church in
Poland, a UNESCO treasure site; Frydman; Krempachy; remote, picturesque Dursztyn village; planning a performance by the renowned Nowa Biala folk group

Wed. Aug. 15 - Zakopane's amazing folk market or option to take funicular
chair lift ($12) if space available; then enjoy the local Museum of Tatra
Goral culture, thru Podhale villages with charming wooden churches to
Chocholow folk museum and Czarny Dunajec.

Thurs. Aug. 16 - Journey to Poland's Orava region - see Piekelnik and on to
Zubrycza Gorna's Orawski Ethnographic Park, an outdoor skansen museum of
village homes - see life in this region 100 years ago, view Babia Gora Mt;
Jablonka and other villages in this region

[Two Nights in Orava, Slovakia]
Fri. Aug. 17 - Travel through Polish Orava villages and cross border into
Slovakia; visit Slanica Island Museum Church, Svaty Kriz, on boat tour the
only church left from many submerged villages and filled with carved wooden
religious statues, a national treasure; sightsee in Orava

Sat. Aug. 18 - Marvel at grand Orava Castle dominating the skyline, option
to climb the 1,000 steps for a bird's eye view of the region; charming folk
village of Podbiel; on to glorious Zuberec folk village & Skansen museum;
festive farewell - Orava Goral Party with local tunes.

[One Night Bratislava, Slovakia's Capital on the Danube River]
Sun. Aug. 19 - Enjoy the castle route along the mighty Vah River, charming
Cicmany with folk decorated homes & museum illustrating village life;
sightsee in Bratislava's Old Town.

Mon. Aug. 20 - Do videnia! Fly home from Bratislava; arrive Newark 3 - 4 p.m.
***(For more contact Helene at her above addresses & numbers.)

"SLOVAK PRIDE" TARG-AREA LISTING (#1)_________________
Listed by Village-District-Surname-Researcher:
Zuberec ORAVA Bozik Allen
Liesek ORAVA Culik Allen
Vitanova ORAVA Culik Allen
Zuberec ORAVA Culik Allen
Trstena ORAVA Francek Allen
Zuberec ORAVA Funser Allen
Zuberec ORAVA Kovalak Allen
Vitanova ORAVA Odrobinak Allen
Cimhova ORAVA Pirozak Allen
Liesek ORAVA Revaj Allen
Cimhova ORAVA Valcak Allen
Livov ORAVA Valyko Allen
Chlebnice ORAVA Maslik Anderson
Biely Potok ORAVA Adamcak Badger
Biely Potok ORAVA Janustak Badger
Krasna Horka ORAVA Ballek Ballek
Krasna Horka ORAVA Ballek Ballek
Tvrdosin ORAVA Ballek Ballek
Lapszanka SPIS POLAND Faltin Bambha
Lapszanka SPIS POLAND Kapolka Bambha
Lapszanka SPIS POLAND Kruly Bambha
Lapsze Wyz. SPIS POL Kuruc Bambha
Lapsze Wyz. SPIS POL Soltis Bambha
Ozenna POLAND Kosarovics Benyo
Hrab(Grab) POLAND Mishko Benyo
Ozenna POLAND Stehnach Benyo
Slanica ORAVA Hruska Bingham
ORAVA vil unkn. Soltys Bingham
ORAVA vil unkn. Stosel Bingham
Slanica ORAVA Vojtanek Bingham
Dzianisz POLAND Gruska Bingham
Janis POLAND Janis Bingham
Jurgow POLAND Vojtanek Bingham
Breza ORAVA Bettick Bonner
Breza ORAVA Nodzak Bonner
Breza ORAVA Urbanik Bonner
Krasna Horka ORAVA Brna Brna
Liesek ORAVA Brna Brna
Nizna ORAVA Brna Brna
Krasna Horka ORAVA Ferencik Brna
Lapsze Wyz. SPIS POL Bryja Brocious
Lapsze Wyz. SPIS POL Karkoski Brocious
Lapsze Wyz. SPIS POL Radecki Brocious
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Bencur Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Bensur Cantrell
Malatina ORAVA Berniczky Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Bolebruch Cantrell
Chlebnice ORAVA Furto Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Gresko Cantrell
Malatina ORAVA Jobluska Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Kovacik Cantrell
Bziny ORAVA Matuska Cantrell
Chlebnice ORAVA Matuska Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Matuska Cantrell
Malatina ORAVA Matuska Cantrell
Bziny ORAVA Paluga Cantrell
Chlebnice ORAVA Paluga Cantrell
Malatina ORAVA Paluga Cantrell
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Paluga Cantrell
Malatina ORAVA Skvarka Cantrell
Chlebnice ORAVA Sufak Cantrell
Bortne POLAND Bankniw Carlson
Bortne POLAND Maciejowska Carlson
Bortne POLAND Naciosky Carlson
Bortne POLAND Polyansky Carlson
Bortne POLAND Zuraw Carlson
ORAVA vil unk'n Cerven Cherven
ORAVA vil unk'n Melyo Cherven
Lapsze Niz. SPIS POL Kurucz Chester
Liesek ORAVA Culik Chulick
Podbiel ORAVA Dubchek Chulick
Cimhova ORAVA Pirozak Chulick
Podbiel ORAVA Simulik Chulick
Novy Targ POLAND Mihalik Cingle
Vavrecka ORAVA Matuga Darby
Vavrecka ORAVA Stova Darby
Ropczyce POLAND Burik Davis
Ropczyce POLAND Kadelak Davis
Strazke, Gow. POLAND Kovac Degges
Chlebnice ORAVA Miczan Durisek
Chlebnice ORAVA Mrvan Durisek
Kunkowa POLAND Dzwonczyk Dzwonczyk
Chlebnice ORAVA Bodin Eck
Chlebnice ORAVA Maslik Eck
Trstena ORAVA Dropp Edwards
Trstena ORAVA Gocal Edwards
Trstena ORAVA Panik Edwards
Trstena ORAVA Tkach Edwards
Vojkovec POLAND Ekoniak Ekoniak
Vojkovec POLAND Ferencucha Ekoniak
Javorec POLAND Ikonok Ekoniak
Javorec POLAND Konak Ekoniak
Orava ORAVA Fedor Fedor
POLAND vil unkn. Jesiersko Fisher
POLAND vil unkn. Krempasky Fisher
POLAND vil unkn. Stystowski Fisher
Velka Frankova SPIS Vnuksky Fisher
Nowa Wies POLAND Fryc Fogel
Cmolas POLAND Kolbuzsowski Fogel
Nowa Wies POLAND Ozek Fogel
Cmolas POLAND Zietek Fogel
Parnica ORAVA Furiga Furiga
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Bugajsky Gajniak
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Gajniak Gajniak
? Grutka Gajniak
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Krisak Gajniak
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Zborek Gajniak
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Pjosek Gall
Dolny Kubin ORAVA Furdek Gallos-Jones
Trstena ORAVA Furdek Gallos-Jones
Krempachy SPIS POL. Pojedinec Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Babon Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Bigos Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Grakler Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Iglar Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Maskalya Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Pisarcik Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Tomaskovic Ganie
Frydman SPIS POLAND Vodzak Ganie
Harklowa Galicia POLAND Sepiol Gehman
Dubne POLAND Blaszczak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Bosak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Chomiak Gordon
Wojkowa POLAND Domanicz Gordon
Dubne POLAND Dubnicka Gordon
Dubne POLAND Dudiak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Grucelak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Homyak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Hudak Gordon
Wojkowa POLAND Klinkovski Gordon
Wola Michowa POLAND Kolcun Gordon
Dubne POLAND Kostiszak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Kowalicz Gordon
Berest POLAND Koziar Gordon
Dubne POLAND Krynicki Gordon
Tylicz POLAND Markiewicz Gordon
Snietnica POLAND Pacan Gordon
Leluchow POLAND Pryputen Gordon
Leluchow POLAND Pyda Gordon
Dubne POLAND Szelestak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Szutiak Gordon
Dubne POLAND Zydowski Gordon
Weiszek POLAND Grunfeld Gould
Zakamenne ORAVA Benush Gruhalla
Zakamenne ORAVA Gruchala Gruhalla
Zakamenne ORAVA Koval Gruhalla
Jablonka ORAVA POLAND Guzak Guzak
Namestovo ORAVA Feja Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Hacholski Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Hrabcak Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Katrak Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Konar Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Makan Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Novocka Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Osvak Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Stetak Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Surgac Hacholski
Namestovo ORAVA Zarubska Hacholski
Czarny Dunajec POLAND Baniecki Hadsell
Czarny Dunajec POLAND Chlebowski Hadsell
Czarny Dunajec POLAND Ozaistowicz Hadsell
Czarny Dunajec POLAND Wilczek Hadsell
Nowa Biala SPIS POL. Dlugy Hadzima
Nowa Biala SPIS POL. Hadzima Hadzima
Krempachy SPIS POL. Organischak Hadzima
Krempachy SPIS POL. Petrasek Hadzima
Nowa Biala SPIS POL. Skuarek Hadzima
Nowa Biala SPIS POL. Szkupin Hadzima

OTHER NOTES______________________________
We are going to redo our websites again within the next two weeks. You may
visit our group's websites at:
To contact TARG the e-mail address is still: bingham@iols.net. TARG's
mailing address is now: P.O. Box 3533, Escondido, CA 92033.
-- Paul K. Bingham
TARG Team Leader

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