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Monthly Newsletter # 9 -- November 1999
Greetings to all of you ZARP members! Here's our nineth newsletter. This
newsletter will be a little shorter than usual, as I am feverishly working
to complete editing of the trip video (more about that below under "Video").
However, I know how many of you look forward to our monthly
ZARP newsletter, so here it is.
I also finally solved our IOLS uploading software problems and have
updated the ZARP webpage at: And included
in it are many digital photos from the trip video (actual frames lifted out
of the tape). Have a look! The ZARP webpage on Delphi has also been updated.
It's at:
Before we go on we have many more new ZARP members this issue.
To them we give a hearty Vi'tany' & Powitanie! (Welcome!) :))
-- Paul K. Bingham
ZARP Team Leader

(1) My Jurgow cousin Lucjan has just updated his website:
Covers Jurgow mostly -- also has Tatra and village photos -- and something
brand-new: four generations of his genealogy! He also has included a link to
our ZARP webpage. Thank you, Lucjan!
(2) Polska Net:
This handy site allows you to type in a name and find an e-mail address for
that person in Poland if they have one.
(3) And ZARP member Joeseph Marhefka sends us this site:

"Want to thank you for leading me to Megan Smolenyak (ZARP Team Member for
Osturna, SK). She was indeed able to shed some light on the Michael
Bizub family. Have been busy digesting the information. Thanks again for
your great help." -- Tom Saxton
"Today was the 9th annual Pitt Slovakfest which was held in the
Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh. Many tributes were paid to
our former member, Marge Fetsko. Her sister Rozanne set up Marge's familiar
table with a heavy heart. They had a nice photo, Slovakian flag and flower
in remembrance.
"I met four ladies from a Western PA Slovak Society that meet monthly. I
asked what region they were from and they immediately answered SPISZ. I
explained about our trip and found out they're ancestors were all from Nowa
Biala, Frydman and Krempachy! I explained about ZARP. They asked if I would
be interested in speaking to the group in an upcoming meeting? Do you have
a problem with this?" -- Karen Melis
°°°°Thank you, Karen. Of course this would be wonderful -- tell them all
about us! -- Paul
"We just returned from a 25 day trip to China and in a short time I'll get
back to genealogy. Right now I am unable to locate your address. I would
like to sent you some money to help with all the work you are doing. Could
you please send me your mailing address? I'm happy that everyone had a great
trip." -- Marilyn Graybill
°°°°Thank you so much, Marilyn. Our mailing address is P.O.Box 31264,
Mesa, AZ 85275 -- Paul
"The year 2000 "Pilgrimage to Slovakia" trip Aug. 7 - 19 will include 3
nights in Zdiar with the Goral festival with groups from Zamagurze and
Zdiar. and we plan to go into Spisz, Poland for a day. We will also have our
wonderful driver/guides available if people should want to stay longer or
return another day." -- Helene B. Cincebeaux
°°°°Thanks for this information, Helene. For all of our ZARP members kicking
themselves for not going with us last August this may be a chance for some
of them to visit their Spisz villages and see the beautiful Tatras around
Zdiar! -- Paul

TRIP VIDEO STATUS_____________
I am spending all of my spare time editing the 20 hours of digital video
taken on our August-September ZARP trip on my computer. I'm using the new
IEEE-1394 technology (also known as "FireWire") and VideoStudio software to
assemble and refine all of the best footage. This film deserves a better
level of treatment than simple home movies get and this new technology
allows for wonderful fades, titling and audio dubbing.
The process is very hard drive-intensive, though -- every 2 seconds of
digital film actually requiring about 100 mb of drive space for
manipulation. After numerous crashes struggling with 4 gigs of space on my
machine I finally broke down and bought a huge 20.3 gig hard drive! Things
are now going much, much smoother.
ZARP member Peggy Grinvalsky wrote and told me "don't drive yourself
ragged for the video," and Karen Melis suggested I figure on a date of
completion and then ADD a couple of months for some deserved time off! But
in reality I have a family presentation scheduled with this film at
Christmas and therefore must be done soon. Besides, I know how excited
everyone waiting for this is! For some sneek-peeks at actual footage frames
check out our two ZARP websites listed above.

RECORDS UPDATE______________
Bill Serchak is still working through extracting names from the Nowa Biala
records he photographed in August. As he said he would, we have heard little
from him, but know huge things are in store when his work is complete. The
Lapsze Nizne parish records which were photographed by Paul Bingham in
August have all been developed and printed. The prints turned out very well.
The Jurgow records photographed digitally at the same time have not yet been
processed into prints, but viewing the images on the computer revealed that
they, too, seem to have all turned out well.

Writing to relatives in these foreign countries is possible -- and even most
letters written in simple English can be translated by someone over there.
But often we really mess up the addresses on the envelope and they never
arrive at the hoped-for destination. Here's some help with addressing to
both countries including use of the new Polish province of Malopolski which
just took effect in January of this year.
Example: someone named Jan GOMBOS in house #333 from Jurgow,
Spisz, Poland you would write:
| Gombos Jan
| Jurgow 333
| 34-532 Jurgow
| woj. Malopolskie
Notice the surname is first in line one. Then the village and house number
appear in line two. If a street name is used in the town, use it here --
most villages don't -- you simply put in the village's name. Line three is
the zipcode and post office serving the village -- in this case Jurgow has
its own post office. Some like nearby Brzegi don't -- they use Jurgow's. So
line three may have a different town name than line two. Line four indicates
the "wojewodztwo" or province -- in this case the new Malopolskie province.
The last line is the country. Poland in Polish is "Polska", but since you
want the U.S. officials to send it to the right country its best to put
"POLAND" in English in BIG letters.
Example: to someone named Marian Svec in house #211 in Zalesie, Spis,
Slovakia you would write:
| Svec Marian
| Zalesie 211
| 059 05 Matiasovce
The Slovak address system is very similar to the Polish one. In this case
the little village of Zalesie does not have its own post office but uses
nearby Matiasovce's. So line three has the zipcode and post office location
for Matiasovce. The country name is in the last line. Slovakia in Slovak is
"Slovensko", but as stated above for Poland, best write this in English.
****Note for both countries: If you have an apartment number it goes on a
line between the person's name (shown here as line one) and the village &
house number (shown here as line two). The postal codes for Poland and
Slovakia can be found in Polish phonebooks and the Podrobny Autoatlas for
Slovakia as well as on many websites. (If you need a code and can't find one
e-mail us and we can do a look-up for you as time permits.) And good luck to
all of you writing relatives!

POSSIBLE MEMBERS LOST___________________
Here's some ZARP surname researchers that we are unable to contact.
If you recognize any of these, please let us know!
Edward Griglak
Sarah Fee
Peggy Folmer
Russ Hayes/Frank Kurtz
Jim Menengos
Bill Rushin
D. Redding
Irene Zawasky
Gladys Marhefka

OTHER NOTES______________________________
(1) Due to ISP anti-spamming policies this newsletter is sent out in groups
of <20. (2) Contact us if you would like the e-mail address of someone in
ZARP. (3) If you have comments, questions or missed any newsletter issues,
just ask! (4) If someone else might benefit from this newsletter just send
their address and we'll add them to the list. (5) Note: As always, this
issue is e-mailed free to all project contributors who are online and
to the rest via standard mail. Newsletter Editor:

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