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Monthly Newsletter # 10 -- December 1999
S^t^astlivy Nowy Rok! [SK] & Szcse~s'liwego Nowego Roku! [PL] (Happy New
Year!) to all of our ZARP members. Here's our tenth newsletter! Can you
believe it? -- We're in double digits! And thanks to all of you for making
it (1) possible and (2) worth all of the effort.
In spite of the holidays, we have had a number of new ZARP members
contact us and this is their first issue. As usual we greet them with
Vi'tany' & Powitanie! (Welcome!) :))
-- Paul K. Bingham
ZARP Team Leader

(1) Latest ZARP webpage is at: On it are
digital photos (actual frames) from our trip's video.
(2) The ZARP's secondary webpage on Delphi has also been updated recently.
It's at:
(3) Jozef Kaufmann's "Our Slovakia" site has also been updated and is at: He has a wonderful slideshow with DOZENS of Tatry Trip
photos and details of 2000's tours planned with Helene B. Cincebeaux.
There is also lots of great stuff for sale, including a Zdiar/Zamagurze
T-shirt (which I'm wearing as I type this!) for $15.
(4) My Jurgow cousin Lucjan has just updated his website again -- many more
pages in English, too:
Covers Jurgow, also has Tatra and village photos. Thank you, Lucjan!
(5) The wonderful "Searching in Slovakia" site at: is
also where I found the CD "Music of the Tatra Mountains". Some of the tracks
I've used as background audio in the Trip Video. Couldn't pass this up --
the Goral performers have surnames of TREBUNA, CZERNIK and CHOWANIEC (ALL on our ZARP list)!
(6) J. Hefka gives us this Slovakia culture/religion site to try out:

TRIPS TO SLOVAKIA IN 2000_____________
Though there will not be a specific genealogy trip to the Spisz area with
Helene B. Cincebeaux this coming summer exactly like our wonderful
Zdiar/Zamagurze trip last August was, she HAS altered the itinerary of two
of her trips to include stops in portions of ZARP's study area and Poland!
These two trips will be July 27th - August 8th and August 7th - Aug 19th.
You can find more about these trips with Helene on the "Our-Slovakia"
website noted on number (3) above.

°°°°Thank you for all of the wonderful holiday wishes you have sent! Here
are just some I have room to pass along: -- Paul
"We wish for you a safe, secure, prosperous, and pleasurefull holiday and
new year." -- Lovingly, The Havlicek Family
"And the best of holidays to you Paul.....thank you." -- Robert Pisarcik
"Thank you SOOOO much for everything! And Happy Holidaze!!! :)" -- Much
love, Beth Saurer
"Dear friends, I wish that you and your families have a wonderful Holiday
Season!" -- fondly, Jozef Kaufmann
"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Lucjan and all of the SOLTYS
family in Jurgow." -- Lucjan Soltys
"Paul, It is with much excitement that I write this note. I received in the
mail a couple of days ago a Christmas card -- from Slovakia! You had given
me the address of a potential relative you'd found in Lechnica. He was the
one that sent the card. Pavol, my now confirmed relative, will be sending me
family info in the near future. Just wanted you to know that your August
trip is still bearing fruit! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year." -- Dan Zelonka
°°°°And here are some other letters, too: -- Paul
"Hi Paul, I've been doing some research on the Zdiar records. I've hunted
around for the name of the church there but so far I've been unsuccessful.
If all else fails, I can write to my relative in Zdiar (the director of the
museum). What did catch my eye was the series of names that Bill Serchak
said that you were interested in in Nowa Biala. At least two of them are
"married in" names in my family--most importantly the name SKVAREK:
Catherine SKVAREK married Andreas HADZIMA (my great-grandfather) 2 May 1872. Catherine was born 21 September 1849. They had several children. Also, Jan
SKVAREK married Catherine HADZIMA 1870 or before. Again they had several
children. Catherine was a cousin of my grandfather. Also, a DLUGY married
into my family in Nowa Biala and another DLUGY married into the family in
this country (in Passaic, NJ). If you would like any more details about
these, let me know. NOTE: most of this information came to me from Bill
Serchak without whom my knowledge of my family would be minimal. I don't
know what all of this means. Perhaps we are related! My best to all of you
at this holiday season." -- Paul Hadzima
°°°°Thank you for all of this, Paul. I will pass it along to the group, too." -- Paul
"Hi Paul, Though I haven't finished the newsletter and references contained
therein, I was wondering if you don't mind if I submit the URL for the to other lists that I subscribe to." -- Fred K.
°°°°Yes, that would be fine, Fred. -- Paul
"I love the photos you're adding to the ZARP webpage. Since you are the
"keeper" of this, do you mind if I use this link in my family newsletter?" - Karen M.
°°°°Yes, by all means, Karen! -- Paul
"Enjoyed reading the last newsletter. Very Informative. Keep up the good
work." -- Walt Zarichak
"You are doing a great job with ZARP." -- Kazimer Glista
°°°°Thanks, Walt & Kaz! (Kaz is our resident hands-down winner at finding
missing ZARP members, too!) -- Paul
"Paul the continued growth of ZARP is all so exciting - isn't it just
amazing - grows and grows - it's like that little pebble in the lake and the
ripples just keep going and going!! Have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy
New Year! -- Helene B. Cincebeaux

RECORDS UPDATE______________
***ZARP surname list: taking moments away from tedious video editing chores,
I would take a "break" by doing 20 minutes or a 1/2 hour of data entry into
the ZARP surname list project. The list now contains surnames/village info
from cemetary inventories, both Slovak and Polish phonebooks and many
contributors like you. There are now well over 10,000 surname occurances
listed with their associated vilages in this 81 pages long!
I used to slip their few pages in an envelope and mail them off -- but
just the printing costs of this "book" are staggering now! If there is
interest in copies of this latest edition, please let me know. I would also
be interested in any ideas on defering costs. I've always been opposed to
membership dues for ZARP...but let me have your thoughts. -- Paul
***From Bill Serchak: "Most of us are still tied up in examining and
organizing what we brought back from our August trip ourselves. As to the
'take' from both Trybsz & Nowa Biala church vital records, I have so much
material that it has me spinning in circles. It's like having the entire
book of records on my desk, all the time! Well, the number of pages and
entries involved is almost overwhelming. I now have all the 4x6 color prints
of the Nowa Biala pages blown up to 8 1/2 by 12 inch size using the HP color
copier. With a very few exceptions, this provides a good picture of every
page in the Nowa Biala records from 1839-1905. This includes both baptismal
and marriage records.
I was so stunned to find the priest in Krempachy so helpful and the
volume of material so large, that I just didn't have film enough to spare (I
had 41 rolls with me) to do complete justice to Nowa Biala and not slight my
main objective--Trybsz & Czarna Gora records. So although I am delighted
with what I got, there is still so much more still there for the future. And
now I see what Paul Hadzima realized all along, that Krempachy and Nowa
Biala were like 'twin villages' and many records are shared between families
from both places. To do the job completely, you would have to copy all the
Krempachy records as well, to fill in the gaps in Nowa Biala. God! How I
wish there were some way for the LDS Church or someone to do the complete
job for Polish Spisz churches so we wouldn't have to pick away at the
records singly as we are now doing. The sheer volume of material plus the fragility
of the records that are still there require something more than our
individual, piecemeal efforts. I really hope Paul Bingham can figure a way
to enlist the Bishop of Spis and the local priests in doing something to
preserve these unique, one of a kind records, for posterity and all of us.
The new year, after January 28th, will be a continuation of exploring
the Trybsz/Nowa Biala records. Then I hope to get back to the three
Hungarian censuses that I copied before our summer trip. Edna Mae will
probably have to start planning meals around my research activities or start
sending food into the computer room where I will be spending most of the
year 2000! -- Bill Sechak

POSSIBLE MEMBERS LOST___________________
Here's some ZARP surname researchers that we are unable to contact.
If you recognize any of these, please let us know!
Peggy Folmer
Edward Griglak
Russ Hayes/Frank Kurtz
Jim Menengos
D. Redding
Eleanor Sprague
Irene Zawasky

OTHER NOTES______________________________
(1) Contact us if you would like the e-mail address of someone in ZARP. (2)
If you have comments, questions, someone's address to add to our mailing
list or missed any newsletter issues, just ask! (3) This e-mail newsletter
is sent out free to all who want it (due to ISP anti-spamming policies in
groups of <20). Newsletter Editor:

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