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Posting # 120 Posted on December 31, 2007 5:30 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: AJ KOLTER
Submitter's E-mail: ajek330"AT"sbcglobal"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)

Posting # 119 Posted on December 28, 2007 8:32 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Fran Hendrickson
Location: California
Submitter's E-mail: fc"DOT"hendrickson"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Brutovce Spis, Slovakia: Popovic, Pavlikova, Tarbay, Milcak, Biroscak; Torysky: Gracjar; Vysny Slovkov. Danisovce for FRANKO surname. Komara as related to Popovic and Biroscak from Brutovce.
Comments: I have POPOVIC family Google spreadsheets I can share.

Posting # 118 Posted on November 28, 2007 5:19 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Edward Gernat
Location: Fawn Twp, Natrona Heights, PA
Submitter's E-mail: e"DOT"gernat"AT"att"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Dubne, Poland: Dubnianski, Blaszezak; : ; I could search for more. .
Comments: I do visit familys that I found in Slovakia and Poland. In fact we will be visiting Dubnianski in 2008 and will going to Dubne and try to find out where my Grandmother Dubninski home site was located.

Posting # 117 Posted on November 19, 2007 5:23 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Frances Bryja
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Submitter's E-mail: bryjamf"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Kuras; WaksmundWaksmund: Bryja; .
Comments: I am looking information about my grandfather Jacob Henry Bryja b. 1888 in Waksmund and attended St. Hedwig's parish. He came to the US around 1913 and settled in Portage, PA (Cambria County). He married Frances Kuras from Nowy Targ. Thank you.

Posting # 116 Posted on November 2, 2007 12:55 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Stacey
Location: New York
Submitter's E-mail: stace2"AT"earthlink"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Tylmanowa: Mikolaj Krolczyk; Ochotnica Dolna: Franciszek Jurkowski, Antoni Krolczyk, Maria Krolczyk, Jan Chrobak; Zabrzerz -- Jan Kulig, Katarzyna Kulig, Jan Janczura.
Comments: Mikolaj emigrated from Tylmanowa to Detroit, MI, in 1906, and married Anna Kaplaniak. They had 4 children: Stephanie (born 1912, married Joseph Locke), Joseph born (born 1915, died 1973), Genevieve (married Peter Baciorowski), and Julianna (born 1926).Franciszek Jurkowski emigrated from Ochotnica Dolna to either Detroit or Chicago in 1906. He married and had 3 children including twin boys.Maria Krolczyk emigrated from Ochotnica Dolna to Detroit, MI, in 1905, and married Jan Chrobak in 1907. In 1910 Maria died from carbolic acid poisoning in an alleged lovers' triangle with Tony Korzeja, who died from a gun shot wound. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Posting # 115 Posted on October 31, 2007 12:01 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Donnamarie Boyer
Location: New Mexico
Submitter's E-mail: Donnamarieboyer"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Pekelnik now Piekielnik: Kons, Kocanda, Ciszek, Rokiczky, Halcsak,Jablonska; : ; .
Comments: I am searching for families that have to do with my surname. Being that I was adopted and never got to know my Slovak family, I am having a hard time finding anyone related to my roots. Any help is appreciated.

Posting # 114 Posted on October 24, 2007 1:34 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Pat Dodge
Location: Marietta GA USA
Submitter's E-mail: patdodge"AT"mariettafumc"DOT"org ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Szewczyk; Manasterz: Pawelek; village: Slupiec name: Dydula.
Comments: I plan on going to Poland in 2008, does anyone have information on my ancesters.

Posting # 113 Posted on October 24, 2007 9:58 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Robert Skomra
Location: Salem, Ohio
Submitter's E-mail: skomrabob"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Zalesie/Gibel,Slovakia: Pojma/Poyma,Csongla; Ochotnica,Poland: Karcz/Karc; Skomra,Magon.
Comments: I would like to converse with Ginny from PA in TARG Newsletter June 2002 and others familiar with Kezmarok add surrounding area.

Posting # 112 Posted on October 23, 2007 10:57 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: B G Wangel
Location: Lehigh Valley, PA. USA
Submitter's E-mail: bgwangel"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Slonicza: Wangel; Stara Tura: Sadlon; .

Posting # 111 Posted on October 21, 2007 6:40 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Carol Warner
Location: usa
Submitter's E-mail: carolwarner8639"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Lopuosna: Szumal; : ; .
Comments: Reference Message 101. My great grandfather's name was Mathew Szumal. Do you know if Antoni had any brother or if his father was Jan or grandfather was Jacob (b~1813?)

Posting # 110 Posted on October 10, 2007 7:25 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Veronika Csikos
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Submitter's E-mail: csikos_veronika"AT"student"DOT"ceu"DOT"hu ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Strazky: Berzevicky; Busovce: Ganocy; I am dealing with problems of 14th centurian gothic sculpture in the very area of Spis (I write my MA thesis from the topic at ELTE University).

Posting # 109 Posted on September 26, 2007 6:54 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Judy FUDALA CLAUSS
Location: Medford, NJ, USA
Submitter's E-mail: judy_clauss"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Ciche, (near Chocholow, and Zakopane' Mts.): FUDALA, KOLODZIEJ, MICHNIAK, OLSZEWSKA; Chocholow: KRUPA, BLASZAK, PEKSA, MNISZAK; .
Comments: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post my Polish surnames.

Posting # 108 Posted on September 26, 2007 5:26 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: E Gardocki
Location: Clifton NJ
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Breza: Simulcik, Simek; Lokca: Simulcik, Simek; .
Comments: Jozef Simulcik immigrated f rom Breza to NJ about 1902,wife Maria (nee Simek) came abt 1905 with children Jos.and Mary.Maria's mother's maiden name was Kubak (sp?). Jozef's mother's maiden name was Vnucak.

Posting # 107 Posted on September 21, 2007 10:42 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: John Bieda
Location: Lake Orion, Michigan
Submitter's E-mail: sjbieda"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Tyczyn: Frank Borowiec, katherine Szczech; Siedliska/Lubenia: Frank Borowiec, katherine Szczech; Hermanowa, Kielnarowa, Budziwoj, Borek Stary.
Comments: I am trying to determine the birth date of Frank Borowiec (18xx-1939) and the names and dates of his parents as well as his wife Katherine Szczech (1865-1939). They had a daughter, Karolina Borowiec (1892-1974) who married a John Bieda. Both of these ancestors of mine lived in Siedliska/Lubenia (just south of Rzsezow, Poland). Does anybody have a famil connection here or information to help me.

Posting # 106 Posted on September 18, 2007 4:07 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Richard Lubinski
Location: USA
Submitter's E-mail: lubnor"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Wysoka, south of Krakow in Carpathian Mountains.: LUBINSKI; Wyska: LUBASZKA; Jordanow, LubinskiNaprawa, LUBASZKA.
Comments: I have info on the Lubinski family back to Adalbert Lubinski b, 19 June 1834

Posting # 105 Posted on August 29, 2007 11:24 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Adam Kozik
Location: Adams, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Submitter's E-mail: amkozik"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Bialka Tatrzanska : Para & Nowobilska; Lopuszna : Szumal; Ostrowsko.
Comments: Hi everyone!I visited Bialka Tatrzanska this summer, and I got some information at the Church of Saint Simon and Saint Jude the Apostles. I photographed the baptismal records of my great-grandfather, Antoni Szumal. His mother's (Katarzyna Para's) records were most likely in the book, but we couldn't find her name (using a range of three years.) Antoni's babcia was a Nowobilska, but the surname of his other babcia was unnamed--only "Magdalena" was written followed by an "N.N." There were also no godparents listed! I was told that Szumal was not a name from Bialka (at least at that time -there's a woman with this surname living there now). But there were a lot of Para residents of Bialka and many of them immigrated to Chicago, Passaic New Jersey, and various towns in Pennsylvania around Pittsburg and Scranton. My Para relatives came to Housatonic, Massachusetts and I only know of Franciszek and Katarzyna. I found that most Szumal immigrants came from Ostrowsko and Lopuszna. They mostly went to the same areas in Pennsylvania...Anyway, enough of my writing. If anyone out there is a Para, Szumal (or Nowobilska) let me know. I hope to read the comments on this site--I only just discovered it.Trzymajcie sie!Adam Kozik

Posting # 104 Posted on August 21, 2007 8:11 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: mary markham
Location: columbus ohio
Submitter's E-mail: plagmanmary"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Biala woda: Dolhanczyk, Karpiak, Nagrant; : ; .

Posting # 103 Posted on August 19, 2007 2:45 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Liza Janco
Location: Indianapolis, USA
Submitter's E-mail: eajanco"AT"insightbb"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Lazisko: Janco; Pytas: ; .

Posting # 102 Posted on August 14, 2007 7:20 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Rosemary
Location: Erie PA USA
Submitter's E-mail: rln3643"AT"roadrunner"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Zdiar: Pitonyak (Pitonak), Vavercak, Machak (Macak); : ; .

Posting # 101 Posted on July 28, 2007 9:26 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Virginia Babczak
Location: NH
Submitter's E-mail: vbabczak"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Babczakiewicz, Pajerska; Chabowka or Rabka: Jedrocha, Koscielniak; .
Comments: My gr-f. Walenty Babczakiewicz (b. 1885) came to US in 1909, sister Agata Gal came 1908 (her husband Walenty Gal came in 1904), brother Jan B. came 1903, brother Francis came 1905 (don't know what happened to him), sister possibly left in Poland (parents Joseph B. and Mary Pajerska). My gr-m. Barbara Jedrocha (b. 1887) came from Chabowka/Rabka in 1909, sister Sophie came in 1903, sister Magdelena came in 1911, possible brother left in Poland (parents Casimir J. and Anna Koscielniak). Hoping to find relatives in Poland.

Posting # 100 Posted on July 28, 2007 9:15 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Virginia Babczak
Location: NH
Submitter's E-mail: vbabczak"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Babczakiewicz, Pajerska; Chabowka or Rabka: Jedrocha, Koscielniak; .

Posting # 99 Posted on July 10, 2007 5:18 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Michaela Derhy Lavkova
Location: mumbai, india
Submitter's E-mail: parisposters"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Hranovnica: Lavko, sabova; : ; .
Comments: Juste by chance i found your www in the net and i m glad to see taht you are here. We are trying with my husband figure out where i coming from...and maybe you will help me!good luck and thanks for what you are doing!

Posting # 98 Posted on July 3, 2007 7:46 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Adrian Jarosz
Location: Lipnica Mala, Poland
Submitter's E-mail: adrianjarosz123"AT"wp"DOT"pl ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Lipnica Mala (Felsolipnicza)Lipnica Wielka (Alsolipnicza): Vontorcik, Zemancik, Stanek, Pecusak,; : ; I'm looking for people whose ancestor were from Orava. I'd like to help them with searching!.

Posting # 97 Posted on June 30, 2007 6:52 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jenny Buzek
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Submitter's E-mail: jbuzek"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Bialy Dunajec: Buzek; : ; .
Comments: My father, Jan Buzek, was in the Polish Army during WWII. He was a prisoner of war in Germany and eventually emigrated to Canada in 1953. I would be interested in hearing from anyone having information on the family still living in Poland or elsewhere. I do have what i believe to be a family photo which was still in his possession.

Posting # 96 Posted on June 13, 2007 5:18 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Vic Weir
Location: New Jersey
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Chocholow: Szczurek; : ; .
Comments: I'm seeking information about the family of Alexsandra Szczurek from Chocholow, Zakopane, Podhale. She was born around 1890 and emigrated to the US around 1910. I believe her mother's name was Anna and she may have had a brother named John.

Posting # 95 Posted on June 11, 2007 12:17 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Oliwer Buzek
Location: Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: oli7689"AT"post"DOT"sk ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Bialy Dunajec: Buzek, Lichaj; : ; .
Comments: For Mary Beth Gembala: thank you very much, I´ll try to do it...

Posting # 94 Posted on June 10, 2007 11:29 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Beth Gembala
Location: Fairbanks, alaska
Submitter's E-mail: mbgembala1"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Bialy Dunajec: Cudzik; Nowa Wies/Kety/Osiek: Zuzalek Gembala; .
Comments: This is for Oliwer BuzekI was unable to e-mail you, I kept getting an error.Unfortunately I am not familiar with those surnames from Bialy Dunajec. The people that should be able to help you are on the posting board for Poland. Please post your message there as there are quit a few people who have traced their ancestry to Bialy Dunajec there. I have fowarded your e-mail to other Cudzik's (Americanized version) and Cudzich's, I will post any info they have if any on this board. Good luck!

Posting # 93 Posted on June 9, 2007 2:27 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Beth Gembala
Location: Fairbanks, alaska
Submitter's E-mail: mbgembala1"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Bialy Dunajec - Cudzichow: Cudzich changed to Cudzik in Chicago Illinois; Osiek: Gembala; Zuzalek - Nowa Wies/Kety.
Comments: anyone with information about the Gembala, Cudzich and Zuzalek families please contact me. I have been in contact with Fran Zalar and we believe we are related. I have been in contact with others who have Cudzich/Cudzik ancestry and would be happy to share information. I have been told there are about three bed and breakfasts located in Bialy Dunajec that are owned by Cudzik's and that there is a Cudzik Clan.

Posting # 92 Posted on June 4, 2007 10:54 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Shane Lee
Location: Calgary, Canada
Submitter's E-mail: shaneleehome"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Zabidovo: Gibas, Galvon, Zubersky; Trstena: Gibas, Galvon, Zubersky; .
Comments: I am looking for any information about Josephus John Gibas (born 1883), Maria Galvon (born 1887), Joseph Galvon (born mid 1800's), and Rosalia Zubersky ((born mid 1800's. Josephus and Maria were married in Trstena (St Martins church) Jan 29 1907 and moved to Canada shortly thereafter. Could anyone email me that may have leads? I have a lot of information about the family lineage in Canada after 1909...but nothing in Slovakia other than that marriage.

Posting # 91 Posted on May 29, 2007 10:10 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: S. Adamich
Location: California
Submitter's E-mail: sadamich"AT"sbcglobal"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Rinaza, Orava: Sykora, or Szikora; : ; .
Comments: My grandmother Mary Sykora born in Rinaza, Orava - cannot find the town on the net or on a map - anyone know where it is?

Posting # 90 Posted on May 28, 2007 4:50 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Oliver Buzek
Location: Vranov, Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: oli7689"AT"post"DOT"sk ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Bialy Dunajec: BUZEK, LICHAJ; Bialka Tatrzanska: BUDZ; Tarnawa Dolna- BIEL and WYSOCZYNSKI families.
Comments: Does anybody know something about that families or about CD with Bialka Tatrzanska parish records? Thanks many times...

Posting # 89 Posted on May 17, 2007 3:20 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Robert Gella
Location: Minneapolis,MN
Submitter's E-mail: bobgella"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Podbiel: Delahuitzky ?; who knows: none; none.
Comments: Grandparents came from Podbiel in the late 1800's. Went to Trail BC-Canada first and then to Superior, WI.

Posting # 88 Posted on May 16, 2007 4:32 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: William Guzak
Location: Marietta, GA
Submitter's E-mail: bill"DOT"guzak"AT"gtri"DOT"gatech"DOT"edu ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Jablonka: Guzak; Dobsina/Rakovec: Kozak; .
Comments: My family went to Jablonka a few years ago to research my grandfather, John Guzak. The catholic church there had marriage and baptism books going back many years. We traced several generations. I would love to go back and find out more. Those books are a treasure trove. The area was also beautiful.

Posting # 87 Posted on May 7, 2007 1:50 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Magdalena Wotus
Location: Strupina(Poland)
Submitter's E-mail: wotusmagda5"AT"o2"DOT"pl ("AT"=@, "DOT" = .)
Villages, Surnames: Sromowce Wyzne: Wotus; : ; Sromowce Wyzne.
Comments: I'm looking for all of Wotus-family members.

Posting # 86 Posted on May 1, 2007 9:55 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Stanley J. Gall
Location: Naples FL
Submitter's E-mail: stangall"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Odrowaz: Gal, ; Pieniazkowice: Gal; .
Comments: I would like information on the Gal family

Posting # 85 Posted on April 11, 2007 6:20 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Ann
Location: Wisconsin
Submitter's E-mail: mgast"AT"new.rr"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Chocholow: Zarecki, Halas; Dlugopole: Truty, Kulach; Villages: Wroblowka, Rogoznik Names: Stopka, Sojka, Sanders, Sonder, Sader, Kieta.
Comments: I posted messages to TARG many years ago and might have contacted some of you then, however, I have some new information and many other names besides those listed above.

Posting # 84 Posted on April 10, 2007 9:36 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Paul Tomasko
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa, USA
Submitter's E-mail: PaulE4Sure"AT"msn"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Maniowy: Zatlakovic, Zatlakovich; : ; .
Comments: O.K. all I am sorry, I now see that it seems that the records were not microfilmed by the LDS, so my next question is how does one go about researching this village if they are in the United States and cannot get to Poland in the near future?

Posting # 83 Posted on April 10, 2007 9:19 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Paul Tomasko
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Submitter's E-mail: PaulE4Sure"AT"msn"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Maniowy: Zatlakovic, Zatlakovich; : ; .
Comments: Does anyone know if LDS has Catholic Church records for Nowy Maniowy, if they do where do I find them?

Posting # 82 Posted on March 31, 2007 3:59 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Wendy Ignatowicz
Location: Carlsbad, CA USA
Submitter's E-mail: igmeister1"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Bialka Poland: Goril, Gorel, Gorin, Golin; Slanica Slovakia: Brija; IGNATOWICZ, GORIL, Sophie/Zofia CILAN, BRIJA, NAWIESNIAK, LESNIAK.
Comments: Researching my maternal great-grandparents, Andrew Isadore Goril lived in Bialka Poland married to Katherine Brija of Slanica Slovakia. She came to Chicago Illinois via Ellis Island 1907 thru Bremen Germany. Papers said she was coming to see her brother John. They had children Ann, Mary, John & Frank. Also searching for info about paternal great-grandparents Mary(Maria)Nawiesniak & Anthony Ignatowicz parents of Louis C., Anthony Jr and Harriet. I've seen many spellings. Any info is appreciated.

Posting # 81 Posted on March 25, 2007 7:17 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Margaret Baniecki Hadsell
Location: Binghamton, NY
Submitter's E-mail: hadsell"AT"attglobal"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"-.)
Villages, Surnames: Czarny Dunajec: Baniecki, Chlebowska, Wilczek, Ozaistowicz, Stopka, Senary; Bukowina: Baniecki; .
Comments: Can you tell me if the CDs of BIALKA TATRZANSKA PARISH RECORDS are still available and how I can obtain a copy? Thank you. Margaret

Posting # 80 Posted on March 18, 2007 5:25 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Shawn J. Marchinek
Location: Valdez, AK
Submitter's E-mail: maccomyn"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@,"DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Oravsky Biely Potok: Marcinek, Domsky, Pallek, adamcak; : ; .
Comments: My Great Grandparents immigrated to North America in the late 1800's and some Marcineks and Palleks ended up in British Columbia, Canada, Washington State and Chicago, Illinois that I know of. Cousins- Ignatius Marcinek and Gabe Pallek in BC Canada, and Siblings - Louis and Anna Marcinek in Chicago. I like to here from anyone researching any of these families. Thank you.

Posting # 79 Posted on February 24, 2007 1:09 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Arlene
Location: Crystal Lake, IL. United States
Submitter's E-mail: Avwaks46"AT"cs"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Waksmund: Waksmundzki; : ; .
Comments: I am searching families' history of: Waksmundzki, Krol, Garbacz & Parzygnat. Any informations will be helpful. Thanks.

Posting # 78 Posted on February 19, 2007 10:17 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Fred Schweiger
Location: Sun City West, AZ
Submitter's E-mail: schweiger"AT"sprintmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Pilho (Pilhov or Pilko), Austria (now Slovakia): Gontkovic; : ; .
Comments: Stefan Gontkovic was born in 1876, immigrated to the USA in 1899, settled near Copley, PA and married Catherine Sokol of Egypt, PA in 1904. Parents of Stefan Gontkovic were Joseph Gontkovic and Katherine ?, Seeking more information on Stefan's parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, etc.

Posting # 77 Posted on February 14, 2007 3:15 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Kathleen Steingraber
Location: Slinger, WI USA
Submitter's E-mail: kldstein"AT"nconnect"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Bela Hungary: John Mondrosch; : ; .
Comments: In a 2004 posting I saw someone looking for a John Mondrosch of Austria-Hungary. I have a John Mondrosch that eludes me also. 1868-1933 Immigrated 1888 to USA. John is father, Johanna Holey is mother. Married in WI 1901. Any help would be appreciated.

Posting # 76 Posted on February 3, 2007 3:19 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Juraj Cisarik
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: jurajcisarik"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Andrejova: cisarik; Osturna: Zavacky; .
Comments: 150 villages with 20,000 people still living in Slovakia:

Posting # 75 Posted on January 24, 2007 3:42 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: john bull
Location: Denver USA
Submitter's E-mail: Contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: podwilk: sarniak; : ; .
Comments: Please add me again, as I stopped receiving your newsletter sometime ago.

Posting # 74 Posted on January 18, 2007 4:04 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Susan M Goodell
Location: Leeds, USA
Submitter's E-mail: Gratitude"AT"infowest"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Krakow: Przewlocki; Odrzykon: Bonczar; .
Comments: I am trying to find my great-great grandfather's relatives "Bonczar" or Baczar from Odrzykon. I have found him on a ship manifest and on the US census, but unable to go any further. Przewlocki is my Paternal side and have only found my immediate family from Thaddeus and Bessie Przewlocki

Posting # 73 Posted on January 9, 2007 4:56 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Janice Baller
Location: Plains, Pa
Submitter's E-mail: carouseljan"AT"epix"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ, Austria: Waksmanski or Waksmunski {not exactly sure}; Poland: Machalski; .
Comments: My grandfather became a citizen in 1922. He was from Nowy Targ Austria. He was bor in 1889. I think the last name was spelled Waksmanski. Now it is spelled Wasmanski. He left Bremen Germany and arrived in New York. My grandmother was born in Poland. Her last name was Machalski. I cannot find any more info on either one of them. Any help would be appriciated.Thank you, Jan

Posting # 72 Posted on January 8, 2007 11:57 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: charles stec/stecz
Location: pensacola fla usa
Submitter's E-mail: cstecpen"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: velka lipnica: stec/slosarcik; jablonka/orava/cieszkowice,galicy: stec/slosarcik; cieszkowice.

Posting # 71 Posted on January 7, 2007 1:12 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Margaret O'Brien Ferruzzi
Location: Waukegan, Illinois, USA
Submitter's E-mail: mgfuzzi"AT"msn"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Lapsze or Wysne Lapsze: Stancak (mark over "c") Stanczak; : ; .
Comments: My grandfather Marcin Stancak (Martin Stanczak, Stanzak) was born in Wyszne Lapze on August 9, 1873. I may have a chance to visit there soon. Is there a church there that would have old records? How could I get there from Krakow--how far is it? Any other information would be appreciated.

Posting # 70 Posted on December 22, 2006 4:24 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Eugene Plevyak
Location: Saratoga, CA
Submitter's E-mail: gplevyak"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland (near Zakopane) (Maternal side): Goryl, Stoklosa (unknown village, town of origin); Oravska Polhora, Slovakia (about 35 miles west of Zakopane)(Paternal side): Plevjak; .
Comments: My dad Charles Joseph Plevyak (Karol Josef Plevjak) immigrated to Crabondale, Pennsylvania in 1909. My maternal grandparents, Frank Stoklosa and Mary Goryl immigrated to Carbondale, PA on the late 1800s. I visited that area and could not find a Stoklosa in the Bialka cemetary but did find Goryls. There are Plevyaks still in Polhora.

Posting # 69 Posted on December 9, 2006 5:46 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Eberhardt
Location: Berlin, Germany
Submitter's E-mail: Contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Ruskinovce: Rissdorf; Ruskinovce: Ruskinovce; Ruskinovce.
Comments: -

Posting # 68 Posted on October 21, 2006 1:44 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Bekky Tatar-Kinsey
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Submitter's E-mail: bekkin"AT"houston"DOT"rr"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Stare Bystre: TATAR; Rogoznik: TYLKA; .
Comments: This website is wonderful. I have been researching my second great grandparents, Antoni Tatar (b. 13 Jun 1870) and Rozalia Tylka (b. abt. 1881). Unfortunately, all of their paperwork was lost in a house fire in Erie, Pennsylvania so I had very little information to start with. But each day a new brick gets knocked out of my brickwall. Thank you for all the information and wonderful pictures you have provided.

Posting # 67 Posted on October 15, 2006 7:57 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Phillip E. Naza
Submitter's E-mail: Nazakfamily"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Habura,Hungary: NAZAK, Holik, Macko; : ; .
Comments: A am researching my NAZAK family from Habura, Hungary. Also the Holik and Macko families from Habura.

Posting # 66 Posted on September 19, 2006 12:51 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: cindy
Location: bethesda, ohio usa
Submitter's E-mail: jaguar2005cmn"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: don't know : don't know ; no idea: no idea; I am trying to find relatives with the surname Pastva. I have no idea what village or if the spelling of the name Pastva used by my grandfather was the way it should be spelled. I know he said he was from Czech country and had brothers and sisters. He never kept in contact with his family. Any help would be appreciated..
Comments: none

Posting # 65 Posted on August 1, 2006 1:49 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Helen Ruatti
Location: Anaheim, California
Submitter's E-mail: hpruatti"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Circ: Jopko, Oszlik; Ruska Vola nad Popradom: Jopko; Stancovce - Gagyo, Koritkova, PanczakZbehnov - Gagyo, Kolesarvo.

Posting # 64 Posted on July 27, 2006 11:10 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jim Wavrecan
Location: Cranbrook, B.C., Canada
Submitter's E-mail: wavrecan"AT"shaw"DOT"ca ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Podbiel: Vavrecan; Huty: Butora; .

Posting # 63 Posted on July 21, 2006 11:07 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary
Location: North Carolina
Submitter's E-mail: spangler_mary"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Dzielski; Dlugapole: Skupien; Dzial, Pieniarkowice.
Comments: What a great find! I learned a lot about my Polish ancestry background from this website. Thank you so much.

Posting # 62 Posted on July 13, 2006 1:08 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: diane marina lechwar
Location: val dor quebec canada
Submitter's E-mail: alpoca2005"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: poland: poland; poland: poland; surrondings poland.
Comments: my father was polish he came here at the young age being 20 he worked in the gold mines he has 3 brothers who are still in poland the work with wood like furniture he came here at he end of 1949 or begining 1950 he had a son and a daughter my parents divorced i was 3 the last i now of him he worked in rouyn noranda mines and lived there for some years got remarried had children his name is ceszlau (john) lechwar his date of birth is 12 march 1923 or 1924 my mother says she forgot the information but i do not give up hope i would like to find my father is he here in canada or the usa or moved back to his country he is 83 years old i would like to see him hold him i my arms and tell him i love him if anyone can help me on finding him or his relatives i would appreciate it very much that is all the nformation i have hoping that someone will read this and know him or his famile and help me to find him thank you from my heart diana

Posting # 61 Posted on July 13, 2006 12:54 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: eva stanislava wilczynski
Location: val dor quebec canada
Submitter's E-mail: billeva"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: warsaw poznan kotobneg poland: kotobneg; warsaw: poznan; surrondings.
Comments: hello to all i am polish my parents came here after the war my father worked in the gold mines i a searching for family members by the name of wilczynski chejde buczacki on my fathers side i know of one of his sisters and one brother by the name of kazimier buczacki my fathers name was tadusez zuygumt wilczynski or tadusez zuygumut buczacki my mothers name is stephania mikolajak sorry the spelling might be of a bit i would like for anyone that may have information or where i may go to get the information on my family would be much appreciated i also know that i have a brother someplace in poland i think he has the name of buczacki i wuld like to meet him some day my parents both passed away i thank you in advance for the help and keep up the good work p.s. my parents left me the most important part of life the heritage of their country but with no information of the family i am planning a trip for next summer to visit the country they were so proud off thank you take care

Posting # 60 Posted on July 11, 2006 11:36 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Betty J. Guziak
Location: 3895 Embarcadero St. Waterford, MI48329
Submitter's E-mail: b_guzak"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Tarnow, Tarnow, Poland: Abertusiak-Guziak; Jablonka, Nowy Targ, Poland: Guziak,Ciscon,Malysa,Perok,Kilanowicz,Dzuibek; Lipnica Wielka, Nowy Targ, Poland. Surnames are:Slamcek, Czyszycon, Guzak.Orawka, Orawa, Poland surnames are: Kilanowicz, Czyszycon, Guzak..
Comments: Your website is very useful and I hope to make some connections. Thank you.

Posting # 59 Posted on July 10, 2006 7:00 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mark Tarby
Location: Edison, NJ
Submitter's E-mail: mktarby"AT"att"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Brutovce, Spis, Slovakia: Tarbaj; Olsavice, Spis, Slovakia: Grajcar; .
Comments: Seeking info on villages of Brutovce and Olsavice, Spis county, Slovakia. My GGP's Matej Tarbaj and Maria Grajcar emigrated to the US around 1895. They were both Greek Catholic, so are they still considered Goral? Any information on Tarbaj and Grajcar would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance and what a great website !

Posting # 58 Posted on July 4, 2006 12:07 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Peggy G Follmer
Location: Penna. USA
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Tribtz, Slovakia: Zigmontovitz, Modla; Krakow, Poland: Mihalik,Chernik,Cznerik; Sanok, Austria-part of Poland now--Stabryla, Strabryla, Strubrylla.

Posting # 57 Posted on July 4, 2006 8:52 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Paul Kosuth
Location: United States
Submitter's E-mail: prkosuth"AT"ll"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Jurgow: Kossuth/Kosuit/Kosuth; : Marcinek; Sarna.
Comments: My grandfather Joseph Kossuth was born in Jurgow in 1894, emigrated to the USA settled in Chicago, IL and married Anna Sarna in 1922.

Posting # 56 Posted on July 3, 2006 5:22 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: James Yellen
Location: Wayne, New Jersey, USA
Submitter's E-mail: jjyellen"AT"optonline"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowa Biala: Yellen, Bria; : ; .
Comments: I am looking for ancestors of my grandfather Jacob Yellen, born in Nowa Biala while it was part of Austria.Hungary. He migrated to America, but left behind a sister Julia married name Julia Bria. They have a son, my father's cousin, Joseph Bria. I am looking for anyone familiar with the family.

Posting # 55 Posted on July 3, 2006 11:18 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Niewdana
Location: London,Canada
Submitter's E-mail: cniewdana"AT"sympatico"DOT"ca ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Przyborow: Niewdana; : ; .
Comments: I am from village Przyborow (Poland) and i know Motyka,Niewdana,Majdak families-there is a few of them.

Posting # 54 Posted on July 2, 2006 3:57 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jennifer Carrier
Location: Detroit, MI
Submitter's E-mail: totonut25"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Chyzne: Fulla, Galuszka; Jablonka: Kovalcik; .

Posting # 53 Posted on July 1, 2006 1:33 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Sandy Rudoff
Location: Florida, USA
Submitter's E-mail: srudoff"AT"kua"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Seliba,Minsk,Russia: Rudoff,Wolkoff; Volozen,Russia: Rudinsky; Bean Beitler Benjamin Berner Blinderman Durst Handel Lang Marcus Michitsch Mullendore Reptsick,Reptsik or Reftsick Shanahan Skerl Hovanecz/changed Hovanyetz.
Comments: GGrandfather Chaim Rudoff, may have been From Rudovski,Rudov when came to America and GGrandmother Chaye Wolkoff, married in Russia, they were parents of my Grfather Abraham born 1877/1879 his Brother Reuben Rudoff. They were originally from Vilnya/Vilnia in Village of Sheliba/Seliba,Minsk,Russia. My GGGrandfather Isruk Rudinsky married to My GGGrandmother unknown, parents to my Grmother Fannie Rudinsky born either 1883/1889 and her five Sisters, Ida, Anne, Sadie, Betty, Bessie and one Brother Abraham. They were originally from Volozen/Volaze/Volozhin/Valozhyn,Russia. Grfather Abraham Rudoff came to America Mar 20, 1902 married Grmother Fannie Gertrude Rudinsky in USA Feb 25, 1912. Parents of four Children three boys one girl. Oldest son Hyman Rudoff born NY, USA, Feb 14, 1903 Wife Ruthie Berner, son Gerald Rudoff/daughter Carol Golden. 2nd Child Daughter Ida Rudoff born NY, USA, Jan 20, 1905 Husband Irving Durst, one son Barry Durst. Middle son Harold Rudoff born NY, USA, Mar 7 1921 Wife Gertrude Hovanyetz, 3 Daughters Alicia Lang, Sandra Rudoff, and Abby Mullendore. Youngest son Albert Rudoff born NY, USA Wife Sylvia, daughter Francine Rudoff /son Andrew Rudoff.

Posting # 52 Posted on June 30, 2006 10:16 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Sandy Rudoff
Location: Florida, USA
Submitter's E-mail: srudoff"AT"kua"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Kezmark,Hungary: Hovanyetz or Hovanecz / Reptsick or Reftsick; Morobit,Austria: Michitsch, Beitler; Rudoff, Wolkoff, Rudinsky, Berner, Hovanyetz, Durst,Rudovski, Rudoph, Rudov From Russia.
Comments: Hovanyetz, Reptsick, Michitsch, Beitler, Skerl, Rudoff, ShanahanI am led to believe that the Hovanecz name was changed to Hovanyetz when my ancestors came to the United States. My Grandfather Alexander Josef Hovanyetz was born 1898 in Kezmark, Hungary, it is now known as Kezmarok, Slovakia. Alexander also had a sister who came to the United States. Their parents names were Stefan Hovanyetz (maybe Istvan Hovanecz???) and Susanna Reptsick or (Reftsick). Alexander Hovanyetz married a Lady named Mary and had two children with her, Alexander Hovanyetz jr. (son) and Rose Hovanyetz (daughter). Mary Hovanyetz passed away early in her life. Alexander Hovanyetz Sr. remarried in Brooklyn, New York in 1923 to Marie (Mary) Michitsch. Mary was born in 1901 in Morobitz Parish, Gottschee, Austria, (now known as Borovec pri Kocevski Reki, Slovenia). She immigrated to the United States around 1917 to 1919. Her parents were John Michitsch and Katharina Beitler from Lower Austria. Alexander Hovanyetz Sr. and Mary Michitsch had a one child together, Gertrude Baby Hovanyetz, born in 1925 who was raised in New York, USA.

Posting # 51 Posted on June 28, 2006 7:25 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Palmer
Location: Giessen, Germany
Submitter's E-mail: mary.palmer"AT""DOT"mil ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Lipnica Wielka (grandmother): Vitalek (unsure of correct spelling); unknown (grandfather): Kalavik; .
Comments: We are Americans living in Germany and will be traveling to Lipnica Wielka, PL in August 2006 to see my grandmother's homeland. Our parish Priest (here in Germany) is Polish, so he is going to contact the Priest in Lipnica Wielka prior to our trip. Hopefully, they will be able to share some records with us. We also plan to visit the local cemetary. I would like to hear from any others who have visited this village.

Posting # 50 Posted on June 27, 2006 10:31 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jerome J Markiewicz
Location: Neckargemund Germany
Submitter's E-mail: jerome.j.markiewicz"AT""DOT"mil ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Podvilk: Petrak; Aleo Lipnica: Vojcak; .
Comments: I am an American stationed in Germany,looking to visit Poland and Slovakia again this time to look up my ancestors. The Orawa-Orava area is as confusing as my fathers background,born Finnegan,adopted by Markiewicz Family,and people always telling me,Markiewicz,thats a good Irish name. In any case,my Grandmother,Hermina Petrak,born 1893 in Polvilk,arrived in the USA in 1909. I think,but not 100% sure,Grandfather,Ignac Volgrass Vojcak,born 1883,A. Lipnica. This is based on Ellis Island Records,Name,Location,Age at arrival in USA(19. Yet in checking with cousins,they claim his name was Matt Vojcak,however I have noticed other relatives using other than their legal given name as they became Americans. Doing a reverse record Search of Cook County Illinois to track down Grandpas status. If anyone can add to my investigation,please do,thanks

Posting # 49 Posted on June 24, 2006 9:06 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Dr.B.Bradley
Location: Berwyn,Illinois
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Klin,SK: KLINOVSKY / KLINOVSZKY; Bobrov, SK: LATAL / LATTAL; .
Comments: Looking for distant relatives… My great grandparents came to the USA in the early 1900's. They married in Chicago, Illinois. The family line of Justina KLINOVSKY / KLINOVSZKY was located Klin, Slovakia from about 1770 until 1890's. The Latal / Lattal family relocated from Moravia to Bobrov, Slovakia in the 1850's. Any information would be appreciated...

Posting # 48 Posted on June 21, 2006 2:08 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Ute H. Schoenwetter
Location: Wettenberg, Germany
Submitter's E-mail: U.Schoenwetter"AT"gmx"DOT"de ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Comments: I received new information from Poland that the Rol(l) families I´m researching were originally from Banska, Galicia, Austria (now Banska, Nowy Targ). I have the following names in connection with the Banska Rol families now: ANTOL, BABEL, BAK, BABIARZ, BOBAK, BUKOWSKA, BIERNIAK, BRYJAK, BZDYK, BEDNARZ, CHROBAK, CHUDOBA, CZAJKA, CZOP, DLUGOPOLSKA/DLUGOPOLSKI, DZIADKOWIEC, HORNIK, JAKUBIEC, KROLCZYK, KULACH, OPACIAN, PALKA, PITON, ROL, STOPKA, SIKON, TYLKA, WOJCIAK, ZYGMUNTOWICZ, ZAPATOCZ, ZWIJACZ. I´m also researching the Bryjak families of Dlugopole (Nowy Targ) and have quite a bit of information on these families now. I´m interested in any information on the villages Banska and Dlugopole and the family names listed above.

Posting # 47 Posted on June 20, 2006 12:10 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Betty J. Guziak
Location: Waterford, Oakland county, MI
Submitter's E-mail: b_guzak"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Jablonka, Nowy Targ, Polska: Albetusiak,Guziak,Perok-Pierog,Dzuibek,Malysa,Kasprzak,Ciscon-Czyszycon-Czyscon; Lipnicia Weilka, Nowy Targ, Polska: Slamcek; Orawka, Orawa, Polska.
Comments: I think your wesite is very useful in furthering family research. keep up the good work.

Posting # 46 Posted on June 19, 2006 5:49 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Richard Lubinski
Location: MPLS. MN. USA
Submitter's E-mail: lubnor"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Wysoka: Lubinski; Jordanow: Lubinski; Kubinski,Solowa,Wojczewski.
Comments: Stanislaw Lubinski b,5.10.1812 Wysoka House #25Adalbertus Lubinski b,19.6.1834 Wysoka House # 27Joseph Lubinski b,25.June 1891 Wysoka House # 158

Posting # 45 Posted on June 15, 2006 9:42 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Walter Tabor
Location: Washington, DC
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Lapsze Wyzne: Karkosky; : Sushereba; .

Posting # 44 Posted on June 8, 2006 8:34 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: barbara smith
Location: brookfield, ct
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: krawce poland: drozd; presov: klima; .
Comments: many thanks for this wonderful site

Posting # 43 Posted on June 6, 2006 3:53 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jennifer Marton Bray
Location: Orlando, Florida
Submitter's E-mail: jmartonbray"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Stany: Nieradka; Bojanow: Rys; Surnames: Bednarz of Stany. Singlary. Trabalka. Dush. Levkiv. Kovacs. .

Posting # 42 Posted on June 4, 2006 9:13 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Diane Rix
Location: Waterford, Michigan
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: don't know: Szalankiewicz; : ; .

Posting # 41 Posted on June 3, 2006 11:38 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Marge
Location: Indiana
Submitter's E-mail: margekub"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Zakopane: Cieche; : ; Novy Targ.
Comments: I was born in Poland in 1963 and immigrated to the United States in 1967 with my parents and siblings. My family is from Cieche, outside of Zakopane. I am considered a true Goral! My husband is from Slovakia, just north of Zilina. My family has traveled back and forth from these United States, as my maternal grandfather, Jan Fudala, (parents: Andrzej Fudala & Maria Rafacz), was born in the United States in Pennsylvania in 1894. He migrated back to Poland in the early 1900's, never to return to his birth land. He married Bronislawa Takuska, (parents:Bialon & Rozalia Takuska). This is as far as I can go with my family tree. Can anyone help me go further?? Thank you...Marge

Posting # 40 Posted on May 31, 2006 11:49 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Robert Mitnik
Location: Salem, MA.
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Hniezdne: Mitnik; Stara Lubovna: Mitnik; .
Comments: Planning a trip 2007 to find roots

Posting # 39 Posted on May 23, 2006 7:35 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Michael Worwa
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Submitter's E-mail: polacoz"AT"msn"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Rabka-Zdroj: WORWA; : ; .
Comments: My great grandparents, Jozef and Mary anne Worwa last place of residence is listed as Rabka-Zdroj before immigrating to the United States in 1905-06. I'm hoping someone knows who to contact in this area to obtain public records. There are plenty of Worwa's in the world. I'm trying to figure out why I'm not related to any of them. Thanks!

Posting # 38 Posted on May 11, 2006 9:31 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Peggy Follmer
Location: Williamsport, Penna.
Submitter's E-mail: Contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Grabowka: Stabryla; tribitz: Zigmontovitz, Modla; Krakow, Mihalik. Krakow, Chernik..

Posting # 37 Posted on May 10, 2006 10:15 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Maria Bryjak-Koziol
Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States
Submitter's E-mail: cedar"AT"sopris"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Dlugopole: Gabrys; : ; Podhale-Nowy Targ.
Comments: I was researching our family name and came across this web-site. One paticular paragraph written by Ute interested me because I believe he is talking about my great-grandmother. My grandmother is Bryjak-Gabrys. I would like him to e-mail me because I believe we may be related. I'm the younger generation of the Bryjaks. I was born in the town of Dlugopole. My mother is Bryjak from the house of Gabrys. Thank you.

Posting # 36 Posted on May 8, 2006 2:31 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: A. Waksmundzki
Location: Crystal Lake, IL U.S.A.
Submitter's E-mail: Contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT"gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Waksmund - Tatra Mountain: Waksmund Novy Targ; : ; .
Comments: I am searching for my Great Grandparents's date of births and date of marriages. Mary Ann Waksmundzki - born in 1845 & died at age 97 in 1942. Born in Waksmund Village. Husband - Unknown Name. Does anybody knows? Seem like families haven't spoken about their histories. Thanks!

Posting # 35 Posted on April 22, 2006 3:51 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Lynne Boudreaux-Chulick
Location: Renton,Washington USA
Submitter's E-mail: lynne_boudreaux"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Liesek: Chulick/Culik,Revajova ; Cimhova: Pirozak,Valcak; Surnames of Stranak,Baherova,and Valko.
Comments: Looking for family history for my husband's paternal side. I listed the villages and names that I have but it stops at 1881 in Slovakia. Anyone that can give me any light on any of these names would be helping me a great deal. Just starting to get to know this family and already fascinated! Thanks much.

Posting # 34 Posted on April 14, 2006 1:24 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Fran Zalar
Location: Cleveland, OH USA
Submitter's E-mail: f.zalar"AT"worldnet.att"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Odrzykon: Bajgier; Lach; Bialy Dunajec: Cudzik (may be spelled Chudzik); Chocholow - Bochnak or Bochniak.
Comments: Looking for information on Great Aunts named Maryanna Bajgier and Marya (Bajgier) Forys who lived in Chicopee, Massachusetts or surrounding area. Also informmation on Tekla Bajgier who moved from Massachusetts in 1902 to Elizabethport, New Jersey. Can you help?

Posting # 33 Posted on April 13, 2006 2:20 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Robert Joseph Skovira
Location: Coraopolis PA USA
Submitter's E-mail: rjskovira"AT"att"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Javorina: Skovira, Tomlan; Jugrow: Skovira, Tomlan; .

Posting # 32 Posted on April 8, 2006 11:00 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Maryann Andrascik Forster
Location: Leesburg, Florida
Submitter's E-mail: maforster12"AT"earthlink"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Krempachy: Svec; Nova Bela: Vincek; .
Comments: Please share my e-mail address with Paul Hadzima - my grandmother also came from Krempachy and I would like to compare information with him. Thanks.

Posting # 31 Posted on April 5, 2006 12:43 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Motyka
Location: Chicago IL
Submitter's E-mail: contact TARG at TatraAreaResearchGroup"AT" gmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Piekielnik: Kowalczyk, Dworszczak; Przyborow: Motyka, Niewdana, Majdak; .
Comments: I am from the village of Piekielnik and can help if you need some references.

Posting # 30 Posted on March 26, 2006 11:23 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Juraj Cisarik
Location: Kosice Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: jurajcisarik"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Andrejova: DZUBAY, HUCKO; : ; .
Comments: Hello, my name is Juraj Cisarik /35/ and I live in Kosice, SLOVAKIA.I provide the genealogical researching in Eastern SLOVAKIA • Also I am able to find people still living in my country according to - (there is the phone book of SLOVAKIA) and then I will send your letter (translated to Slovak language) to these all people (selected from the phone book). Just send me your key surnames for this service. For more details you can see my WEB-SITE:

Posting # 29 Posted on March 25, 2006 11:58 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Walter Michalec
Location: Arlington, Washington USA
Submitter's E-mail: wallymichalec"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Sopotnia Mala: Muranski; Krzyzowa: Michalec; .
Comments: Looking for information on my Polish ancestors. My grandfather,Jozef Michalec, was born in Krzyzowa, Poland in 1890 and emigrated to the USA around 1910. My grandmother, Magdalena Muranski was born in Sopotnia Mala around 1890 and emigrated to the USA around 1913.

Posting # 28 Posted on March 18, 2006 4:50 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Wally Michalec
Location: Arlington, Washington USA
Submitter's E-mail: wallymichalec"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Zywiec,Poland: Michalec, Muranski; Kolackov, Slovakia: Madansky, Zamiska; .
Comments: I am traveling to Slovakia and Poland this September and have been looking for information. My grandparents on my father's side, Joseph Michalec and Magdalena Muranski, came to the United States sometime around 1913 from Zywiec, Poland. I know very little more than that about either. My mother, Maria Madansky, was born in Kolackov, Slovakia. I know quite a bit about that side of my family and will be visiting aunts, uncles, and cousins who still live there. I would appreciate any input on the names Michalec and Muranski from Zywiec, Poland

Posting # 27 Posted on March 16, 2006 9:28 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Juraj Cisarik
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: jurajcisarik"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)

Posting # 26 Posted on March 14, 2006 10:56 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Joanna Trudnak
Location: 4401 Fitzgerald St. -usa
Submitter's E-mail: jode"AT"shreve"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Kacwin, Pl and Velka FrankovaKacwin, Pl: Trudnak/Trudniak/Trudnyak; Velka Frankova, Slovakia: Trudnak/Trudniak/Trudnyak; .
Comments: Please include me in your TARG membership and newsletter. I am really enjoying reading the past newsletters and appreicate the help that they have given me in my search!!

Posting # 25 Posted on March 14, 2006 7:42 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Sandra Myers
Location: Waycross, GA USA
Submitter's E-mail: smwaycross"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Hniezdne: HOBOR; : ; .

Posting # 24 Posted on March 14, 2006 5:15 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Juraj Cisarik
Location: Kosice Slovakia
Submitter's E-mail: jurajcisarik"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Osturna: Vasicak, Zavacky, Kanuk, Mudrak, Skybjak, Lach; Andrejova: Cisarik, Mankovic, Martyak, Hucko; .
Comments: LAST WEEK WE RE-EDITED OUR WEB-SITE - THE SITE CONTAINS MORE THAN 5000 NAMES NOW. Minuly tyzden sme doplnili nasu web-stranku - obsahuje viac ako 5000 mien. Rodokmene knazov byzantskeho obradu na Slovensku 1650-2006: FAMILY TREES OF PRIESTS OF BYZANTH CHURCH IN SLOVAKIA Rodokmen - biskup P. P. GOJDIC *1888: THE FAMILY TREE OF BISHOP - P. P. GOJDIC *1888:

Posting # 23 Posted on March 11, 2006 10:27 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Bob Trosky
Location: Pittsburgh, PA USA
Submitter's E-mail: bob"AT"bobtrosky"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nagy Bobrocz (Bobrovec): POTOCZKI, POTOCZKY, PALAJ, TOMKO; : ; .
Comments: Informative site! I'm searching for info on my G-GF Ferenz POTOCZKI who first came to the US in 1903. My GM Anna POTOCZKY left the SK in 1912 at the age of 6 with her stepmother Marie TOMKO POTOCZKY. All came from Nagy Bobrocz. My GM's birth mother was Anni PALAJ who's identity is shrouded in mystery. I beleive she is also from the same area in the Liptov region.

Posting # 22 Posted on March 6, 2006 9:58 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Tim O'Bryan
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Submitter's E-mail: tim-obryan"AT"excite"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Rabcziche, Ropczicze, Rapcice, Robcsycze, Robcsicze, Robczyce: Tropeck, Tropek, or Tropiak; : Tropeck, Tropek, or Tropiak; Rabcziche, Ropczicze, Rapcice, Robcsycze, Robcsicze, Robczyce all in Slovak-hungary.
Comments: "Rabcziche, Ropczicze, Rapcice, Robcsycze, Robcsicze, Robczyce" all Slovak-Hungary My Family is from the PA area. I am limited on information to complete my family tree. the reason I ask is the name Tropiak, could it be possible that, Tropeck, tropek, tropiak... be the same family? the family file I show you now, is the only record I have. I hope you can help. Tim O'BryanDescendants of Joseph (Josef) Tropek (tropeck)Generation No. 1:1. JOSEPH (JOSEF) TROPEK2 (TROPECK) (?) was born 1887 in Robcsicze, Czechoslovakia1. He married MARY POLENEK (PALINEK), daughter of ? POLENEK and UNKNOWN. She was born August 15, 1891 in Austria-Slovakia1, and died March 22, 1960 in Champion, Sturgeon, PA1.Notes for JOSEPH (JOSEF) TROPEK (TROPECK): Came to America in March 31st 1905, his first known address in the U.S. : Federal, PA box 5 March 31st 1905Notes for MARY POLENEK (PALINEK): She came to the United States in 1909.

Posting # 21 Posted on March 3, 2006 8:39 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Terrell R Duchock
Location: Morris Alabama
Submitter's E-mail: tduchock"AT"bellsouth"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Roztoka Ryterska: Dudczak ; Zemplinsky?: mosko; .
Comments: I have been reading the past newsletters and was wonderingif Roztoka Ryterska (near Rytro Poland was in the targ area.also zemplinsky is all I have on the Mosko side of my family.thanks for any information Terrell

Posting # 20 Posted on March 2, 2006 7:15 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Karen Gunnell
Location: Frederick, MD
Submitter's E-mail: karengunnell"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Namestovo: Murin, Labaj or Labay, Skycak (many spellings); : ; .

Posting # 19 Posted on March 2, 2006 10:20 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Peggy Follmer
Location: Williamsport, Penna.
Submitter's E-mail: pgfollmer"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Krakow, Poland: Mihalik; Grabowka, Poland: Stabryla; Zigmontovich in Slovakia.

Posting # 18 Posted on February 27, 2006 6:04 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Joanna Trudnak
Location: Marshall, Texas
Submitter's E-mail: jode"AT"shreve"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Kacwin, Poland: Trudnak/Trudniak; Velka Frankova or Mala Frankova: Trudnak/Trudniak/Stefanick/Stefanyak; .
Comments: I just found this site and I must say, "It is amazing. I would love to communicate with anyone researching my family surnames. I think I am the only one on the planet doing research on this family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our immigrant ancestors Andrew (born in 1864 in Kacwin, when it was in Slovakia) and Martin TRUDNAK (born in 1876 in Kacwin) were brothers. They came here in 1884 and 1896, respectively, and settled in Mocanaqua, PA. They both were miners. There is an Andrew Trudnak from Velka Frankova that was born in 1880. He came to the same area of PA as the brothers in 1901. His children have many of the same names and the older Andrew and Martin. I feel that they are related, I just haven't put them together yet. I am waiting on LDS church records to come and hopefully that will help. Hopefully awaiting a reply!!

Posting # 17 Posted on February 24, 2006 3:18 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Shawn J. Marchinek
Location: Poulsbo, WA. USA
Submitter's E-mail: shawnmarchinek"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Oravsky Biely Potok: Marcinek, Domsky, Pallek, Adamcakova; : ; .
Comments: My Great Grandparents immigrated to the new world in the 1890s and some Marcineks ended up in British Columbia, Canada and Chicago, Illinois that I know of. I would like any help getting some history on village and TARG area and of course with finding more of my family line. Thank you.

Posting # 16 Posted on February 24, 2006 2:29 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Dominick Kass
Location: Clifton Pk NY USA
Submitter's E-mail:
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Scislowicz, Wielkowicz; : ; .
Comments: Family settled in Hastings, PA (Cambria County). In research I found two items of interest: Most if not all Scislowicz are from Nowy Targ, and many families that settled in Hastings knew each other from Nowy Targ. i.e. Butkowicz, Waksmundski, Szopinski, Krupinski.

Posting # 15 Posted on February 7, 2006 9:27 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Loretta Ekoniak
Location: Canfield OH USA
Submitter's E-mail:
Villages, Surnames: Javorek, Spis or Yavorky: Ikoniak ; : ; .
Comments: Surname is Ekoniak in the USA but original papers spell it with an I...same pronunciation

Posting # 14 Posted on February 3, 2006 11:24 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Shelaine Komperdo
Location: Edmonton,Alberta Canada
Submitter's E-mail: shelaine12"AT"yahoo"DOT"ca ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: : Komperda, Komperdo; : ; .
Comments: Hi, I'm looking for info on my ancesters. My dad doesn't know anything other than his grandfather's name was Giovanni Komperdo or Komperda and Grandmother's name Olga. Were from Italy not sure where. Thank you.

Posting # 13 Posted on January 26, 2006 11:01 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Bonnie McLaren
Location: McArthur Ohio
Submitter's E-mail: y2bonnie"AT"hotmail"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: czarny dunajec: Bucz; Makow: Betlej, Betley; Ostrysz;surname Bisaga;surname Swietek.
Comments: My grandparents came to America in 1902. My grandfather was Jan Betlej and I have Makoe or Tarnow for a place of origin. My granmother was Bronislawa Bucz who originated in cznary dunajec. Does anyone know if these villages were in close proximity?

Posting # 12 Posted on January 25, 2006 4:10 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Marian DiFiore
Location: Chicago, IL
Submitter's E-mail: Mweber"AT"jenner"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Nowy Targ: Kalata; Raba Wyzna: Brynarski or Bryniarski; .
Comments: Looking for place to write for birth/death/baptism certificates.

Posting # 11 Posted on January 17, 2006 9:10 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Mary Yonick
Location: Bloomfield Hills USA
Submitter's E-mail: myonick"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Gronkow: Los,Zarebczan; Beczyn: Dziedzic,Badura; .
Comments: Hi, I am hoping someone in the USA or in Poland will recognize these surnames. If you can help me find any living relatives or someone who knows these families, please contact me. Thank you Mary

Posting # 10 Posted on January 16, 2006 1:45 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Barbara Smolen
Location: Texas, USA
Submitter's E-mail: barbarasmolen"AT"godlewskis"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Maniowy : Szewczyk, Rapsky; Sieniawa: Rapsky; Also looking for relatives in Osobnica - Godlewski, Pyznar, Bragiel, Kaczor, Kosiek, Nowak.
Comments: My gr-mother, Rozalja Szewczyk/Rapsky was born in Maniowy (1885-1889)not sure of year as many documents are different. Ellis Island shows Sieniawa as last residence coming to the US in 1905 at age 20. Anna and Antionette was her sister, Frank Rapsky, half-brother. Also, my gr-father, Marcin Godlewski from Osobnica. His father Andrew, mother Regina Nowak, brother Jozef and Wojiech, sister Maryanna. She was married to Jacob Bragiel . Zofia Pyznar was his first wife She died in 1907. Her father, Laurentis Pyznar, mother, Marianna Kaczor. Related to lots of Bragiel and Pyznars. Most of them lived in Chicago, ILL. Szewczyks and Rapskys in Chicago and Western Pennsylvania. Anyone who has any info or who can do some research for me in Maniowy, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance for any info. Barbara

Posting # 9 Posted on January 12, 2006 4:16 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jess Piszczor
Location: Westerville, OH USA
Submitter's E-mail: jpiszczor"AT"wowway"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Ciche: Piszczor, Kowalczuk, Brzuchacz, Orszulak, Szczypta; Witow: Szczypta, Piszczor, Fudala, Kwak; Chocholow, Skrzypne, Zaskale, Szaflary, St Bystre, Koscielisko, Zakopane, Nowy Targ, etc.
Comments: I remember being in contact with one of the groups years ago. Have found quite a bit more information since then and have time again to indulge myself in this labor of love!

Posting # 8 Posted on January 9, 2006 9:13 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Robyn Nykaza
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Submitter's E-mail: robynnykaza"AT"sbcglobal"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Gruszow: Nykaza; Morawczyna: Nykaza; Lasek,Kobylec and Klikuszowa.
Comments: My question is to anyone working with LDS microfilms from these areas. I have not been able narrow down which microfilm numbers contain the information I need from the Catholic parishes in Klikuzowa and Morawczyna. If anyone has found the parishes in these villages on a microfilm and can share the numbers with me, I would so appreciate it! Thanks

Posting # 7 Posted on January 5, 2006 3:15 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Maxine Sasala Velas Vigilante
Submitter's E-mail: maxine96"AT"cox"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Jakubany, Slovakia: Salasa; Michalovce: Vel'as; .
Comments: Hi, I so enjoy your site and would like to become part of it. Please use this e-mail so I can receive the group e-mails. I would also like the Newsletter. I recently came back from Slovakia and YOUR mountains. It was a trip of a lifetime, something I will never forget and I hope to go back. My grandfather is John Sasala, from Perth Amboy, NJ, and was born in Jakubany. My grandmother was Julia Vel'as and came from Michalovce. On my trip I did meet relatives from Michalovce, however did not visit. I spent 2-3 days in Jakubany and met relatives. However, the very best part was that the village performed a "mock wedding" for us which they rehearsed for over a year and wore the folkwear. If I am allowed to send pictures of this event I will. To me the more I learn about the area, what happened to them during the war years, customs, etc. the happier I will be. I am also doing a family tree. How do I know if and when I will be accepted? Thanks, Maxine

Posting # 6 Posted on January 2, 2006 3:26 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Stephen Bieda
Location: Fenwick, ON Canada
Submitter's E-mail: sbieda"AT"cogeco"DOT"ca ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Maruszyna, Poland: Bieda; : ; .
Comments: Hi, I am tracing my family roots and I was wondering if you might know someone in or from Maruszyna, Poland that knows English that might have an email address so I might correspond with them about my Great Grand Father Matus Bieda from Maruszyna, Poland. Any reference points you might have are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Posting # 5 Posted on December 23, 2005 4:45 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Basia
Location: Chicago
Submitter's E-mail: basia277"AT"yahoo"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Las (L~as) near Zywiec, Poland: TRZOP; Not sure, north of TARG: SIWIEC; .
Comments: Hello – I am researching the last names TRZOP (father) and SIWIEC (mother). My mother comes from Las – a tiny village near Zywiec. SIWIEC family still lives there. My father is from further north in Poland – not quite in the TARG area – but I am wondering if anyone has any information, all the same! Thanks!

Posting # 4 Posted on December 16, 2005 3:20 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Walter Schmidt
Location: Germany
Submitter's E-mail:"AT"augustakom"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Krzescow (Zywiec area): Schmidt; : ; .
Comments: Such Informationen über meinen Geburtsort (1942) Krzescow, Kreis Ziewiec (vormals Saybusch).>>>Eng: "I'm looking for information on my birthplace of Krzescow (formerly Saybusch) in the Zywiec area."Bin für jede Information dankbar.>>>Eng: "I will be thankful for any information."

Posting # 3 Posted on December 12, 2005 7:32 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Jim Bonk
Location: San Diego, CA
Submitter's E-mail: cpajimbonk"AT"msn"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Felso Lipnica AKA Lipnica Wielka, Poland: Bonk; : ; .
Comments: My grandfather was born in Felso Lipnica, Austria-Hungary based on WWI records. After some research, I have been told that this is now Lipnica Wielka in Poland. Is this true?? I have many other questions, but this is a good place to start.

Posting # 2 Posted on December 10, 2005 8:23 am (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Sharon Dombeck
Location: Boston
Submitter's E-mail: sdombeck"AT"comcast"DOT"net ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Bialka: Jamroz, Sapa(?); Bulowice: Bryzek; .
Comments: Hi, I am looking for info on my maternal grandmother, Maryana Jamroz, who emigrated at age 19y (tho family story says 16y) to the US in 1904, listing her last place of origin as Bialka on the passenger record of the ship the Bulgaria. I believe her traveling companion was Katha Sapa. She married my grandfather, Josef Bryzek, who came to the US in 1905 at the age of 18y to join his father, Tomasz, who proceeded him. Fa and son were both from Bulowice. I belive they met and married in St. Louis, Mo. They raised their family of nine children in southern Illinois. My grandma died when my mo was 19y so I never met her but the family stories are of a rural village near the mountains of Galicia where the wolves howled in winter and storks made their nests on the chimneys of a thatched-roofed house. My mother said Polish friends would tease my grandmo bec she didn't speak proper Polish or come from "main stream" Poland and that she and my grandpa came from the same part of the country, near Krakow. I don't see Jamroz as a know surname for the village of Bialka. Perhaps she came from a nearby associated village? If anyone has any info I will be appreciative.

Posting # 1 Posted on December 7, 2005 5:18 pm (US Mtn Std time) TARG Posting

Submitter: Beth Saboe
Location: PA
Submitter's E-mail: JSaboes"AT"aol"DOT"com ("AT"=@, "DOT"=.)
Villages, Surnames: Podolinec, Spis county, Slovakia: Knappik (Carpathian Germans); Tvrdosin, Orava county, Slovakia: Gallasz; .
Comments: Hi, Recently discovered your website, and I must say I'm quite taken with it. Wow! "Goral" that's it! Am learning! Am also seeking advice. Thanks for a great website. Loved the TARG zone maps. Beth Saboe


NOTE: Again, a change in Guestbooks caused the numbering for more recent entries to be reset. Number 1 above is really the message posted right after number 76 below. Sorry for any confusion.


76) Walter T. Liptak, novamarkcomcast
Sunday, December 4, 2005
Looking for information on the TARG family surname Liptak. Thank you.
75) Shawn J. Marchinek, shawnmarchinekyahoo
Saturday, December 3, 2005
I would like to join the TARG group and ask for assistance in finding out more information about tracing my family tree back as far as possible. Can you add my family names to any lists you have: Marcinek, Pallek, Domsky and Adamcak. I love your websites and someday want to visit my ancestral village of Oravska Biely Potok. Any assistance you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Shawn Joseph Marchinek, Poulsbo, WA
74) Margaret Micherdzinski, mmicherdzinskiyahoo
Sunday, November 20, 2005
My name is Margaret Micherdzinski. Paternal grandfather, Florian Aleksander Micherdzinski from Zywiec, Poland. Emigrated to US in 1913. Have done much research, Archive and Historical work in the Zywiec area. Florian firstly settled in Detroit, Michigan, and then connected with a cousin, in Buffalo, New York, where I was born and raised. Anyone wanting to contact me with questions, information, please feel free at the e-mail address above. (In your e-mail's SUBJECT line, please place "Tatra Area Info Request".) I presently live, and continue to do research in Krakow, Poland. Thank you, Margaret Micherdzinski
73) Radoslav Lejava.
Tuesday, November 8, 2005
I'm a Slovak man, who is looking for his roots. My family name is
LEJAVA. I've started finding information on the internet. I found many of these names on U.S. webpages, also on your website. There are not so many people in Slovakia & Poland with this name and there is a chance to be a relatives. Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely, Radoslav Lejava
72) John Bieda, jbiedalambdacorp
Thursday, November 17, 2005
Hello there! My ancestor Katherine Szczech (1865-1939) from
Siedliska, Poland (near Lubenia) may have TARG relations. All I know is
that she was married to Frank Borowiec (18XX?-1924). They had a child named Karoline Borowiec who later married a John Bieda. Karoline and John immigrated to US between 1900-1910. Can you help me find her parents' names, dates, grandparents and also Frank's ancestors if there is a connection? Specifically there could be a link as mentioned in the Oct 2002 TARG e-newsletter. We would appreciate any help here! Thanks. -John Bieda
71) Dominick G. Kass, ofrasunlink
Monday, October 3, 2005
I am the great grandson of Jozef Jan S'cisl~owicz and Katarzyna (Wielkowicz) of Nowy Targ. Jozef came to the US in 1905. Katra followed in 1907 with my grandmother "Mamie" (possibly birth name of Michaelina), my great uncle Louis and great aunt Mary. Several other children born in US from 1908 on. Jozef was sponsored to US by older brother Valenty Scislowicz. Another brother also followed (George) and all three are buried near each other in St Bernard Cemetary in Hastings, PA. One other brother Jan settled in Chicago where there are many, many S'cisl~owiczs. I have been in contact with many S'cisl~owicz families in the US in Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, California, and Chicago and tyhey all seem to root from Nowy Targ or very close by. - Dominick G. Kass, Clifton Park, NY
70) Phyllis Miskovic, Lofton6sbcglobal
Monday, October 17, 2005
I am researching the family names of MISKOVIC, WAKSMANSKI, REICHEL & HORMIK. I am researching the MISKOVIC line from Jurgow. My grandmother was Maria MISKOVIC. All I have is her son's baptismal record written in Latin. He was born May 30, 1889 in Jurgow. House number 44 is noted. His name was Phillipus MISKOVIC. Also I am researching WAKSMANSKI from Trybsz. My grandmother was Maria WAKSMANSKI. Her parents were Emericus and Maria (REICHEL) WAKSMANSKI. House number 8 was noted on her baptismal record. Thanks.
69) Jana Tusk, janatsbcglobal
Monday, October 3, 2005
I would appreciate information on Marian Krycinski (letter "n" is accented) who was born in Rabka, malopolskie province, in 1903 and died in Skawina, same province, Poland, in 1992. I would also like to obtain his his parents' (Ludwik and Apolonia nee Dutkiewicz) birthplaces and birthdates. Ludwik was born in the vicinity of Lwow. Apolonia was born in the vicinity of Rzeszow, Poland. Thank you.
68) Jane Wotus Kasper, tlkaspercoastalnow
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I am researching my ancestors: William Frank Wotus, Catherine Grywalski, Frank "Francisek" Stanley Wotus, Nellie Antionette Wegrzyniak, Agnes Victoria Kustwan, and Joseph "Jozef" William Wotus... I know the Wotus family is from Sromowce Wyzne and the Kustwan family is from Bialka, Poland. Any information will be gratley appreciated.......thank you Jane Wotus ~ Kasper
67) Ute Schoenwetter,
Location: -, Saturday, 13. August 2005
I would appreciate any information about Dlugopole, the village my paternal ancestors came from, and the family names Dlugopolski, Roll, Bryjak (nickname “Gabrys”), Jakubiec, Kowalkowski (nickname “Pancoki”) of Dlugopole. I have some information which I´m willing to share, but would like to know more.... Ute
66) Ginger Bruntrager, vbruntrageaol
Location: Skippack, PA, Thursday, 11. August 2005
65) Arlene Reiter, sisreitercomcast
Location: St. Charles, Il.,Wednesday, 10. August 2005
I am trying to locate the village of Klin where my paternal grandmother (Johanna Klinovszky-Klinovski) was born. Her birth and marriage are recorded in the Zubrohlava parish register. I believe there are relatives of hers still living there. I have some old pictures but don't know if they are of Klin or Sered where grandfather (Gottfried Hradek) was from. Arlene R.
64) John P. Koval,
Location: Chicago, Illinois, Wednesday, 3. August 2005
My grandparents--Johannes Koval and Frances Siska (or Liska or Siska--the records are unclear)--emigrated from the village of Czarna Gora, i athe Tatra mountain region, in what is now Poland in 1999. They embarked from Breman, Germany and debarked in Baltimore, Maryland before settling in Joliet, Illinois. I am interested in finding any living relatives still residing in or around my grandparent's village since my wife and I will be visiting the region for the 1st time this September.
63) Ron Gorrill, rgsezchristlivesjuno
Location: Lombard, IL, USA, Tuesday, 2. August 2005
Researching Gorrilla, Gorrill, Churilla, Krajnak, Krajnack, Beller, Mrofchak, Gura, Beller, Bednar from the Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo or Neudorf)region of Spis county Slovakia. Relatives came here about 1890 and settled in Ironwood, MI. They were miners.
62) Betty J. Guziak, b_guzakhotmail
Location: Waterford, MI, Thursday, 21. July 2005
I am researching the Guzak or Guziak surname from Jablonka, Lipnica Wielka, or Nowy Targ, Poland. Would like to hear from anyone with that name. First known ancestor is Serafin Guziak who came to Jablonka about 1812-1815. His wife was Maria Albertusiak. I need to know the parents of both the husband and wife. Names I'm researching are: Albertusiak, Ciscon, Czyszyscon, Dzuibek, Guzak/Guziak, Kasprzak, Litwiak, Malysa, Perok, Slamcek, and Stachulak. Thank you. Betty J. Guziak
61) Michael G. Yuhas, michaelglaurelweb
Location: New Florence, PA, Friday, 15. July 2005
My grandparents, George Yuhas (Juhasz, Juhas) and Anna Bumbera came from Trebisov in Zemplin county and were married in Lyndora, PA circa 1905. I am interested in geneology and east European history and culture.
60) John Hirt, Jr., mfalgouxbellsouth
Location: New Orleans, Saturday, 9. July 2005
I'm glad to see such a great site on this reigon. My grandparents emigrated, in 1930, from Pohorela,in the lower Tatras. I grew up with thier stories and culture from the "old country". We've always kept in touch with our family, in Pohorela, and I visited in 1996. It was moving to meet my grandmother's sister and many cousins and the area is beautiful. Wish my grandparents were on that trip but know they were in spirit. Would like to hear from anyone whose family comes from Pohorela and will share any info I have. Dakujem, John
59) D. J. Kowal, dkowal1san.rr
Location: La Jolla, CA, Thursday, 7. July 2005
Believe my mother's parents came from this area. Grandfather's name Jan Tylecki grandmother's maiden name Katherie Koterba. Not sure but believe my grandmother was born in Kluszkowce and my grandfather in Grywald. From Ellis Island records appears grandmother may have come in 1904 and grandfather in 1902 but not sure at all. -- Don Kowal
58) Dennis Fitte, dennisa14netzero
Location: Chicago, Il., Tuesday, 5. July 2005
I'm currently trying to see how to locate church records in Poland for my Great-Grand parent's family. Their names were Florian Fit and Dorothy (Handzel) Fit, and were from Ludzmierz, Galicia. Their son, and my grandfather emigrated to Chicago in 1906. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
57) Margaret,
Location: Winnipeg, Canada, Sunday, 3. July 2005
What a great site! Well researched and documented, especially about the area of Tatry. I am Polish-Canadian and have been to Zakopane a few times and just love it! The raft-ride on Dunajec river, seeing those castle ruins and my raft guide speaking "goralska gwara" was most memorable. I am going to Krakow this summer and will absolutely return there for a visit.:-) Dziekuje bardzo i pozdrowienie z Kanady, Malgosia :-)
56) Robert D. Pisarcik, Pisarcikelp.rr
Location: El Paso, Texas, Thursday, 30. June 2005
I have information on the Pisarcik family from Velka Frankova, Slovakia. The family settled in Wilkes-barre, PA in the early 1900's. If I can help, please contact me.
55) Helena Plowright, sisolakovabtinternet
Location: London England, Thursday, 30. June 2005
Hello fellow TARG members.My Slovak dad Jan Sisolak was born in 1924 in Zavod near Bratislava. His sister still lives there. Having fought as a Partisan he fled in 1951 to Salzburg Austria who gave him refugee status which is why so many Slovaks came to USA via Canada I guess.I later came to London from canada. My husband and I discovered our family 3 years ago,and now have cottages for our use and for holiday rentals in Svaty Kriz Liptov region.If anyone wants photos taking of villages within a reasonable radius I would be happy to do so.
54) Rachel Zuffa, rzuffawi.rr
Location: -, Wednesday, 29. June 2005
I am interested in receiving the TARG newsletter and discovered your website while doing a Google search on Zemanska. My husband’s great grandfather, Joseph (Jozef) Zuffa, was born in 1873 in Zemanska Dedina. According to his son Manuel, Joseph was a tanner by trade in “the old country” and came to the United States. Joseph’s parents were John and Anna Zuffa and remained in Slovakia. Joseph traveled through the Midwest settling in Kenosha, Wisconsin. On May 28, 1904 he married Hermina Grebac (from Iliva, Slovakia) in Kenosha. They had 4 sons & 4 daughters and worked as a farmer. Joseph Zuffa died in 1966 in Kenosha. I hope that this information proves useful to others and that I can find out more information on my husband’s family. We’ve been searching for a long time (via but with no luck. If there is anything else I can provide, please let me know. Thank you!
53) Laura, kandroljaol
Location: New Jersey, Tuesday, 28. June 2005
PAWLAK 1892 Bukovina-Podszkle. I would love to receive your newsletter. I just found my grandmother's (Anna PAWLAK)ship manifest. The manifest states that she was 11 years old, from Bukovina-Podszkle and her destination was to her aunt Anva (sp?) PAWLAK in Bridgeport CT. Do you know if this area has been microfilmed? thank you
52) Michele Shannon, mlynshannonyahoo
Location: New York, Monday, 27. June 2005
Greetings, I'm currently researching my ancestry and am absolutely stuck on finding the town my great grandfather came from. It's listed as Erdes or Erdos, Austria which I believe is in present day Spis county, Slovakia. Surnames in my family include: Sejut, Gondek and Jurgovsky. Finding pre WWI town names is practically impossible. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Michele
51) Jessie Glaeser, e-mail: jessieglaeseryahoo
Location: Madison, WI USA, Tuesday, 21. June 2005
Hello. My grandfather's ancestors were all from Zubrzyca Gorna, and I have a series of letters written to my great grandparents from relatives who stayed there. I am in the process of getting them translated and will share them with people if they are interested. The surnames are Uttrata, Vojack (Wojek, Wojcak), Gornak and Wilczek. Are the church records available for Zubrzyca Gorna? Thanks.
50) Dolores Culik Allen, e-mail: culikovaearthlink
Location: Sacramento, CA, Sunday, 19. June 2005
Researching the following names in the Orava District: CULIK(CSULIK), REVAJ (REVAY), GALIK, JANOSICA. I'm especially interested in families from LIESEK, ZUBEREC, HABOVKA, VITANOVA.
49) George Helon, e-mail:
Location: Queensland, Australia, Friday, 17. June 2005
Looking for information and documentation on family HELON. Oral history has it that family HELON originated from SPISZ and went to PAWLOW/RADZIECHOW in LWOW Oblast near KAMIONKA STRUMILOWA with Count KOMOROWSKI - supposedly late 18th Century. HELON family were supposedly of noble origin. Any Information appreciated. Will pay for copies of Documents, etc. relating to HELON family and its history. Possible alternatives include: CHELON -GELAN - GELEN - GELON - HELEN - HELIN [other variants as well]. George HELON, Post Office Box 88, Toowoomba Queensland 4350 Australia.
48) Joseph M. Gronka, e-mail: jmgronkaearthlink
Location: Florida, Thursday, 16. June 2005
:-) First time visitor. Just returned from visiting "cousins" who contacted my family via the internet. It is truly a smaller world. Zabreze, Trybsz, Krakow, Zakopane. Very beautiful place. I am looking forward to a return visit.
47) Jan Wojtas, e-mail:
Location: Jurgow, Poland & La Spezia, Italy, Thursday, 16. June 2005
Hi, I come from Jurgow but now live in Italy. I work on genealogy of my family and family of my wife. Results of my work you can see here: or for my wife's family: My great-great-grandmother Irena Bizub was born in USA, she married Jan Slovik there. I don't know English too much and I don't know what more I can write here. ;-) I can communicate in Polish, Slovak and Italian. If you have some information for me or want some information from me please contact me.
46) J. Richard Ofcarcik, e-mail: ofcarcik160charter
Location: Douglas, Massachusetts
Wednesday, 15. June 2005
Hi, I live in Douglas, Massachusetts and am interested in finding anyone who has visited Havka, Slovakia recently and how they arranged for their trip. My parents came to the U.S. in 1936 and I am interested in visiting their village of Havka and looking up OFCARCIK and GUROVIC relatives there.
45) Mary Jo Webster, e-mail: mojowemsn
Location: Ohio
Sunday, 12. June 2005
My grandparents were born in Bialwoda, Poland. Their last names were Karpiak and Dolhancyk. I have general information about them through the Ellis Island records and their "possible" birth certificates. We called my gram, Esther. Records have her as Anna or Anastasia. What language did she speak? No one could identify it. She understood Polish, Russian, Slovak...could it be Ruthenian? Also, what is the name Auklina in English? Any help would be appreciated.

44) Dianne Watson, e-mail: diannewatsoncenturytel
Location: Ohio
Tuesday, 31. May 2005
I am from Avon Ohio and am looking for any information on ANNA AND VERONIKA (VERONA) POLAHA. Veronika was first married to Frank (Francis) Zabrecky. He was killed in a coal minning accident. I believe they came from Siroka Hungary in 1887. I also am looking for CMOREJ, ZABRECKY, AND DENCAK (DANCZAK, DANCAK, OR DANCZYK) fron Nizne Slovakia. Thanks.

43) Sylvia Nemitz, e-mail: noneneeded50aol
Location: USA
Monday, 30. May 2005
I am researching the names of Niemiec and Gronska. The Niemiec side (Bartholomew and Jozef) came from Waksmond and the Gronska(Anna) side came from Grankow, Galicia. I would like any information on the families as well as where in Poland these areas are. Please contact me if you can be of help. The families lived in these areas in the early 1900's and may still have some members there today.
42) Ellen Wubbel, e-mail: ewubbelptd
Location: PA
Monday, 16. May 2005
I just discovered this great site. I am trying to locate Marilyn Sandorf who posted a message on 12/1/2003. I know I can help her with her Rondzik search. Please contact me. Ellen
41) Helena Plowright (Sisolakova), e-mail: sisolakovabtinternet
Location: London England/Svaty Kriz, Slovakia
Monday, 16. May 2005
Ahoj! my family (SISOLAK) are from ZAVOD in west Slovakia.My brit husband and I ( I was born in Canada but live in London) have bought cottages in Central Slovakia. I go there about 5 times a year. If there was something you wanted photographing or some place visiting within 50km of Svaty Kriz( near Liptovsky Mikulas) I will try and help. I don't speak Slovak enough, but family and friends there do. have a look at our web site for more info. dakujeme. Helena :-)
40) Suzanne Therese Wengrin, e-mail: swengrinpacbell
Location: Capitola, California USA
Wednesday, 4. May 2005
Hello, I am researching my grandfather, Josef Wengrin (perhaps Vengrin? Vegryn?)who migrated to America in 1900 (?) per a 1930 US census. He was born in ~1878 in the village of Zubrzyca (Dolna?) in present day Poland. His parents were Ignace and Catherine Wengrin (or Vengrin). My grandfather settled in Duluth, Minnesota where he married my grandmother, Marya Adamczewski. Would you please tell me how I can research (or hire someone) to obtain baptism/birth/family records. Thank you!
39) Robert Gella, e-mail: bobgellaearthlink
Location: Minneapolis, MN USA
Saturday, 30. April 2005
Hello, I saw this website after visiting the Podbiel homepage. My father's parents arrived in Trail, BC Canada around 1900. They moved to Superior, Wisconsin a few years later. They changed thier name from Delahutzky (sp?) to Gella.
38) George J. Bryjak, e-mail: bryjakverizon
Location: Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Wednesday, 27. April 2005
My grandfather, Joseph Bryjak came to Bitumen, Penn. in the 1880s from the village of Dlugopole, Poland near the city of Nowy Targ. He married Julia Novota, a Slovak women. Any info on my grandmother or grandfather would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help. George
37) Sharon, e-mail: ssesharonnetscape
Location: Ohio
Tuesday, 26. April 2005
Hi, I am looking for info about my grandparents family from Brezovica. His family name is CACO ( CHACHO,CSACSO) My grgrgrandfather was Joseph Caco, married Mary Fruncek. Also the KOCURKO and SVEC family. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sharon
36) Christine Seni Bailey, e-mail: baileymtrose
Location: Reno, Nevada
Saturday, 23. April 2005
I am researching my grandfather's family in Trstena, Slovakia. His name was John Stephen Seni and he was born Feb. 29, 1887. His mother's name was Maria Seni. His half-brother's name was August Zmeskal. Both immigrated to the US, grandfather lived in Wood River, IL and Uncle lived in NYC. I am in touch with my grandmother's family, also from Trstena (Christina Lencucha).
35.5) Melissa Fairbanks, e-mail: melissa.fairbanksraymondjames
Location: Lakeland, FL
Friday, 22. April 2005
Looking for Diego Kriscak - I left a message looking for information on the KRISCAK name, but neglected to leave my contact information. My email address is: melissa.fairbanksraymondjames. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you :) - Melissa

35) Helenie, e-mail:
Location: Israel
Tuesday, 19. April 2005
Hello all, I'm researching the surnames: SPRINGER - from Nowy Sacz, lived in Velka Lomnica, Slovakia. HERZ - from Rzedzin, today - part of Tarnow, lived in Velka Lomnica, Slovakia. STIEGLITZ - from Podwilk. SIMPLER/SZIMPLER - from Jablonka. Any info as to where are Podwilk, Jablonka & Rzedzin Jewish BMD records are, as well as any other info, appreciated. Helenie
34) Zara Zubrzycki, e-mail: zzubrzyckihotmail
Location: Zubrzyca Goma & Zubrzyca Dolna
Tuesday, 19. April 2005
Hi, I have recently started to research my family, particularly my grandfather Marian Zubrzycki who I believe was born in Zubrzyca Goma or Zubrzyca Dolna. If anybody can help me regarding his name or the villages or how I can obtain information, I'd be most grateful. Thanks. Zara
33) Stan, e-mail: swbtmisnet
Location: San Diego
Tuesday, 19. April 2005
Can anyone point me to any books about the TISO government attrocities during world war II, as well as what was done after the war as punishment?
32) Juraj Cisarik, e-mail:
Location: SLOVAKIA
Tuesday, 19. April 2005
Adamkovich, Bobak, Cisarik, Dzubay, Gladis, Gojdic, Gulovich, Hodobay, Hucko, Ivancho, Kapisinsky, Kossey, Krisko, Kristof, Kubek, Mankovich, Martyak, Petrick, Rusnak, Sedlak, Sereghy, Simko, Takach, Varzaly, Vislocky, Zavacky, Zima
31) JMuehsam, e-mail: muehsambigpond
Location: Australia
Friday, 15. April 2005
I am researching the family name of Palmerich/Palmrich. It is a very rare name, and just recently I came across a Polish article written in “ Rocznik Podhalanski, tom. VII” which it mentions Adam Palmrich (u/a written on the end of the name). Adam Palmrich, was a commander in the Armii Krajowej (AK) platoon “Zuraw” 1943 Zakopane. If any one can help me find more information, or has information to add it would be very much appreciated. Great and informative website, Busy reading past newsletters to get myself acquainted to this region. Please could I subcribe to the monthly newsletter. -- Regards, Jane
30) Norman (Vojtas) Wytas, e-mail: Overswing2000Hotmail
Location: Viera, Fl.
Friday, 15. April 2005
I just had Vlad do some research in Jurgow and he did a fine job. He found many relatives in Jurgow. Does Paul have family from Jurgow??
29) Terry Asplund, e-mail:
Location: Ironwood, MI
Tuesday, 12. April 2005
Paul, In your TARG newsletter of December 2003, you indicated that you have the Jurgow Parish records photographed, and you were getting ready to digitalize them. Are these available for purchase yet? -- Terry Asplund
28) Elizabeth Ziobro Tupper, e-mail: mbejt101comcast
Location: Lynnwood, WA
Wednesday, 6. April 2005
Great grandfather, Andrew Motiska, son of Paul and Anna (Liska) Moticka was born in Plavnica. Great grandmother, Suzanna Stupak Motiska, daughter of John and Mary (Galik) Stupak was born in Lendak. My grandmother, Veronica Motiska Ziobro will be 100 in June 2005. Other family names are Lukas, Dvorcak, Sedlak. My family (husband & 2 teens) will be visiting Lendak and Plavnica in July 2005!
27) robien, e-mail: contactle-robien
Location: France
Tuesday, 5. April 2005
Your website is very complete and very informative.
26) Charles Frederick, chazgosiafredlycos
Location: Paonia, Colo
Tuesday, 5. April 2005
I was stationed in Nowy Targ while in the Peace Corps from 1196 - 1999. I was a wonderful 3 years. My third year there I met and fell in love with a beautiful woman. We got married in 2000 and she and our son will be joining me here in Colo this summer. Her maiden name is Chowaniec, which is common for the area. I've also found that there are A LOT of Poles from TARG living here in western Colo.
25) Stan Kensic, e-mail: usc76yahoo
Location: Murrieta, CA
Tuesday, 29. March 2005
Good site. I hope to access it in the future and contribute some photos and information that I obtained on my travel through southern Poland in search on ancestors.
24) Christine Kondratick, e-mail: cmkondratmchsi
Location: Coralville, Iowa
Tuesday, 29. March 2005
Hi...I am researching the following family names: Kondratick (Kondratik, Kundratick, & Kundratik) and Gurka (Gorka, Goerka). I am the great-granddaughter of Theresa Gurka/Gorka Kondratick and Walter (Vasil) Kondratick. They came to the US in 1888 from Galicia, Austria-Hungrey and settled in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Does anyone know were this village or town maybe: Cegorky, Slovakia It was listed on one of my grandfather's sliblings ss application as his place of birth. It could be spelled wrong too. Thanks. -- Christine

23) Lorraine Moppett, e-mail: loribenusichotmail
Location: Calgary
Sun, March 27, 2005
Both sets of grandparents were born in Nizna, Orava and Podbiel, Slovakia. Family names are Gabara, Tomage, Lisska, Benusik, Huchala, Zuffa, Kipta. Most emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
22) Dan Babbit, e-mail: danbabbitaol
Location: Fairfax Virginia USA
Fri, March 25, 2005
My Grandfather Stanley Babicz was born in 1869 in Pieniazkowice arrived in New York in 1900 lived in Glasglow Pa. passed away in 1945 any info on village sure will be welcome. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
21) Jan Komperda, e-mail: jankomperdasbcglobal
Location: Yorkville, Il.
Fri, March 25, 2005
Found Your page very intresting. Can share info about Ludzmierz in Poland(my birthplace and my parents hometown)and Tatry.
Jan Komperda --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
20) Daniel Szczurek-Bryjak , e-mail: dosteshomacomcast
Location: Tacoma, WA
Thu, March 24, 2005
Please add me to the mailing list. My maternal relatives, whose names I take, are from Dlugopole and Czarny Dunajec (Bryjak) and Nowy Targ (Szczurek). I am originally from Chicago (Milwaukee Ave. and Augusta Blvd.) Some of my relatives came to Chicago in the 1920's, others after WWII. We identify ourselves as Polish Gorali. My grandmother was Agnes Bryjak; my grandfather Jozef Szczurek. My mother was Loretta Szczurek. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
18) LisaKit Matulich, e-mail: dalmatianalleyhotmail
URL: http://dalmatianalley
Location: USA
Mon, March 21, 2005
Seeking information on my G-Grandfather Frank Domian (changed to Domion in the USA) from Skoraczewo West Prussia. His birthdate was Sept 29 1864. He immigrated to the USA on the ship the Wera or Vera in March 1890 and settled in Central NY. There may also have been a Stanley or Stanislaw relation. I would appreciate any infomraiton anyone has. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
17) Renee Lubert, e-mail rlubertpennswoods
Location: Pennsylvania (Cambria County)
Monday, March 21, 2005 (Updated December 2005)
I am researching the families of Luberda, Siuty and Penksa (Pinksaw). My Great Grandfather was Wojciech (Albert) Luberda, who married Veronika Pinksaw. Wojeich was the son of Stanislaw Luberda and Katazyrina Siuty. Wojciech and Veronica came from Waksmund, near Nowy Targ,in 1902. Wojciech had a brother Stanislaw who married a woman named Anna (maiden name unk.) and a sister Mary whose last name was Gromada. Some may have settled in Chicago. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
16) Kathy Simonik Bevier, e-mail: mjbtwiceaol
Location: Elgin, Chicago area Illinois
Mon, March 21, 2005
Grandfather Frank Simonik (Mary Weiland) Gniezda/Hniezdne 1903 to Chicago. Parents were Stefan Simonik and Magdalein Kasur-Kaiser. Siblings Theodore in Persov, Victoria(kalmin) in Budapest, Antoinette (Budapest?) Theresa (Martin Korsch), Baltimore, John, Philadelphia, Peter (Julia Petrasch). First cousins Albert and Joseph Krompassik, sons of Simon Krompasesak. Other relatives: Toth, Tatar, Minnich, Minnick, Hober, Ganovsky, Korsch, Gabor, Farkas, Tote. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
15) Boguslaw, e-mail
Location: Osadka, Slovakia
Mon, March 21, 2005
If you want some information about Osadka village and some fotos, go to: .

14) Wojtek, e-mail: admizawoja
Location: Polska
Tuesday, 15. March 2005
Ciekawa stronka, powodzenia!!! ENG: Wojtek from Zawoja (one of our TARG villages) writes: "Interesting site -- good luck to you!"
13) Kristin Aires, e-mail: kristinairesmicorp
Location: Phoenix/Chandler, AZ
Monday, 14. March 2005
Hello I am interested in making contacts with Eastern European groups in the Phoenix area, i.e.; Polish, Slovak region. I am new in the area and looking for contacts with famliar backgrounds. Please email me at kristinairesmicorp. Thank you.
12) Steve Faber e-mail: sfaberlandproperties
Location: Florence, Colorado
Monday, 14. March 2005
my great grandfather was moishe faber, a rabbi from siroka, hungary. i believe he was born 12.30.1854. i am looking for info on him and his family. i believe his father's name was asher benjamin (leon) faber, also a rabbi. his mother's name was fannie better. any help would be greatly appreciated.
11) David Gutierrez qqbax2004yahoo
Location: -
Sunday, 13. March 2005
Hello: I am the son in law of Helen Wakulczyk from Chicago, IL. She is researching her family from the Nowy-Targ Poland area. Her father's name is Jacob Wakulczyk and her mother's maiden name is Alice Rosalis Staszel (b. 20 April 1984). Jacob and Alice immigrated to the USA in approx 1911-19-14. Unfortunately, this is about all the information I have thus far. Any insights into either the Wakulczyk or Staszel families would be greatly appreciated.
10) Mary Waksmundzki Mwaks7hotmail
Location: Chicago, Il
Friday, 11. March 2005
I just found out that my grandparents are from the Tatra area. My grandfather's name is Joseph Waksmundzki and is from the village of Waksmund.My grandmother's name is Catherine Batkiewicz and is from the village of Nowy Targ, which is not far from Waksmund. I may have relatives in Pennslyvania since they first settled there and my grandmother may have had brothers named Micheal or Andrew. I would like to hear from anyone with any history of the towns. Thanks.
9) cieslak gschelso90aol
Location: -
Friday, 4. March 2005
Looking for information on Fanciszek Cieslak, Skawa, Poland. Born around 1880 Arrived in U.S. 1902. Married to Victoria (Virta?)
8) Robert Jellen robertjellenhotmail
Location: Willington, CT 06279
Tuesday, 1. March 2005
Dobry den - I am researching the villages of Krempachy and Dursztyn in Poland(then in Austria-Hungary). Would appreciate any information on JELEN,ZIGMOND, SOLTAS(SOLTIS/SOLTYS), KALATA, BRISZEK, SALONA, and SOLUSS. I would be willing to share my information with any of you who might be interested. My paternal grandparents were born in these small towns. DAKUJEM!!!
7) Stanley Bednarczyk abednarccolumbus.rr
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Tuesday, 1. March 2005
Interested in the following families and villages: Bednarczyk/Maniowy, Kurpiel/Kluszkowce, Pilny/Gronkow, Klikuszowian/Bialka Tatrzanska. Any informatin would be greatly appreciated.
6) Tim O'Bryan, (tropeck) tim-obryanexcite
Location: OHIO
Tuesday, 1. March 2005
I would like some information, on my name, "Tropeck" or "tropek". if you can help in any way, ... thanks :-) :-)
5) Terry Jankura tjankersaol
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, 27. February 2005
Hello, I am researching my genealogy. I read on your site that Noreen Hasior sent you the history of the village of Lubicke Kupele where my paternal grandfather came from. I was wondering if there was any possible way that you could send this to me. I have very little information about my grandparents as they were quite reluctant to talk to us about the 'Old Country' and they have since passed away. Thank you.
4) David Michael Baloga David1Lawaol
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Tuesday, 22. February 2005
Hello all, I am looking for information on the 19th century mountain climbing guides for the High Tatras. My great, great grandfather Jan Hronec was one of the early mountain climbing guides from Mlynica, and I am trying to locate more information about him. I would gratefully appreciate it if anyone can point me to any reference materials on the High Tatra Mountains. According to the TANAP website, he died on Gerlachovsky Stit on 5/5/1886, apparently the first mountain climber to die on that peak. This is confirmed in the Mlynica church records. According to a Polish Tatra Mountain website, my great, great Jan Hronec had previously held the record for climbing Lomnicky Stit. He apparently was close friends with the famous mountain climber Jan Still (Johann Still), who was godfather to at least one member of the Hronec family. Any help or recommendations as to where I can track down any further information, particularly reference materials, would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
3) raymond jasica zoomieteachearthlink
Location: punta gorda, florida
Monday, 21. February 2005
my two year old father arrived ellis island 12/25/1904. some evidence suggests he may have come from the tatra area, more specifically, lipnica wielka. would like to hear any info about the family name. my new e-mail address is listed above - please disregard earlier one.
2) Sandi Barber sandra.barbercomcast
Location: metro atlanta
Wednesday, 16. February 2005
To the person researching Paluba from Haligovce, I also have Palubas in my family tree...most recently from Slovenska Ves, but several lines of my family were from Haligovce. I have ordered the film from the LDS site and have viewed records at the family history center. Contact me and I will check what I can and if I find your grgrandfather's record, I will email it to you.

NOTE: A change in Guestbooks caused the numbering for more recent entries to be reset. Number 2 above is really message 210, number 3 is number 211, etc.

209) Czeslaw Urbanek
Location: Woodbridge,VA. USA
Monday, February 14, 2005

I opened the page for Odrzykon and saw the old castle, it brought me some
memories back, I have spend many days there.

208) Eva
Location: Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, February 8, 2005

I'm searching for my best friend in Poland Olek Szewczyk. He probably still
lives in Olesnica-Spalice. Any additional information would be Greatly
Szanownie witam!! Poszukuje Olek Szewczyk prawdopodobnie zamieszkalego
Olesnica-spalice. Z gory dziekuje za udzielenie jakiejkolwiek wiadomosci.
Also, I'm searching for information on Anna and Joseph Svetova. They might
live in Czechoslovakia or Germany. They immigrated about 1985 or 1986 from
Yugoslavia. I will appreciate any info.I f you read this you will probably
still remember Halina.
207) Jeanette Lookadoo
Location: -
Monday, February 7, 2005

I am researching the name of Cieslak (Felix) but from the Carpathian
Mountains (Uscie Ruskie)of Poland. I just wondered if there could be a
connection between the two areas? -- Jeanett
206) Dr. Thaddeus V. Gromada
Location: SC
Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Host: user-1121o2h.dialup.mindspring

I am glad to find out about your website. I wonder if you are aware that my
sister and I have been editing a quarterly publication (bilingual-Polish and
English) Tatrzanski Orzel (The Tatra Eagle) since 1947. It is devoted to
Polish Tatra Highlander folk culture. Will be glad to send you a sample
issue. Best regards.
Tad Gromada, American of Polish Goral ancestry

205) Dave,
Location: East Palestine, Ohio
Saturday, January 29, 2005
I am looking for info on my grandfather. Arrived at New York on 8-20-07 on the Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse. From the village of Also repas, Czechoslovakia (Nizne Repase). Family name was Janos Liszony. Born 5-12-1890.

204) Jennifer Silvertree
Location: Edgewater, MD
Friday, January 28, 2005
I am researching my husband's mother's family. They came from Nowy Targ in Poland to Cresson, PA in 1903. Baltazer POZYCKI was a coal miner at the Cresson Shaft. This is what we've been able to gather on the family:

1. Joseph Tylecki (b.Poland)
sp: Anna Potasnik (b.Poland)
|-2. Agnes Mary Tylecki (b.30 May 1884-Nowy Targ,Poland d.13 Apr 1960-Cresson,Cambria,PA)
| sp: Baltazer Pozycki (b.1882-Poland d.1934-Cresson,PA)
|-2. John Tylecki (b.22 Jan 1874-Poland d.14 Jan 1955-Ashville,PA)
| sp: Anna Krezel (b.19 Feb 1875-Poland d.30 Apr 1942-Ashville,PA)
+-2. Joseph Tylecki (b.Poland)
sp: Mary (b.Poland)

I have heard that there were three other Tylecki children who remained in Poland. Also, Agnes was supposed to have a half-brother with the surname KWASNICA. There is a postcard in Polish from a cousin in Kroscienko nad Dunajec.
203) cisarik juraj
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Friday, January 28, 2005
- - - G E N E A L O G Y B OO K - - -
send from:
I have, so far, managed to collect the names of about 300 other priests and more than 2000 their common relations. All they are genealogical connected themselves.
it is a 700 longpages publication.

The samples of LAST NAMES, . . . Adamkovic, Bacinsky, Bajcura, Brinsky, Bardossy, Bobak, Cisarik, Dudinsky, Dezubay, Dzubay, Gavris, Gerbery, Gojdic, Gulovich, Halko, Hauris, Hodermarsky, Hodobay, Hucko, Chanath, Ilkovic, Kapisinsky, Kopcay, Kello, Kelly, Kristof, Leukanic, Mankovic, Mankovich, Mankovits, Martyak, Michalic, Mirossay, Molcanyi, Pavlovic, Petrasovsky, Petrasovic, Petrick, Podhajecky, Popovich, Rojkovic, Rokiczky, Russnak, Sereghy, Simko, Szekely, Takac, Takach, Toronsky, Ujhelyi, Varzaly, Vislocky, Vojtovic, Zacharias, Zapotocky, Zavacky, Zedenyi, Zima, Zorvan, Zubricky . . .
202) Joseph V. Bednarsky, Jr.
Location: New Jersey, USA
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
I belive I got here from a link where someone was looking for other Bednarsky's
My Fathers parents where from Poland, where I don't know but I would like to find out and met other Bednarsky's.
201) Michel Watson
Location: Wisconsin
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
I am looking for information on the Jablonka (now in Poland) area and my great granfather's family, his name is Carl(Carol) JABLONSKY. He was orphaned at a young age and had a sister who married a MAHAJ. It is my understanding that his father Kasper was one of the largest owners in the area. Any information on the area or names would be great. Thanks.
200) R. Lubinski
Location: Minnesota
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Sanley Lubinski b.Rokiciny, Poland d,1893, Poland. Married, unknown,two boys and girls unknown. Remarried to Cathrine Kubinski b,unknown d,1898 Poland. Five children Joseph b,25 June 1891 Rokiciny, Poland.Catherine b,d,unknown.Stanley b, d, unknown. Marianna b,d,unknown married Andzej Majchrowicz, 31, Jan 1934 Skawa, Poland.
Kim (Masoryk ) Thomas
Location: Johnstown, PA USA
Sunday, January 23, 2005

Iam tring to find information on my family. I have different spelling of our last name and I do not know what is correct and what is not. Anyway the family I search for is :
Any help would be great. -- Kim
198) Jennifer Richardson
Location: New Hampshire
Saturday, January 22, 2005

I am researching my family history on my mother's side of the family. I am looking for any information on Smelko, Jerga and Bialkowski (or Bialkowska). My maternal great-grandparents came from Slovakia and my paternal great-grandparents came from Poland (possibly Russia).
Thank you for your help!
197) helena nee sisolakova
Location: london england, toronto canada
Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hi, I am in touch with my Slovak family in Slovakia. My father escaped in 1951 having fought as a partisan during the war. His brother was killed in 1944 and is buried near Ziar central Slovakia. Dad went to Canada, I was born and moved to london. We are buying a holiday home (for rentals too) near Liptovsky Mikulas. From not knowing my Dad for 20 years, seeing him before he died, to owning a wonderful 1938 built cottage in my ancestral homeland, is truly amazing. Don't hesitate to find your Slovak family or visit your homeland.
196) Cheryl
Saturday, January 15, 2005

I just recently found out my maiden name was shortened from Albertusiak by my 90 year old Uncle. Then I found your site and it will help in sorting things out and perhaps getting more details of my ancestors.
195) Jack R. Hajostek
Location: Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
Saturday, January 15, 2005

My ancesters came from Lackova and Nisne Ruzbachy, in about 1873-1888. Do any of your newsletters contain pictures of present day Lackova? I am trying to find out the name of the church in Lackova (also if any early records of births are available). Thanks a lot (Djkujem).
194) Mary Ann Kotelnicki
Location: Payson,AZ
Friday, January 14, 2005

Anyone from Bukowina?
193) Robert Ferens
Location: Vienna, Virginia
Friday, January 14, 2005

Researching Janecsko family of Klcov and Spisske Podhradie, Spis County, Slovakia and Ferencz family of Ruskov and Slanska Huta, Abov County, Slovakia.
192) Paul
Location: Chicago
Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Please add me to your newsletter!
Researching villages Podwilk, Podszkle & Bukowina Podszkle. Researching surnames Supergan, Czyszczon, Sarniak & Kozak from Orawa. Look forward to hearing from anyone!
191) Stephanie Sweas
Location: Chicago. IL
Monday, January 10, 2005

I am of Polish ancestry (2nd generation American); my paternal grandparents hailed from the Tatra Mtn Region (I believe, Nowy Targ). I was definitely hoping (and searching) for an organization like yours!
Besides wanting to learn more about some of my ancestral heritage, history, etc., I would hope to get more information about my specific family surname (likely Swijas or maybe even Zwicacz. In this specific matter, I would welcome any helpful input from your readers. Thank you, and I look forward to much enjoyable and informative reading via your site.
Best regards, Stefcha
190) Bernadette McCall Webre
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex
Monday, January 10, 2005

I am researching my grandmother Antonina Labuda McCall's Polish roots. She was the daughter of Franciszek Labuda and Magdalena Kocanda. In 1909 at age 16, she immigrated to this country to visit her aunt (Kocanda). Immigration records indicate that she was from Pieniazkowice, Galicy, Austria. She lived in Chicago and two brothers – Frank (probably spelled Franciszek after his father) and John (Jan) also came to the US. I understand that my great grandfather was a local official, mayor??, and that the family lands were taken by the Germans. My grandmother was Catholic. Any information on her brothers’ families would also be appreciated.
189) Lynn Drimak
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Thursday, January 6, 2005

My name is Lynn Drimak. I am a ex-pat living in Malaysia. My husbands family is from Johnson City, NY. I know that there is quite a few Drimaks in the area. I also noted that you were looking for Kundrats. That is also a very popular name in our area. I will ask my father in law to also go to your web site. THanks, Lynn Drimak
188) Margaret Baniecki Hadsell
Location: Czarny Dunajec & area
Sunday, January 2, 2005

GGGF Jan Baniecki married Agnieszka Ozaistowicz in 1837. GGF Andrzej Baniecki married Bronislawa Chlebowska. I'm looking or anyone who is researching these names or any of the following: Wilczek, Stopka, Senary, Pabisiewicz. These four names are not in the Czarny church records so I believe they are from surrounding towns.
187) amarko
Location: Maruszyna, Poland
Friday, December 31, 2004
186) Jill Dykes
Location: Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Searching for family information on surnames FALAT / FALLAT (americanized spelling?) and MATZKO. My ggrandfather, Geroge Fallat was born in Wislok, Austria and my ggrandmother Mary MATZKO Fallat was born in Hubura, Hungary. I have some family history verbally, but so far nothing documented though working on it!
Many thanks for any assistance!
185) Rick
Location: Dayton, Oh USA
Monday, December 20, 2004

Looking for Zacharek in area of Nowy Targ, Czarny Dunajec and Pieniazkowice. Have info on 2 brothers (Michael and Jakub) who emmigrated to US around 1899/1900. Would appreciated any info one might have. Thanks!!
184) Ron
Saturday, December 18, 2004

We are searching for information on the surnames of KADZIOLKA and KLOSEK from Szczepanow, Poland and area. Anyone with information please reply. Thank you.
183) Joe and Janet Marhefka
Location: Rockaway, NJ
Thursday, December 17, 2004

I have been away from researching in Slovakia for a long time. My new e-mail as shown replaces any in past issues that were posted. My wife and I moved from Boonton,NJ to Rockaway,NJ to a adult community called Fox Hills.If anyone who may think we are related in some way ,please contact me and maybe we will have something in common to discuss. I lived in Relov,Slovakia before the ww2 and am 76 now but still remember the beuty of the rolling hills and mountains. Stay in touch. Joe Marhefka
182) ANNA
Location: USA
Saturday, December 18, 2004

When I was a kid I used to spent every vacation in Bialka and I truly loved it. The people, culture good bakery uhhhhhhhh good times!!!!

181) Joe and Janet Marhefka
Location: Rockaway, NJ
Thursday, December 9, 2004

I HAVE BEEN AWAY FROM ANY RESEARCH IN SLOVAKIA for a long time. My new e-mail as shown relaces any in past issues that were posted. My wife and I moved from Boonton,NJ to Rockaway,NJ to a adult community called Fox Hills.If anyone who may think we are related in some way ,please contact me and maybe we will have something in common to discuss. I lived in Relov,Slovakia before the ww2 and am 76 now but still remember the beuty of the rolling hills and mountains. Stay in touch. Joe Marhefka

180) Chris Rog
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Thursday, December 9, 2004

We are researching the Tatra-area family names DOMALIK (from Sieniawa, the smaller one near Nowy Targ), and ROG, from PCIM (Pien). Especially interested in these names for people born 1850 - 1920 in these towns because they may be my Grandparents sibblings. Thanks!

179) diana bouille
Location: Ohio
Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Researching the village of Horna Lehota near Banska Bystrica. My father's parents came from this village in 1907 and 1910 separately. Searching family names Driapsa, Kraus(z), Kral, Kuzy and Cochius.

178) willard m."zip" zipoy
Location: Hopkins, MN
Tuesday, December 7, 2004

To Melissa Fairbanks, message #157:
I have extensive information on Zipaj and Matta names from the three villages the family came from in Slovakia.

177) Zygfryd
Location: Poland
Monday, December 6, 2004

Witam Hello. Poszukuje Jarosz Andrzej Illinois? Z Polski -Katowice. Za pomoc adres, email dziekuje.

176) Heather Harrell
Location: Seattle, WA
Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hello- I am researching BEDNARSKY from Kacwin (now in Poland), VERESVARSKY from Stefanova (Slovakia), CHATRNUCH from Dolna Streda (Slovakia), and NEMCOVSKY from Katov (Slovakia).
I have some info to share on the Veresvarsky line, and have hired a researcher to help with the Bednarsky branch.
I'd like to buy some great maps of Slovakia, if anyone can recommend some. I'm also very interested in pictures of my afore mentioned villages.
Any and all help is appreciated, and I would love to share what I know, if it is helpful to anyone else! Thanks, Heather

175) Judy M. Miller
Location: U.S.A.
Sunday, November 28, 2004

I have begun to research my father's side of the family. If anyone has any information on the Majcher family, specifically Nikolaj and Josefa Tarnopolska Majcher, I would appreciate hearing from you. -- Judy Majcher Miller

174) Mary E. Traphofner
Location: Florida
Friday, November 26, 2004

KOLODZEY(ZEJ)I signed your guestbook many years ago but at the time I did not know much about my grandfather Franz Kolodzey (zej) but have since found some new info. He is a Slovak who lived in St Martins Austria (which was once Hungary)and they spoke magyar(?sp). That is the extent of my find but I consider it a great find since I knew nothing but his name a few years ago. I still receive your newsletter and think it is absolutely great. I read every inch of it. Thanks for all your work!


173) Karen Jankulak
Location: Wales, UK
Friday, November 26, 2004

Looking for information on the surnames Jankulak, Garbriar, Gorek, from Liesek, SK.


172) Stan Gawel
Location: Philadelphia area
Friday, November 19, 2004

Researching: Gawel, Palider, Miskovics, Miedlar, Lyle, Montgomery, Kotwasnski, Loyle, Galka. Any Help would be appreciated.

171) Dan Surmiak
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Monday, November 15, 2004

My father was from Jaworki, immigrated about 1914. I would like to find out more about the Surmiak family.

170) Daniel Kobylarz-Hughes
Location: Queensbury, New York
Monday, November 15, 2004

I am researching my grandparents, Felix (Alexander)Chudzik (sometimes spelled Hudzik)and Rosalia Dziadura. Their own parents were Adam Chudzik and Catharine Succa (or Lucca) Wos; and Rozalia's own parents were Andrea Dziadura and Josepha Bojanowska. My grandparents once lived in Bojanow/Jata area of Poland at the time it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in SE Poland (Galicia). I am trying to find grandparents birthplace. They were born in 1854 and 1857; but I do not know months or days of birth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

169) Roman
Location: Poland - Jelenia Góra
Saturday, November 13, 2004

Witam Wszystkich Górali. Gdzie Was ludziska wywialo? Wy tak tesknicie za tymi skalami, a My juz mamy ich po dziurki w nosie. Pól roku zimno, ludziskom chlodno w chalupach bo wegiel drogi, turystów malo. I w ogóle do kitu sie zyje. Ale dziewczyny coraz to piekniejsze. Zdrowe i soczyste! Wiec wracajcie do domu.
pozdrawiam - Romek
"Greetings all Highlanders. To where have the winds cast you? So you miss these rocky crags? We are up to our nostrils in them here. Half the year it freezes and we sleep in cold beds because coal is expensive and there are few tourists. But life here is not bad. Our women folk are most beautiful. To you good health and prosperity -- and please come back home to visit! Best regards, Romek"


168) Joanne Barnard Gravel
Location: St. Vincent &The Grenadines
Friday, November 12, 2004

I am the granddaughter of Jan Doransky. I found this site while looking up his work on the internet. I am happy to see that he lives on after so many years.


167) ginny jakubiak
Location: Spokane, WA
Saturday, November 6, 2004

On an Individual Record from the Family Search Pedigree File I found a Jakubiak family many of whose members were married in Swietego Jana Krasne, Poland. Where is this? Is Krasne the same as Krosno? Thanks...Ginny

166) William Havyer

Location: Sacramento, California
Friday, November 5, 2004

I'm looking for any information on my Great Grandfather - Josef Havjar. Apparently, he helped many individuals come to the US by recruiting for the Steel Mill in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.

165) shirley jones
Friday, October 29, 2004

My grandfather was Josef Dziubas from
Bialka. He married Anna Gal whom I believe was also from Bialka. They
settled in Simpson,Pa.and Utica, N.Y.

164) raymond jasica
Location: Florida
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My grandparents came from poland/slovakia late 1800,early 1900.
surnames; jasica, buska, permoda,piarowski. I believe 7 (?), jasicas are living in lipnica wielka. Will appreciate any info.

163) Leandro Vangel
Location: Santa Rosa,La Pampa, Argentina
Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hello. I am researching the surnames WANGEL and BUGEL from the village of SLANICA, Slovakia. I know that some brothers and sisters of my grandfather STEFAN WANGEL emigrated to Illinois and Wisconsin USA. I would like to contact people with ancestors from SLANICA village and know something about the history of this village. Thanks. -- Leandro Vangel from Argentina

162) Diana Druback
Location: Westerville, OH
Saturday, October 16, 2004

Please add me to your mailing list.My grandfather Victor Druzbacky immigrated to Newark, N.J. from Stara Lubovna, Spis, Slovakia. I am researching the following surnames in Stara Lubovna:Druzbacky, Kasprak, Paliczay, Ziembinsky, and Cingulska. I am also researching the surname Thyry in Szlachtowa, Nowy Targ, Poland.Thank you for any assistance.Diana Druback

161) Kristina Stearley
Location: Indiana
Friday, October 8, 2004 07:40

I am researching the surname Tison. My earliest records are from Oravska Lesna (Erdutka). My family members later moved to Ruzomberok, where my mother was born. Also researching Razga surname. I would like to be put on your mailing list for the newsletter. Thank you.Kristina Stearley

160) JoAnn Zatko
Location: Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
Thursday, October 7, 2004

Please add me to your newsletter mailing list.

159) Eric Gil
Location: Ontario Canada
Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Hello everyone. I am trying to find out some information about my grandfather Ludwik GIL. According to his birth certificate he was born in Harklowa in year 1900. I have fragments his miltary book. My father says he served in the First World War in the Cavalry under Austro-Hungary, and in a war in 1920 area in the artillery. The book has a stamp which says "21. PULK ARTYLERJI POLOWEJ Baterja 6." It has alot of handwritten information which is difficult to translate. Is there any archive in Harklowa which may have a record of men who served from the town or any information of their service career? Are there any GIL's left in Harklowa? He emigrated to Canada late 1920's. Thank you for your time!

158) ginny jakubiak
Location: spokane,wa
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We are desperately trying to find both my grandfather and my greatgrandfather's record of birth. We think they were born in Krosno, Poland near Rezsow. George Jakubiak I's given name might be Georgius" (Latin) or Jerzy (Polish). He was born about 1840 and had 5 children? one of whom was also George born 1867 and possibly Stefan and Rozalie? and 2 other children. George II was married in Lutina, slovakia in 1893 and immigrated to US in 1898. His name was listed as " Gyorgy" on the manifest. He lived for a while in Pecovska Nova Ves, Slovakia, before his marriage. Where woukld we write to to gain records???? Thanks a bunch....ginny ginny jakubiak:PS: Both Georges were Roman Catholic.

157) Melissa Fairbanks

(sorry, left no e-mail address)

Location: Lakeland, FL
Monday, September 13, 2004

Hello, I am doing research on my family names: KRISCAK and CHALOUPKA (Chalupka, Halupka). George (Jura) Kriscak came from REJDOVA around 1900. Margaret (Margity) Chaloupka soon followed and they married either in Pennsylvania, or in Kipling, Ohio. George was a shoe cobbler in Rejdova, and worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania, before moving to Ohio. George and Margaret finally settled in Lakewood, OH. I am also searching for information on ZIPAJ (Zipay), MATTA, and GASPAR who settled in Lakewood, OH. John Gaspar came through Ellis Island in 1904. Unfortunately, I do not know where in Slovakia those families are from, although my great-grandfather John Gaspar went to Hungarian schools.Any help is greatly appreciated!

156) James P.Maline
Location: Cleveland,OH
Thursday, September 9, 2004

Would like info on last names: MALINE,MALINA, and SAMOL......Thank you

155) Mariusz Koniarz
Thursday, September 9, 2004 Please update page: link to http://www.gliczarow.prv.plhttp://gliczarow.homeip.net

154) Millie Campbell
Location: Chicago
Wednesday, September 8, 2004 My grandfather Stephan Malina came fromJakubany between 1900and 1910. He settled in Cleveland, Ohio. My grandmother was Mary Fircz, and shecame about 1910. I am not sure whetherthey were married in Jakubany, Slovakiaor in Cleveland. I would like any info]on these two.

153) Patty Clark
Location: Lisle, IL - west of Chicago
Monday, September 6, 2004 Hello! I am researching MALINA, changed to Maline, married to KRIVONYAK from the Jakubany Greek Catholic Church and SAMOL married to BUDZAK from Plavnica (near Levoche, Hungary?)in Roman Catholic Church. My grandparents came to the US in 1899, they were married in Johnstown,PA, lived in Jersey City, NJ, and finally settled in Cleveland, Ohio to raise a large family. I was able to find vital records on Malina from the Jakubany, Slovakia website:http://www.geocities/jakubanyrecords/; need help finding Samol/Budzak records. Would welcome hearing from those related or able to help. Is there a master surname file for this site? THANK YOU in advance, Patty Clark

152) Stan Petrica
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Friday, September 3, 2004 Researching Family History for Liesek, Orava, Slovakia for our Family Petrica and our other family name Garbiar.

151) Ludovit Gallik
Location: Slovenska Ves
Sunday, August 29, 2004 If just now I live in the middle of Slovakia I still feel as Goral!If anyone needs help to translate some staf from English to Slovak language what is in touch with "goral matter" do not hasitate and write me.

150) Helena (Koneval) Gajdos
Location: New York
Thursday, August 12, 2004 Litmanova, Slovakia

149) Robin Van Mechelen
Location: Bethesda, MD, USA
Wednesday, July 21, 2004 My husband's grandfather Ludwig Tursak, brothers Sandor and Julius, and mother Johanna came from Iglo (now Spisska Nova Ves)and arrived in New York Nov. 11, 1887. Johanna's husband Ludwig came a few months earlier but I haven't found his ship yet. Her maiden name was Matisko. Ludwig was German. Not sure about Johanna. The family settled in Buffalo, NY where Ludwig (later Louis Thursack} was a tailor. I've ordered LDS microfilms for the two churches in town. Anyone else researching Tursak or Matisko?

148) Thomas Kyrcz
Location: Waterbury CT
Monday, July 12, 2004 My father, Thomas Kyrcz was born in Wola Kosnowa in 1896. His brother Peter(Piotr) was born in 1892.Their father was Martin, mother Agnes Szczepanek, also I think the Duda name is also in our relations. Looking for any information on these names.

147) Gene Cirak
Location: Daniels, WV
Saturday, July 10, 2004 Thanks to excellent work by Vladimir Fl'ak, I was able to locate my great grandfather and grandmother who were Joannes Cziriak from village of Vyborna who married Maria Scholtz from village of Huncovce. Please add me to the mailing list for the newsletter and I'd be interested if anyone has visited these villages or has pictures.

146) ginny jakubiak
Location: Spokane, WA
Thursday, July 1, 2004 These are my ancestors names. Please contact me if you have any info regarding them: JAKUBIAK,GALETKA,TROJANOVIC,GRIGLAK,FALAT,BUCZ,BLAZOSEK. They are from Lapsze Wyzne,Poland, and Lutina, Slovakia or surounding areas. Thanks!

145) Andy Ferenczy
Monday, June 28, 2004 I was searching for more information on a school in a place called Dolny Kubin when I came across your site. I am looking for more information at a time when Dolny Kubin was under Hungarian influence and known as Alsokubin. Appararently my ggrandfather Prof. Lajos Ferenczy was director of the Royal Hungarian State School of Commerce in Alsokubin (Dolny Kubin) from 1911 until his death in 1915. I'm trying to build up a picture of his life and any information particularly about the school or how I contact the town of Dolny Kubin would be appreciated.

144) Daniel Florian Tylka
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Friday, June 25, 2004 09:03I would like to subscribe to your Newsletter. Please e-mail it to above address. - Thank you.

143) Frances Zalar
Location: Cleveland, OH USA
Friday, June 4, 2004 Villages of: Bialy Dunajec (Cudzik Family), Odrzykon (Bajgier Family), Chocholow (Bochnak Family). In Bialy Dunajec I'm looking for any information regarding my Maternal Grandmother Catherine or Kathrine Cudzik. Herchal, Jan, Jajorzej and Maciej Cudzik listed at Ellis Island from this village. Catherine came to USA with husband Jan Bajgier and at least one of their children Caroline, my Mother. No record at Ellis Island. Grandfather Jan Bajgier was from Odrzykon and had at least one brother Francisk. My Father Andrew Bochnak is from Chocholow. Grandfather Jan and Great Grandfather Wojcieha were stonemasons who built local Catholic Church. ARE PHONE BOOK DIRECTORIES AVAILABLE FOR THESE VILLAGES? WHAT ADDITIONAL SOURCES ARE THERE TO TRACK OTHER RELATIVES? Thanks, F. Zalar

142) marc karnafel
Location: Saint Louis, MO USA
Thursday, June 3, 2004 I am searching for information on my family - I believe they came from Also Lipnicza now Lipnica Wielke in Poland. Our family names are Karnafel, Vojtussak, and Martinek. I am planning on taking a trip to Krakow/Lipnica Wielke in September. Any information would be helpful. Thanks so much and regards...Marc Karnafel

141) searching Bankosz/Bankos surname
For more info contact targ_nethotmail
Tuesday, June 1, 2004 Searching for the surname BANKOSZ (BANKOS). My great-grandfather's sister, Agnes Migdal Bankosz (from SROMOWCE NIZNE, PL), immigrated to the USA in 1907 according to Ellis Island. She is presumed to have settled in the New Jersey area. I am trying to track her descendants. My family believes that she had at least five BANKOS children: Catherine, Anna, John, Helen, and Marian. Any information about the Bankosz/Bankos surname around the New Jersey area would be helpful. I do remember seeing the BANKOSZ surname in the LDS microfilm church records of Sromowce Nizne, PL.

140) donnamarie boyer
Location: New Mexico
Wednesday, May 26, 2004 Saw the front page of the beautifulllllllllllllllllllll wedding !!!!! May there be happiness, love, communication in this marriage and a new baby !!!!! The Uncle looks GOOD !!!!! So happy for all of you!!! Nothing better than a united family. Wished I was there !! My best to all. Love this site and all my brothers and sisters here !!!! Donnamarie

139) Jozef Uhliarik
Location: Namestovo
Wednesday, May 26, 2004 I live in Lomna. I can help you to find relatives near Namestovo.

138) Colleen Saunders
Location: Palatine, IL
Thursday, May 13, 2004 I am looking for information on my great-grandfather John (Jan) Liszka, his father and mother Michael and Tekla. I have found the ship manifest when Tekla and Jan came through Ellis Island on their way to Chicago to meet Michael in 1898. The ship manifest states their last residence, Ciche, which conflicts with his naturalization papers stating Czarny Dunajec. (?) John had two sisters who died in Poland. Also know of John's cousin, Andrew Liszka. Great website!

137) Bo Rosengren
Location: Stockholm
Tuesday, May 11, 2004 A photo taken of the railway station of Raba Wyzna some ten years ago on my tour to Zakopane. A lovely region - I just have to come back. - D. S.P.S. The mentioned photo of the railway station led me to your homepage.

136) Shirley Jones
Location:Aurora, IL
Sunday, May 2, 2004 Looking for info on grandparents: Joseph and Anna Jeliga (Jancsucha). Born in Habovka 1880/1882. Other family names: Mikus, Gejdossik, Zsak, Schroba, Sztarek, Leginuss. (All from Habovka). Also looking for historical information about Habovka. Looking for someone to help translate letters in Slovak. Thank you.

135) Marion Simasek Turk
Location: Raleigh, NC
Thursday, April 29, 2004 Pleased to have found this site. Thoroughly enjoy reading the monthly newsletter!

134) Henry Lipovski
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 I'm looking for information on family. Father's name: Lipovski (Lipowsky, Lipowski, Lipovsky) Mother's name: Bielesch. Paternal Grandmother: Sikora

133) June
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Researching: SUGA from Totfalu/Slovenska Ves,Ruskinovce, KLIMEK from Obiza, Jasov(ska), Bela/Spisska Bela, Ruskinovce, Vrbov, ZASTKO from Szabo, Totfalu, LAUFIK & HECTELY from Totfalu, BLASCAK from Zsdjar, Bela/Spisska Bela, BANKOS(H) from Slovenska Ves, Ruskinovce. Anything familiar? Let me hear from You. a.monkoverizon: I have been doing research into my gggrandfather Aldabertus Monko (Maka) and have found he was married to a Maria Bahleta in Zdiar in 1818 and they had 2 children a Maria in 1820 and Thomas in 1818. we have also found her name spell in differant ways.One of her relatives live in Michigan and my father visited them there. I think they spelled their name Blascak. Arline


132) Donna Sesock-Miller
Location: Temecula, California
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Happened across your site and know that my grandfather was born in Sucha Hora. I am 56 years old and work for an airline. I am planning to visit Slovakia within the next year and would greatly appreciate any info. Thank you.

131) James Sadlish
Location:Victoria, B.C. Canada
Sunday, April 25, 2004 Searching for genealogical information on family name "Sadlish" or "Sadlis". Peter Sadlish (Sadlis) ,clockmaker born about 1871 in Czechoslovakia married Anna Zgodova, born about 1882, from Liptov. Both emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's and lived in Michel, British Columbia,. Peter employed there in coal mining. Some relations may have emigrated to Cleveland and Chicago areas but so far no direct family connection established to Sadlis family in these areas. Several listings at Ellis Island for Sadlis, some from the Tatra area, but again no relationship to Peter and Anna yet determined. Would appreciate advice on researching Slovakia sources.

130) Cathy
Saturday, April 24, 2004 Hi, I'm researching my great grandparents who came to Chicago around the turn of the century. Their last name was Karlak, (or Karliak, Karlyak, Karlok, etc) and after searching the Ellis Island records I've found several possibilites. Their names were Franciska and Valent, (again, could be spelled differently) and he came over before she did. It looks like they came from Alsolipnica; is anyone familiar with any karlaks in Lipnica Wieka, Poland? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

129) Margo
Location: North Carolina, USA
Sunday, April 18, 2004 I am visiting Poprad and Hozelec area this summer. I'd appreciate any hints/suggestions about hotels, attractions, transportation, etc., from others who have visited this area. I am also looking forward to receiving the newsletter. Thank you.

128) Julie Ballas
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Saturday, April 10, 2004 Looking for SCHONVIZNER and RICHTER surnames. Mihaly Schonvizner was born about 1871 in Iglo (now Spisska Nova Ves). Terezia Richter was born in Korpona (I don't know where that is, or even if it is in the TARG area now). They were married before they came over to U.S. and settled in Cleveland, OH. He came over in 1903 and she came over a year later with their first daughter (Mary, born in Korpona) when she was an infant. Mihaly had at least one brother, Joszef. Any information would be helpful!


127) William D. Mayercheck
Location:Harrison City, PA--USA
Thursday, April 8, 2004 Hello. I'm looking for any of my living relatives. My grandparents used to live in what is now Lapsze Wyzne, Poland.My grandfather "Antonius Majerczak" was born there on 23 JAN 1882. His parents were Paulus Majerczak and Elizabetha Griglak.My grandmother "Anna Kolodziej Majerczak" was also born there on 2 JUL 1884.I plan to visit the area in June this year. ginny jakubiak:Did you see #29 on this list???....a searcher

126) G Iwaasa
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 14:22 Host: My Grandfather came from somewhere in the area. The birth certificate says Lipnica Wielka, but this conflicts with what my grandmother says. His last name is Jurcak, but we suspect that he may have changed it from a different spelling when he immigrated to Canada.

125) Frank Kowalczyk

(Sorry, left no e-mail address)

Location: Long Grove, Illinois
Monday, April 5, 2004 08:54 Host: Hi, I am researching my paternal grandmother, Victoria Strama, who emigrated to Chicago in 1899 at age 16. The Ellis Island site shows her hometown as Szaflary. Other Strama's coming to join her a few years later were from Maruszyna. Her parents who remained in Poland were according to her death certificate, John and Mary Strama. If you have any information about these villages or the Strama surname I would love to hear from you. Does anyone have any Szaflary parish records? Thanks!

124) Art Farash
Location:North Bend WA
Sunday, April 4, 2004 13:40 Host: Maternal grandparents:Lukacs, Josef immigrated 1905 from Dubrava/Saris, Slovakia to Brooklyn, NYLukacs, Paulina nee Rodak immigrated 1906 from Dubrava and joined Josef in Greenpoint, NY where they reaised a family of 7 before Paulina passed away around 1922.

123) Phil Vojtanek
Sunday, April 4, 2004 Doing some family history. My Grandmothers name was Kissel and Grandfather was Vojtanek. My other Grandfather was a Rapsky. Any help would be appreciated.

122) Linda Branner

(Sorry, left no e-mail address)

Location: Pevely, MO, USA
Wednesday, March 31, 2004 07:16 Host: My grandmother was born in Wola Kosnowa. Her name was Wiktoria Jawor born in 1899. My grandfather was born in Stary Sacz in 1902. His name was Jozef Pintscher. My father was born 1928 in Stary Sacz, Galicia, Poland. His name was Stanislaw Jozef. I do not have anymore info, just memories. My father is still living. He is the oldest of three: his siblings have passed on.

121) Henning Nielsen
Location:Randers, Denmark
Sunday, March 28, 2004 I had a good friend from Piekielnik, but lost contact.His name an addres then was:Wladislaw Koscielak13, Piekielnik34-472 PiekielnikPossibilities for a new contact would be much appreciated.

120) Kim (Masoryak) Thomas
Location: Johnstown, PA
Thursday, March 25, 2004 Hello looking for information on surnamesMasoryak, Kuzmyak, Tuporchikfrom: Austria-Hungary Village of Folvark

119) Dominick G. Kass
Location: Clifton Park, NY
Sunday, March 21, 2004 My maternal-maternal great grandparents, now buried in Hastings, PA: Jozef Jahn Scislowicz and Katherine (Wielkowicz) Scislowicz from Nowy Targ. He and brothers came to Pennsylvania about 1900, wife and 3 children 1907. Catholic family. Jozef and brothers Valenty, Jahn, and George rumored to have problems with Lithuanian land barons and suggested they leave for their own good. Looking forward to being on mailing list.

118) deborah miller glowczak
Location: va.Beach
Sunday, March 21, 2004 I am seeking information of the family of robert e glowczak from New York the(Buffalo area )I think.My husband was raised by 2 aunts after being told his parents died in an auto accident in the 1940's he was 6 at the time.My husband passed away at 65 yrs old feb 2004 and I know nothing of his background.We were married 25 years and I promised him I would research for himand get answers.Thank yousend emails to shamrockintercom

117) Michael W. Smolenak
Location: Nazareth, PA
Sunday, March 14, 2004 Looks like a real great site for people whose families came from the Tatra area of Poland and Slovakia.

116) Louis Doransky
Location: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, March 14, 2004 I'm researching the name DORANSKY. My grandfather Vendelin Doransky (1877-1937)was born in Namestove, Slovakia and lived in Trstena, Orava, Slovakia.Vendelin had three children: Jan (my father), Elena, and Andrej. I'm having difficulty locating Vendelin's ancestors and also placing the roots of the Doransky name.

115) marlene hicks topham
Location: east point,fl.32328
Wednesday, March 10, 2004 my father cecil hicks is a expow ww2. while aprisoner he met a lady and they have a son. i'm not sure of his name .i have writing on back of pictures. my father said my brother's mother's name is helena or lyna. my brother's name is chester stanislaw or stanley stanislaw.please help me find my brother and his family. thank you kindly.marlene hicks topham

114) Pat Moskaluk
Location: Alberta Canada
Sunday, March 7, 2004 Enjoyed your site very much. I've been to Slovakia 4 times and Poland twice in the past 8 years. Interested in the names Kropinak, Pisko, Zeman, from the villages of Slovinky, Porac and Helcmanovce. Will help anyone with info re traveling in Central Europe or with family genealogy.Also Moskaluk from Ukraine and Lupiniak from Medyka Poland.

113) William Havyer

Location: Sacramento, California
Monday, March 1, 2004 I'm looking for any information on my Great Grandfather - Josef Havjar. Apparently, he helped many individuals come to the US by recruiting for the Steel Mill in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.

112) Mildred Bormann
Location: Vermont USA
Sunday, February 29, 2004 My dad was a Ruzsbatzky from Kezmarok. My mom was Cecilia[Kandar]Ruzsbatzky. Born in Habovka in 1900. Her mom was Sophie Gandi Kandar from Tvrdossin. I would like some info on Habovka and Tvrdosin. Have not been able to find much. Can't find any info on the names from the Ellis Island site -- they have a few from Italy {Gandi].

111) Dave Asplund
Thursday, February 26, 2004 I am researching the surnames of SOLTIS and SISKO (Sziszko) from the villages of CZARNA GORA (Cierna Hora) and REPISKO (Rzepisko). My grandfather, Sebastian Soltis, was born in Cierna Hora on 10/30/1880. His father's name was Sebastian or Martin and his mother's name was Anna Vatslav. My grandmother was born in Repisko on 7/8/1885. Her father's name was Bartholomew Sisko and her mother's name was Mary Wilk. She had nieces with the names: Jan Rescak, Anna Selepa and Zofia Fomecek. Any additional information on these lines would be greatly appreciated.

110) Joann Eisner
Location: Wading River, NY USA
Saturday, February 21, 2004 My grandfather, John Kadlub, was born in Piekielnik in 1889 and came to the USA in 1907. My grandmother, Victoria Worwa, was born in Nowy Targ in 1888 and came to the USA in 1911. If anyone has information on these families in Poland, I would love to hear from them.

109) Stef Neyhart
Location: Roseburg, Oregon
Sunday, February 15, 2004 I am interested in planning a trip to Topportz/ Toporc, Slovakia and am trying to find information on the village. I am hoping to be able to connect with history/information or people that are part of the Zwick clan.Thanks

108) joseph olesh
Location: cleveland, oh
Wednesday, February 11, 2004 I'm trying to contact a cousin in Brezovica, Slovakia with an email address of P.KANIKSTONLINE.SK Can someone there write him an email to get in touch with JOLESNAOL My email must not be getting through because I'm not getting any replies. Thank You Josef

107) Fran

Location: Arizona
Sunday, February 8, 2004 20:01 Your site is great! I'm glad I stumbled across it. Please add me to your mailing list. I am searching for: BARNOKSY/BARNOVSKY from Vyborna, Galicia (PL/AU), KONEVAL/KONIVAL/KONOVOL from Kolackov, SK, OLESKIEWICZ/OLESKEVITZ from Bartkiewicz and LESZCZYNSKI/LUSZCYNSKI from Nova Schulke, both near Troki, outside Vilnius, WROBLEWSKI/VROBLEWSKI and VERHUN, not sure of origin, supposedly Russian, and IMBLON from Alsace-Lorraine, Germany. All of these names could be spelled differently. Thank you so much! Fran Fran's e-mail in spam resistive form (minus "@" and ".") is: barnoskyslovak-AT-aol-DOT-com

106) Help with Deciphering Enties in Latin

Sunday, February 1, 2004, I thought I would share this valuable tool with other folks who are researching Polish church records: It is a guide for translating Polish and Latin church records from Poland. Very helpful - I stumbled upon it when I was trying to decipher the Latin entries from the Tatra town of SROMOWCE NIZNE, Poland.

105) john kenny

Location: moy heights, ballina,
Saturday, January 24, 2004 What a fantastic website. Until last Summer I had no idea about the beautyful town of Dobra until my search for Polish land took me there. What a lovely place I discovered. But better still what lovely people I met especially Szymon Gieslak and family and friends. Of course Martin who looked after me so well in the local hotel and I know I will see them all soon. Good luck with your website. Well done Dobra. John's e-mail address in spam-resistive form (minus "@" and "."): john-AT-farmandfinance-DOT-iol-DOT-ie

104) Alan J. Kania

Location: Denver, Colorado
Thursday, January 22, 2004 It's nice to discover this group (thanks Denise!). My grandmother was born in Buczkowice, Poland. My primary search is KANIA, but I am also searching for GLUZA, MIGDAL, and PANASIEWICZ in the Tatra area. Since the parish priest in Buczkowice hasn't been very helpful in getting access to the church records, does anyone know where the duplicate church records may be kept? I tried the Krakow archdiocean office, but they did not have records for the Buczkowice area. -- Alan KANIA Alan's e-mail address in spam-resistive form (minus "@" & ".") is: ajkania-AT-comcast-DOT-com.

103) Diana Druback

Location:Westerville, OH
Thursday, January 22, 2004 My grandparents Viktor Druzbacky & Veronica Tkacs settled in Newark, N.J. in the late 1890's. I am researching in Stara Lubovna, Spis, Slovakia. Surnames: DRUZBACKY, PLENCZNER, KASZPRAK, THYRY, PALICZAY (PALICZA), ZSIMBINSKY (ZIEMBINSKI) & in SINDLIAR & VELKY SARIS, Saris, Slovakia. Surnames: TKACS, (TKACSIK), (TKATS), OVCSARIK, (OVTSARIK), GRUSZ, MINAR, POLYAK. I visited Stara Lubovna in 1997. Robert Frenak:I can help you with research from Velky Saris. Look my website:

102) MIGDAL from Sromowce Nizne, Poland

Monday, January 19, 2004: Looking for info about SROMOWCE NIZNE, POLAND. My great, great,grandfather, JAN (or JOACHIM) MIGDAL was from this village. We have no information other than the name of the village and the name of his children (IZYDOR and ANNA who emmigrated to the U.S) and his wife KATARZYNA. We think that MIGDAL might be a JEWISH name. Can anyone offer any information? Sromowce Nizne seems like a remarkable area! (Contact TARG at targ_nethotmail.)

101) Donald Goral

Location:Green Bay, WI
Saturday, January 17, 2004 My Mother was born in Poland, not sure what town though. Donald's e-mail address in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" & "."): dag61556-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

100) Mike Strama

Location:Ohio, USA
Friday, January 16, 2004 Found surname STRAMA listed on your site. My great grantfather STRAMA came over --from were we don't know. Thanks, Mike Mike's e-mail address in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" & "."): softail2000-AT-comcast-DOT-net Frank Kowalczyk:Hi Mike,I found your posted message and thought I would drop you a line.My grandmother came to Chicago at age 16 in 1899. Her name was VICTORIA STRAMA. As far as I can tell from the Ellis Island website, a number of her relations joined her a few years later. She was from the Polish side of the Targ area, a town called Szaflary. Her family members were from Maruszyna a few miles away, both smack dab in the middle of this research area. Other than that I also don't know much about her or them but I'm hoping the members of this site will be helpful in my research. I have been looking for websites with any information and I came across the one below. Check it out. Who knows, maybe she's related or maybe we are. Frank (FilaFrank-AT-aol-DOT-com) http://www.zakopane-life/zakopane/where_to_play/entertainment_details/63-Strama

99) Patricia Michinock, Location: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sunday, January 11, 2004 Hi,My husband's family came from Lipnica Mala and some relatives are still there. I would like their email address . I have 5 living sons , a daughter {also married to a Slovak {Kochis}. Ihave 13 grandsons and 2more on the way and 6 granddaughters, a great granddaughter and another on the way. My sons are anxious to know more about their background and relatives. My husband is not living,I am all Irish but I'm very interested in my Michinock family. Patricia's email in spam-resistive form (minus "@" & ".") is: patmichinock-AT-cox-DOT-net

98) Jerry Kuhaida, Location: Hilla, Iraq & Oak Ridge,TN
Saturday, January 10, 2004 Just found your website. My grandparents and father were born in Malatina, Orava. Family names are Kuhajda/Kuhaida and Slusnak/Zochnak. My grandmother's sisters married a Kissel ( Benwood, WV) and Jurichka ( Cleveland,OH) from Malatina. I visted Malatina in 1998 and met the Mayor, Jan Hubcik and the School Headmaster, ? Slusnak, and visited with a cousin. Was directed to Besenova and met with relatives there. Trying to find anything about John Zochnak, born in Malatina,lived in Kopple,PA, reported killed in WWI. Jerry's email in spam-resistive form (minus "@" & ".") is: kuhaida-AT-icx-DOT-met Robert Macak:My grandparents & ancestors are also from Malatiná. G'pa maried a girl from Lucky, just a few miles south and my father was born there. My e-mail is: macakrr@juno Bob Macak

97) Joe Portugal, Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Tuesday, December 30, 2003 Researching my grandmother Jadwiga Hryczyk (Americanized to Hedwig Chryczyk) who came to Detroit, Michigan in 1912 at the age of 15 from Ochotnica which was then in Austria but now in Poland. She left her mother and sister back in Ochotnica. Also looking for info on the town of Ochotnica because I plan to visit in the spring of 2004. Thanks. Joe's email in spam-resistive form (minus "@" & ".") is: jportugal-AT-mail-DOT-com Bob Hryczyk:Hi Joe, I'm searching for my roommate, Robert Hryczyk, whose grandfather was Joseph Hryczyk that came to this country (Cowdersport, PA. to work in a tannery) from Ochotnica in the early 1900's. His bride Anna Golden came with him. If you find out anything about the town Ochotnica, please let me know, as I am going to Poland at the end of this month (April). Thanks a million....Michael Pickern

96) Cynthia, Location: San Diego CA USA
Saturday, December 27, 2003 Hello. I'm researching SZOLIS. My great Grandfather was John Peter SZOLIS born June 24 1881 Zamosc Poland(Warsaw Prov. died April 15 1937 Pitts, PA married Sept 7 1909 to Teresa Huebner of Pitts PA born 8-28-1886. My grandfather had siblings Michael SZOLIS born Sept 15 1879 Poland married 1896 NY to Mary WOS of Austria born 1874/1875 Joseph SZOLIS. Married in Europe. Another brother? Sister? Laurentia or Ladislawa married and stayed in Poland. Maybe SABO. John Peter SZOLIS' parent were: John SZOLIS father was in Hungary & Magdalina B. MILEWSKA Cindy's email in spam-resistive form (minus "@" & ".") is: Stuckduck2002-AT-aol-DOT-com

95) Patricia Skubis, Location: Belleville, WI
Saturday, December 27, 2003 Great site. I am researching my husbands family. His grandfather came from Czarny Dunajec around 1904 and settled in Chicago. Name Alois Skubisz, married Ursula Wunk. Son named Joseph. He had a cousin named Helen Lubaski who also lived in the Chicago area. If any one has any information about these surname write to me. Patricia's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): patskubis-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

94) Lou Wojcik, Location:New Jersey
Tuesday, December 23, 2003 Grandfathers Surname Wojcik, Grandmother Klikasowian? From Nowa Targ area. Lou's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): louiswojcik-AT-optonline-DOT-net

93) James J. Stossel, Location: Zubsuche, Poland
Friday, December 19, 2003 My grandfather, Jacob Stossel, was born Sep 10, 1890 in Zubsuche. He came to America in August 1913 and settled in south central Penna. He died there (Lilly in Cambria County) in 1935. Not much is known about any family he may have left behind in Poland. I suspect he had a sister (Regina) and a brother (Joseph), but am not sure. James' e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): jamesstossel-AT-verizon-DOT-net

92) Michael Leonard, Location: Lincoln, NE, USA
Thursday, December 18, 2003 My family is from the Ostrowsko, Nowy Targ, PL (Galicia, Austr-Hungr) area. So far, includes Gronkow and Gron. Surnames are: LENART, LENARD, LEONARD, LUBERDA, LUBERDZIANKA, LATASZKO, KAMON ,KUCHTA, KOWALCZYK, CHOWANEC, KUDAS, RYCHTAVEYK, SZUMAL, WROBEL. The Lenarts emigrated to the US in the 1890's, settling in Marathon Co., WI, USA. One branch settled in Chicago.

91) Evelyn Micolichek, Location:Wisconsin, USA
Monday, December 15, 2003 I am trying to find out any information about the Chudzinski family that came from Izby. This goes back to around 1860. Anna Chudzinska married Martin Wertel. Evelyn's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): evelyn-AT-gbonline-DOT-com

90) Barbara Sleboda, Location:-
Tuesday, December 9, 2003 I would like to receive the e-newsletter. I am researching the Sleboda families from Mala'Frankova and Velka' Frankova'. Additional names: Solavova', Frankovsky, Charnagrusky, Kalafuth, Krempasky, Kollatacz (don't know if correct full last name, but came from Nagy Frankova) and others not in active research. Barbara's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): barsleboda-AT-aol-DOT-com

89) Cathy Cambal-Hayward, Location: new hampshire, usa
Tuesday, December 9, 2003 My grandfather Joseph Martin Cambal was born in Slovakia in the late part of the 1800's and came to the US through Ellis Island and settled in Springdale, PA. Have found some information stating that he lived in "Stiavnik, Zemplen County" -- any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Cathy's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): cambal-AT-adelphia-DOT-net

88) Kim Mackowski, Location: Michigan
Wednesday, December 3, 2003 I am seeking information on my Great-Grandparents: Joseph Maniowszczak, [son of Thomas and Sophie Janidura] married to Catherine Gorlicka [daughter of Jacob and Catherine Zurek]. Their daughter Anna (my Grandmother) was baptized October 13, 1903 in the Roman Catholic parish church in Maniowy, village of Klaszkowe, diocese of Krakow, Poland. She was born Oct. 12, 1903. Also seeking info on my Great-Grandfather, Andrew Gallik [born approx. 1862] in Slovakia. He immigrated to America in 1883, and resided in PA. Kim's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): macktheknife-AT-prodigy-DOT-net

87) Marilyn Sandorf, Location:-
Monday, December 1, 2003 Greetings! I am researching the RONDZIK surname in the village of Smilno, near Zborov and Bardejov in Slovakia. I am also researching the names PLACKO and JANECKO from Spisska Nova Ves, we believe. If these names are familiar to you, please let me know. Also would love to find RC church records for Smilno. Thanks in advance, Marilyn Sandorf Marilyn's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): msandorf2003-AT-yahoo-DOT-com rondzik/ohio:My name is John Rondzik. I think my grandfather was from this area of Slovakia. He died in 1958. Where did you come across this name?
j.rondzik-AT-stonline-DOT-sk: my title Jaroslav Rondzik from commune Smilno , Zborov okr. Bardejov 39 year and I can't english only are that translator so must excuse behind my errors possibly me sloppy on email :j.rondzik-AT-stonline-DOT-sk . Alternatively telephone:+421544798512 mob.+421905365885 bye.
Robert Frenak: I can help you.

86) Drew Brejcak, Location: Boston
Tuesday, November 25, 2003 Hello all. I am looking into the surname "Brejcak". A past news letter connected this name to the village of Relov. Any information would help. Thank you, Drew Drew's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):D Brejcak-AT-netscape-DOT-net barbora:i really would like to get to know something about my relatives abroad. please write me back.
daniel brejcak:hello my name is brejcak and my father comes from osturna the village near relov daniel:hello my name is brejcak and my father comes from osturna the village near relov daniel.brejcak-AT-stonline-DOT-sk

85) M Bormann, Location:-
Thursday, November 20, 2003 What a surprise! I was just browsing for maps of the Kezmarok region when I found your website. I have been searching the web for geneological sites and getting bogged down with all the possibilities. My grandfather (maternal) was born in Kezmarok on Aug 30,1901. Surname Ruzsbatsky. I was fortunate enough to have visted the region when I was a college student in 1985 but since travel was restricted and time short (only 5 days in country) I was only able to spend a few hours in Kezmarok itself. I did a quick search of one of the local cemeteries, but the language barrier(I spoke some German) was difficult to get around. My friend and I were able to communicate with some of the older townspeople who understood German but we were very rushed for time. If anyone could help point me in the right direction for starting my search, I would appreciate it. M. Bormann's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): mbormann-AT-ncia-DOT-net

84) John Rys, Location: Minnesota, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 My Name is John Rys and I am researching my grandparents who came from the villages of Jordanow, Toporzysko, Spytkowice and Wysoka Poland. I am looking for the surnames Rys, Glowczak, Maciaszek, Jarosz, Repella, Sarna from this general area south of Krakow. My website ( has the complete list of names I am researching. I have been to these villages and searched at the church offices. I cannot find these places in the Latter Day Saints database. John's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): john-AT-john-DOT-rys-DOT-name

83) Jeffrey Vaganek, Location: Perth Amboy NJ
Saturday, October 25, 2003 Great site! Just found the family name of Vaganek. My grandfather, Stefan Vaganek, came from Ustie and there it was. My grandmather, Maria Krafcik Vaganek, came from Pekelnik as did her mother and father, Ignac & Maria Rychlik Krafcik. This town's listing seems to be unfinnished. Can't wait until it is. Thank you. Jeffrey's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): jjules25-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

82) Kathy Carney

Location: Montclair, NJ
Friday, October 24, 2003 Grandmother Ludmila Koneval was from Kolackov. Her mother was Cecelia Santivanyi and according to grandma, the Santivanyi's were nobility and they had had a ruin of a castle in Neidzica area. Anyone know name and place of such Santivanyi ruins? Thanks Kathy's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): attilla31-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

81) Arline "Monko" Walker, Location: Bradenton Fl
Monday, October 6, 2003 Looking for information on MAKA Family from Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland and Zdair, Slovakia. Name was changed around 1818 in Zdair from MAKA to MONKO, MONKA. My Ggggrandfather Joseph moved from Poland to Slovakia in 1778. Would like info on his family in Poland. He married Regina W_?_(can not read last name in records). Arline's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):a-DOT-monko-AT-verizon-DOT-net

80) John Lattyak, Location:Chicago, IL
Monday, October 6, 2003 13:32 Host: I am researching the name LATTYAK from Chyzne. They settled in Chicago in the early 1900's. Any information would be appreciated. John's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): jfl51546-AT-aol-DOT-com

79) Arlene Drimak Gardiner, Location: Wisconsin
Sunday, October 5, 2003 Just found your site - My mother and grandparents came from Rostoky, Vyslava, Mergeska, Saros. In looking over your webpages I noticed that in the Jan-Feb 1999 newsletter a name. Mike Churilla was for a family - PITLIVKA. This is my maternal grandfather and he came from Rostoky in 1912 to Pennsylvania. Although my people are Carpatho-Rusyns perhaps we have a link somewhere. Other family names I am researching are: DRIMAK, UJAS, KUNDRAT. Thank you. Arline's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): argard-AT-wi-DOT-net

78) MK Wenta, Location: Indiana
Monday, September 29, 2003 I'm trying to find info about my husband's family. Father talked about living near the Tatras and Krakow, but no specifics. His name was Bartazl Rusnaczyk (became "Burt Rusk"). Wife was Kunagunda Chrobak. Ellis Island Ship Manifest shows "Ochatina" but might be Ochotnica, Galicia 1907. She was 20 and crossed with her 11 yr. old sister Katarryna. Can anyone help? All 1st settled in Detroit, MI, later Tuscola CO and Caro, MI. Thank you. MK's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): mkloon-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

77) Bill Wald (Wilhelm Wlachovsky), Location: Dobsina
Saturday, September 27, 2003 I was born on the fringes of the TARG circle in the town of Dobsina. The family immigrated to the US a long time ago. The workings of this group appear most interesting. I would like to follow the goings on and learn more about the general area. Bill's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):wmwald-AT-aol-DOT-com Barrett Klausman

Bill - I am trying to trace my roots! My name is Barrett Klausman and I know that my great grandfather came from Dobsina and I believe I still have family living there. I would love to know if you know where I can find any information about Dobsina, history, the people, even any local Klausmans that still live there today. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer. elglobo123-AT-verizon-DOT-net

76) ursula greene, Location: NY
Friday, September 19, 2003 I am searching information on my father's family. Names are SUGA, KLIMEK,BLASCAK, BANKOSH, ZASTKO, LAUFIK. My grandmother last lived in Vrbov and before her farm was bulldozed, Ruskinovce. I would be grateful to find out information about what happened in Ruskinovce when the Russian army razed the village, pictures of the village, any attempts to reconstruct the village, etc. Thanks for any help forthcoming. Ursula Ursula's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): ugreene-AT-optonline-DOT-net

75) Kenneth W. Sunega

Location: San Diego, CA
Sunday, September 14, 2003 12:32 Host: host-66-81-197-246.rev.o1 It's a great site -- thanks. I have pictures of Orava Lake which I just visited in August 2003. Ken's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Lastime8-AT-LTSP-DOT-com Joanne Bull, Toronto Ca:Hello - my maiden name is Sunega and my father was born in Orava. We may be related!

74) Joe Kavinsky

Location: Campbell, Ohio
Wednesday, September 3, 2003 23:59 Host: Thank you for information provided, you have filled in a lot of blanks. Also provided excellent resourses . Thanks again . Joe K. Joe's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):kacie42-AT-earthlink-DOT-net

73) christie fox

Location: tampa, florida USA
Saturday, August 30, 2003 21:09 Host: researching names of:VIKARTOVSKY/VIKARTOVSKY, ZOLDAK, PUSKAR, MIHOC, KURTA, GAJAN and others connected: MATTASOVSKY, GENGEL, ORAVEC, KUKUK, LACSNY, NOVOTTA, ZAJAC, LACLAV, PETRAS, KUSSOP, HANISCHKO, FILIPP, KORKOS, JASZECSKO, MARKULIK, CZAPAK, SCHMELKO, LOTH. From the area of SPISSKA NOVA VES (IGLO HUTA, ROGALO HUTA, NOVOVESKA HUTA), SMIZANY, RUDNANY, VIKARTOVCE, MARCUSOVCE, SAROS, SIROKA COM. SAROS, SVEDLAR SPIS. Family is still there in Slovakia but we can't communicate because the elders do not speak English. Christie's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): christiefox-AT-prodigy-DOT-net

72) Maureen Barrett

Location: Rome, NY 13440 USA
Thursday, August 21, 2003 05:54 Host: syr-24-59-9-189.twcny.rr JAKUB BIENIEK is my father. He grew up in LESNICA,GRON & NOWY TARG area. He had one brother joseph & 1 sister Helena. He & his brother were captured by the germans & sent to work camps. Does anyone have any information on him. He is alive a well. Thank You. Maureen Maureen's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Roman1mb-AT-twcny-DOT-rr-DOT-com

71) Sonia Braithwaite

Location: Orange, Australia
Sunday, July 27, 2003 01:47 IP: I was born in Manly, Sydney in 1964. I am looking for information on my the family of my father Boris Trojanovic. Sonia's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): swamp2-AT-bigpond-DOT-com

70) Joe Kavinsky

Location: Campbell, Ohio
Tuesday, July 22, 2003 23:29 Host: researching family name Kaczvinszky from villages of Szepesszombat and Szepesjanosfalva. Help! Joe Kavinsky:Now looking for wifes family surname KOPNICKI from villages Blazov, Blazov, Bavas, Stelbach, Saros or Saras, can't locate.

69) Margaret Griglak Hagen

Location: Gilroy,Ca.
Sunday, July 20, 2003 21:55 IP: Great Site! Looking for Glovianda (my mother's maiden name born in Lapszanka.) Would also like more information on the Griglak name. Margaret's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): khagen-AT-garlic-DOT-com ginny jakubiak:My mother was a griglak. Her father was paul and I think his father was Louis or Lawrence. They lived around Lapzse Wyzne, Poland which used to be Vysne Lapsze, Slo. Paul emigrated and lived in Pennsylvania. My mother was born there and died in Ohio in 1987. Any bells?
ginny jakubiak:# 69 needs a correction: My GRANDMOTHER was born there and migrated to US. Her name was Maria Galetka and she married paul griglak who also migrated to US. Keep sharing....MY new jakubiak jakubiak

68) elizabeth anne dronzek

Location: yardley, pennsylvania
Friday, July 18, 2003 21:32 Host: I just found this site. My grandparents were John and Mary Dronzek who immigrated from Poland at a very young age and lived in Hawthorne, New York. I saw some of the information on church records with Dronzek listed and was amazed. I will return to this site often to check it out! Elizabeth's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): dron51-AT-aol-DOT-com

67) zlatica

Wednesday, July 16, 2003 16:05 Host: The Slovak phone site is listing the names PALUBA and Z'ELONKA in Haligovce's phonebook. See: and also for town locations. There should be two dates on the certificate if it is from the church. One is a date of birth and the other baptismal date. Would be nice to see it. Other useful links: www.hosmanek/slovak; www.our slovakia; www.slovakinstitute; www.slovakimportcompany; www.slovakfolkcrafts;; Zlatica's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):zlatalzbetha-AT-ameritech-DOT-net

66) Paluba

Wednesday, July 16, 2003 14:55 Host: alb-24-194-26-104.nycap.rr I am researching the surname of my gret grandfather. not sure whether this date is date of baptism or b-day. Born Josef Paluba o/a 10/25/1885. Parents Josef Paluba and Agnes Zelonka. Reprinted baptismal certificate issued 6/6/1938 with seal of Haligovce Baptismal certificate issued in county of Spis in Krajina, Slovakia. Original document it says can be seen 1185 tome III p7. How can I get a look at this? All helps is welcome.

65) Kuziel & Kovalcik

Location: Montvale, New Jersey
Tuesday, July 15, 2003 11:26 Host: gate02c.merckmedco I'm researching my maternal grandparents, Stanislaw (Stanley) Kuziel and Zuzanna Kovalcik. Stanislaw came to America from Farkasfalu, Hungary(possible in Spisz county of Southern Poland) in 1911. Zuzanna Kovalcik came to America in 1914 from Rasko, Hungary(possible somewhere in Spisz county in Slovakia). They met in Holyoke, Mass., but they lived mostly in Harrison/North Arlington, NJ for many years. Stanley came to America to meet his half-brother Joseph (Jozef) Kuziel. Zuzanna came to America to meet her sister Mary Kovalcik Kisso. According to Stanley Kuziel, he says he is Polish while Zuzanna says she is Slovak. Both of them could be from the same region called Spisz/Spis region. Zuzanna says her father name is John (Jan)Kovalcik and she has 4 sisters and a brother name Jacob. Thank you!!! Tammy's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): tammy_baudisch-AT-medcohealth-DOT-com marlene hicks topham:what is stanley's mother's name? please reply to big_blue_eyes_3@hotmail

64) Julie Rach

Location: San Diego County, CA
Sunday, July 13, 2003 21:52 Host: I'm researching my maternal grandparents, Steven (Istvan) Sulek and Johanna Dlabik. Steven came to America from Bobrov, A-H, in 1899, and Johanna came to America in 1900. They lived in Trenton, New Jersey, for many years. Steven had two brothers, Joseph and Andrew, and two sisters, Catherine and Theresa. Johanna had two sisters, Maria and Pauline, and a brother, Jan. Theresa Sulek and Jan Dlabik did not immigrate to America, according to family legend. Thanks! Julie's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): jarach1963-AT-aol-DOT-com

63) Tina Woods

Location: PA
Sunday, July 13, 2003 14:28 Host: Researching surname Raab from village Hniezdne. According to ship manifests, my grandmother Stefania (Stephanie) RAAB came to the USA (ultimately to Philadelphia PA) through Ellis Island in 1904, as did her siblings Maria (1900), Ferdinand (1905), Ludmilla (1921) and Josef (1922). All list the village Gnesda(Guezda, Gniazda, Gnezda etc.) in Hungary or Czechoslovakia (after 1920) as their place of origin/birth. According to information I have read at this website, this is a Tatra area village now known as Hniezdne which is currently in Slovakia. On the ship manifests they identify Josef Raab as thier father and the 1921 & 1922 manifests list 188 Spisska Zupa, CZ-SK. as his address. Family legend has it that their mothers name was Victoria (M???) I have researched my grandmother and her siblings in the USA through cencus documents, but I am hoping to begin research of them in Europe. I am awaiting the 3 microfilm records from the LDS family history center I have seen identified here and in the Slovak Roots listserve which apparently have parrish records for this village. I would appreciate any other advice on research in this village, or any leads on this surname/family group in Europe. Incidentally, I cannot find Ludmilla in any cencus, birth, death or marriage records in the US after her passage through Ellis Island. Also, any recommendations on reading for background information on this village/region, particulary leading up to and including the time of their immigration would be appreciated. Tina's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): TinaNWoods-AT-comcast-DOT-net

62) Nell Drengacz

Location: colorado
Saturday, July 12, 2003 11:05 Host: Looking for my husband's grandfather's family who came from Bukowina Tatrzanska. His name was Adam Sopchak, or Sobczak. Adams's mother's last name was Marmo. We wonder where that name came from: does not sound Polish. If any one has information about these names, I would love to hear it. Nell's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):drengaczn-AT-yahoo-DOT-com

61) Anne Walker

Saturday, July 5, 2003 12:58 Host: Researching in the village of Podbiel. Looking for information/relatives of Jozef Seling born to Terezia and Jan Seling October 15, 1892 in Podbiel. Jozef emigrated to Canada as a teenager. Thank you for the beautiful and informative website! Anne's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): awalker75-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

60) Ed Kubatko

Location: Pennsylvania
Saturday, July 5, 2003 06:21 IP: Searching for information on Kubatko/Kubiatko family (pre 1742) from Cadca and nearby Kubatkovia settlement in Slovakia as well as Sanko/Szanko from Sambron, Slovakia. Ed's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):kubatko-AT-arm-tek-DOT-net

59) sue

Location: massachusettes
Tuesday, July 1, 2003 16:49 Host: Surnames-BIZIK, DRABIK, MINARIK, SESTAK, MICICA, JAVORIK, SEDLAK, GIERVillages-HORNY VADICOV, KOTRCINA-LUCKA, ZASTRANIE, IN SLOVAKIA. My grandparents came to the U.S. in 1909. Sue's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):susanmbk-AT-aol-DOT-com

58) Peggy

Monday, June 30, 2003 04:09 Host: uhgatt11.uhc Looking for information on my grandparents - Isidor Pastva and Maria (Mary) Yanoviak. Both came from Wielka Lipnica around 1910 to Pennsylvania. Willing to share any information I have found. Thanks -- great site! Peggy Peggy's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):wussweiler-AT-cox-DOT-net

57) Ginny Jakubiak

Location: Spokane, WA
Sunday, June 29, 2003 07:42 Host: Researching: George Jakubiak born 1867 Krosnica, PL, married Elizabeth Trojanovic(s) from Lutina, SK, born 1872. Also Paul Griglak(-lyak) born 1863 Vysne Lapsze, SK (now Lapsze Wyzne, PL). Married Mary Galetka (Gelyatka) born 1871 in same. Info on their parents wanted. Thanks! Ginny's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):nebadonia-AT-lycos-DOT-com ginny jakubiak:My email has changed:

56) Margaret

Location: Lompoc, CA
Thursday, June 26, 2003 10:49 Host: STARMACK, STARMACH from Pcim, PolandMy greatgrandfather came from Pcim Poland in the time frame of 1900-1910 (so we've estimated). He settled in Mckeesport, PA. We do have some records from 1920 on but before that is unknown. We are also looking for an ancestral village of "Grozny" (or something similar). Thanks! Margaret's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):marsm78-AT-aol-Dot-com

55) Lisa Forbes

Location: Ocala, FL USA
Sunday, June 22, 2003 19:27 Host: I am looking for any info i can get on my grandparents and there family. The family i am researching is KUSTWAN. They came to the US in about 1901. some of there names are Andrew Stanley Kustwan , Agnes Kustwan, Frank Kustwan. Thanks for looking over my family and look forward to hopefully hearing from someone. Thanks Lisa Forbes Lisa's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):RotnRott-AT-aol-DOT-com

54) Lawrence Holish

Location: Chicago IL
Friday, June 20, 2003 20:56 Host: Resarching Holis, Holish, and Holisch from Tvrdosin, SK an earlier Halchovic Galicia. Need help there. Lawrence's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):llholish-AT-owc-DOT-net

53) sue

Location: massachusettes
Tuesday, May 27, 2003 17:03 Host: just came across this web site, interesting. i am searching family names: BIZIK, DRABIK, MINARIK, GIER, SESTAK, JAVORIK, SEDLIACEK, in zastranie, kotrcina-lucka, horny vadicov area of slovakia. Sue's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):susanmbk-AT-aol-DOT-com Jeff Stefanik:Hi Sue, my family is from Zastranie and came to Webster Mass in 1892. There are many Minarik and Ondrasik members near Webster. Jeff Stefanik Woodstock CT

52) joseph babony

Location: hamilton ontario
Monday, May 19, 2003 20:48 Host: Hello to the Babony's out there! Joseph's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):sealupo-AT-hotmail-DOT-com khagen @garlic:I'm not a Babony,but I am researching the name Griglak,Griglyak and a Jon Babony born 1822 Frydman married a Maria Griglyak born 1822 Lapse Wysne.Let me hear from you. Maggie Griglak Hagen
ginny jakubiak:Hi! Just saw your note about researching the Griglaks. My mother was a GRiglak. Please read #58 above from Spokane, waLooking for any info on these families. I'm excited to hear from you! Share whatever you find! Thanks! Ginny Jakubiak

51) Philip Pivovar (Piwowar)

Location: El Paso, TX
Monday, May 12, 2003 10:28 Host: dsl-209-87-102-120.constant This is a great site. My grandparents were from S. Poland (Galicia). Adamczyk from Surowa. Babski from Borowa. Lechwar from Jaslo. Ed Piwowar from Piwowary village in the Tatra Mtns. Only yards from the Slovakia border. The border is periodicly identified with white posts. Town in the valley is Piwniczna. I visited in there 1986. The people in Piwowary are Goral. I am interested in the Goral in Poland and Slovakia. All of my grandparents lived in New Caslte, PA as I also did. Philip's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):pivovar-AT-dzn-DOT-com

50) Patricia Craig

Location: Washington, DC
Thursday, May 8, 2003 11:07 Host: I am trying to locate relatives of Roman Obrochta who lived in the Clifton Park/Halfmoon, NY area. He came to the States sometime in the early 1900s and died in an accident in 1923. He may have had relatives in the Detroit area. He spoke both Hungarian (Magyar) and Polish, and I believe that his native tongue was Hungarian. Patricia's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):patriciakcraig-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

49) Lorraine

Location: New Jersey, USA
Sunday, May 4, 2003 11:39 IP: Village: Malejowa, Malopolska (1921)Surname: SAMEKGiven names:(English version)Walter, Mary, Sophie Helen, Cosmo, Joseph, Katherine. Sophie was my grandmother whose name was Zofja in Polish; her mother Mary was Marja. My grandmother Zofja told me how she worked on her aunt and uncle's farm; how early in the morning she would get up to bring the cows in for milking and would put her feet in the cow dung, wearing it as shoes to keep her feet warm. Soon after she turned 15 she boarded a ship in Danzig for Ellis Island being helped by the Polish-American Orphan Relief Association upon arrival. Since then she has passed away.Would appreciate any information on Malejowa. Thanks for all the work you are doing on this site. Lorraine's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):lrechten-AT-4safe-DOT-com

48) joann soyak

Friday, May 2, 2003 20:30 Host: What a great site. Looking for Sojak and Hluchi. Sojak spelling was changed Soyak upon arriving to America. Matthew Soyak married Rose Hluchi in Czech before coming here - about 1915. Matthew had a sister - Helena who also came over at the same time. GM Rose always said they were Slovic. Would appreciate any info. Zlatica:You will need to locate a name of a town for your ancestors in order to proceed with the research.The name SOJAK and HLUCHY does list in Slovak Republic's phone site. Do check Ellis Island website for a possible ancestor's arrival thru that port. Do not overlook the spelling Szojak (Hungarian). for location of a town

47) Joyce Kehoe

Friday, May 2, 2003 19:59 IP: 12-226-239-139.client.attbi We are researching the Kominiak family. I am a genealogist. If we are able to locate the correct Kominiaks, they stand to be heirs and to inherit an estate worth quite a bit of money. If you are a Kominiak or have information regarding the Kominiak family tree, please contact me at joycekehoe@attbi or contact us through our website: www.gerardcushingincJoyce Kehoe Joyce's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):joycekehoe-AT-attbi-DOT-com Jason Kominiak:Hello My name is Jason Kominiak. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. My e-mail is tesla001@yahoo.

46) John Kubacka

Location: Texas
Thursday, May 1, 2003 20:46 IP: Researching KUBACKA (KUBACHKA),STITIK, MLINARCIK and PAVOLKA all from PARNICA on the Orava River within the TARG area. Immigrated to Yonkers, NY and Pittsburgh, PA Have coal miner-steel worker stories not much on Slovakia; would like more. John's e-mail in spam-resistant form(minus the "@" and "."): kubacka-AT-foxinternet-DOT-com

45) Leah Kominak

Location: Twisp, WA
Thursday, May 1, 2003 17:33 IP: How interesting! What a great site you have. I am curious to know information about my husbands surname, KOMINAK. I have found no other Kominaks in the USA outside of his immediate family in the Youngstown, OH area. His paternal father and mother both come from a town called SPISSKA HANUSOVCE. Any other KOMINAKs out there, or knowledge of the village and area? PLEASE HELP! Leah's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."):leah@mymethow

44) Bernard & Lauretta Onachila

Location: Lakeland, FL, USA
Thursday, May 1, 2003 13:41 Host: researching father Thomas John ONACHILA b. 18 Feb 1884 in Bardejov, Austria-Hungary. Also Andrew MAKOVSKY b. 1 Feb 1871 In Poprad or Levoca. Marie PASTERIK b. 17 Jan 1880, Levoca. The Onachila's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): LOnachila-AT-msn-DOT-com

43) Kristine Melago Graham

Location: Wayne, PA
Thursday, May 1, 2003 11:17 IP: Wow! What a wonderful discovery. I have been searching for 5 years for my grandmother's roots in Dobsina, Czech.She came here in 1903. I have her baptismal certificate and can't wait to compare it to the diocese maps. Does Dobsina fall into your target area? Her first name was Julia, sister Anne, parents Stefan and Marie. Stefan immigrated here in 1898 and the family followed in 1903.The family's last name was Zahoransky and my ggrandmother was Sekely. My grandfather, Mihaly, lived in the area that tuned into Hungary but I never got a village name. I do know his father was a shepherd so I was thrilled with the site of the shepherds! Thanks. Kristine's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): krismgraham-AT-aol-DOT-com

42) Nan Scheer-Hall

Location: Washington, USA
Wednesday, April 30, 2003 22:33 IP: 12-230-95-121.client.attbi I am looking for my grandmothers ancestry. Katherine Saint Androssy gggrandmother, greatgrandmother Anna Jancso, grandmother Helen Dolinszky born 11 Nov 1896 (Ilona M.) married Jacob F Scheer in Cleveland Ohio, USA in 1916. Her father was Francis Dolinszky. She had a sister Mary Dolinszky who died at age 18 in 1900, a brother George Dolinszky born on 24 April 1890 came to USA in 1908 to stay with his cousin Steven Hrusovsky. Some other family names Hubel, Toman, Komar, Servatka, Henzeli(y), Benya, Kodesh. Nan's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): nanmhall-AT-attbi-DOT-com Julie Ballas:Hello! My husband's great grandmother was Elizabeth KOMAR, b. 1-25-1884. She was married to George Ballas. They emigrated separately through Baltimore and were married in the U.S. They settled in Aliquippa, PA and eventually Cleveland, OH. Could this be related to your Komar?

41) Karen Kozel Gunnell

Location: Namestovo, SK
Saturday, April 26, 2003 20:36 Host: I am researching my Slovak relatives of the last names: Labaj, Murin, and Skycak. Kozel is my grandfathers adoption name, but he was originally Labaj from Nameszto or Namestove in the Orava Dam region. I heard the village was relocated because of the dam. Karen's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): karengunnell-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

40) Paul R. Reilly

Location: New York City
Monday, April 21, 2003 19:33 Host: Interested in the village of Podobin, Poland. Surnames Dawiec, Piechna. Paul's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): PaulR123-AT-optonline-DOT-net

39) Beata

Location: Nowy Targ
Sunday, April 20, 2003 15:34 Host: Hallo my name is Becky. I was born in poland. Poland is a grate country. Aspecially a villege called Falsztyn. I have been liveing in poland for 10 years and it is a place that you can go and think about a world. You can relise that world is a grate place. People are nice. Poland is a grate country especially you should visit a villige called Falsztyn. Greg:wow falsztyn, i grew up in frydman but moved to US when i was 10

38) Andrzej Domian j.r.

Location: Chicago, IL
Saturday, April 12, 2003 03:00 IP: 12-211-149-144.client.attbi Hello, my name is Andy and I am an immegrant from Poland. My family lives in Chicago, IL now but before 1994 we were citizens of Trybsz, Poland. It is a small city; all the people are friendly. I remember the fire it burned down 13 of the houses in the city. In fact I was one of the first people to see it. I am only 13 so I don't remember my exact address. Perhaps you have info on the Koszut family. My mother's maiden name is Helena Koszut. Thank you for reading !!! If you have any questions E-mail me, sincerely, Andrzej Domian jr. Andrzej's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): malasabina2000-AT-sbcglobal-DOT-net

37) Samantha A. Szlembarski

Location: USA
Tuesday, April 8, 2003 12:41 IP: Hello my name is Samantha and i have been trying so hard to find my polish roots!!!I am 20 years old. I am eagar to find my roots...i know that my family is originally from a village called Szlembark. My dad's name is Cashmire...he moved to the states when he was about 8-12 years of age. Can you help me? God Bless you! In Jesus Christ, Samantha A. Szlembarski Samantha's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Polish_princess19-AT-hotmail-DOT-com Kim Erkenswick:Hi Sam!I'm your cousin Kimmy (Leo's daughter). I'm not sure what kind of info. you might be looking for but I'd be more than happy to help you and Sara!!! I saw your dad about a month ago when I dropped off babcia at home! He was mowing her lawn.=)We went to Szlembark about 6 years ago (and hoping to go back in May). It's beautiful!! One of our uncles has a home in that area that we visited. He's a "coat maker", if you will. He makes shearling (sp??) coats, the kind that are popular again. It's a very small village with a road that's only wide enough for one car to get by, you have to pull over to let others by. Well, let me know what I can help you with! kimmers_e@yahoo
Sara Szlembarski:I too am looking along with my sister. I have come across some health problems and would try to get a hold of any faimly on my fathers side to see if they to have had them.

36) Sandi Kupcik Barber

Location: Metro Atlanta Georgia area
Thursday, April 3, 2003 10:51 IP: Please, please, please, I would like to receive these newsletters and be part of this incredible group! This is the most wonderful site I have seen on research, and more so because it is so specific. My paternal line hails from Slovenska Ves, Vojnany, Lendak, and Zdiar. Some of the surnames I am researching are: Kupcik, Kuptsik, Plucsinsky, Plucinsky, Dzurnak, Dzurynak, Hozza, Marhevka, Pesta & Paluba.I am working on the FHL tape of Slovenska Ves, trying to get a database of names and dates. If anyone is researching names in the same area, contact me and I will be delighted to see what I can find for you. Sandi's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Sandibarber-AT-attbi-DOT-com Kathleen:Hi Sandi,I am researching the surname Cupchak. My grandmother was Barbara Cupchak Slatowski from Jaworki Poland. Barbara and my grandfather Lawrence Slatowski (Szlachtowski)settled in Chester, PA (Phila.PA).Would enjoy hearing from you.
Sandi:Hi Kathleen!How interesting to see such a similar name! For so many years, I was certain that my two sisters and I were the only ones in the world with a name like ours!

35) M. Kaiser

Location: New Jersey
Tuesday, March 18, 2003 15:09 Host: Please add us to the newsletter mail list. We are researching Spissky Vlachy.Thank you. M. Kaiser's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Burgenlaenderin-AT-aol-DOT-com

34) Donnamarie Boyer (nee Kons)

Location:New Mexico
Monday, March 17, 2003 00:43 Host: Researching the Kons, Ciszek, Kocanda and Szymusiak families in Slovakia. My grandfather, Anton Kons was born in Trsztena and raised in Piekielnik.His parents names were Andrew Kons and Mary/ Anna Kons. I dont know her surname. I do know that they had 12 children. My grandfather was born in 1892 He married Maria Ciszek in 1917 in Chicago, Ill. He came to Chicago in 1914, Hoping to be able to locate family members from this area. Donnamarie's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): Donnamarieboyer-AT-aol-DOT-com Donnamarie Boyer:Is there anyone else that is doing research in Piekielnik or Jablonka? Please contact me.

33) Florian C. Simala, Jr.

Location:Cleveland, OH (as of Mar 03)
Sunday, March 16, 2003 16:22 Host: Researching: Ignac (known as James in America) Simala (pronounced Shimala in Slovak) from Lipnica Wielka (Also Lipnica under Austro-Hungarian Empire), born 1891 and first went to Clarksburg, WV, and then to Cleveland, OH circa 1907; Angelina Kozak (belive she was also from Lipnica Wielka) spouse of Ignac Simala; Ferdinand Victor Fabry (known as Frank in America), born late 1800s and immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s, from Trstena; and Kornelia Zahor from Liptovsky Mikulas (former Svaty Mikulas), wife of Ferdinand Fabry. Florian's e-mail in spam-resistant form (minus the "@" and "."): 75430.543-AT-escapees-DOT-com

32) Michael Kreta

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Wednesday, March 12, 2003 18:36 IP: Researching Sulin (Velky & Maly) and Legnava, SK for the following surnames: KRETA, MISKOV/MISKO and KOPCAK. Michael's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: mpkreta-AT-msn-DOT-com Sandie Miltenberger:I have a large database on Legnava, Slovakia from around 1806 - 1896 to include births, deaths and marriages. If you're interested, contact me at sandie0069@aol. Also, I have a large database containing persons from Starina, Slovakia.

31) Ute Schoenwetter

Location: Germany
Tuesday, March 4, 2003 21:39 Host: This is a great site, and I´m hoping to get in contact with others doing family research in this area. In 1909 my grandfather Franciszek Roll (*Oct. 1890) immigrated from Poland to Chicago. Ellis Island ship manifest showed as place of birth and last residence Dlugopole (with his mother Rozalia Roll). Marriage certificates gave parents´ names as Jacob Roll and Rozalia, née Bryja(k). I was born and still live in Germany, where my father (1st generation American) had been stationed for some time. Unfortunately, for family reasons I cannot travel at the moment, but maybe one of you is doing research in Dlugopole or knows something about the names Bryja(k) and Roll. My grandfather had a brother Joszef J. Roll (*1888) who lived in Chicago also, and a sister Karolina. I would love to find out more about Dlugopole and my grandparents´ families before immigration to the United States. Ute's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: ute.schoenwetter-AT-freenet-DOT-de A.G. Roll:The following is a really good website to start with! http://homepages.rootsweb/~windmill/html/toc.html

30) dwayne morawa

Location: Michigan
Sunday, March 2, 2003 19:38 IP: Hello Iam looking for Infomation on the Morawa Family . My grand father came over to the United States in 1913 may on the George washington out of Bremen Germany. He was 19 born in 1894 . On his papers place of res. is Grabic but I cant find a grabic i have found Grabie Which I believe is it as his brother Jan has Polanka and they are close just south of kracow . Peter is my grandfather and Joannes is a brother of his also . His parents where Francisus Morawa and Maria Szwed they never came over any info would be great also my grandfathers wife Agnes Czapski her parents where Joannes Czapski and Sophia Czajka . Thank you. Dwayne's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: dwaynem-AT-chartermi-DOT-net

29) Donna Fried

Location: Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Friday, February 28, 2003 12:43 IP: 12-212-218-26.client.attbi I am looking for any lineage on the Majerczak (Majercak) family. I have family in Nowa Biala and some in Czarna Gora. Also looking for Grigus or Tomcza from Krempachy. Donna's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: frappucinojunkie-AT-attbi-DOT-com ginny jakubiak:Did you see #127 on this list????...a searcher

28) Mary Ellen Panoch-Zuro

Location:Hinsdale, IL.
Monday, February 24, 2003 12:04 Host: Researching family names of Brozenec, Kurnat, Vadovsky/Wadowszky, Frankovics all from Nowa Biala, PL. Additional names of Klotnia, Scurek, Brija and Devera from Krempachy, Frydman and Nowa Biala, PL. Majority of family went to Chicago after a stay in Passaic, NJ. Some went to Port Griffith, PA. Looking for contact with anyone who has knowledge of these names. Mary Ellen's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: mepz_2000-AT-yahoo-DOT-com Jon Brozenec:My father is also researching the name Brozenec(z). He would be a great person to speak with.

27) Dorothy Finn

Location: New Jersey
Monday, February 24, 2003 07:38 Host: Researching Polish surnames BABONY and IGLAR in Frydman, BABONY in Maniowy, GRIGLYAK in Lapsze Wyzne and SZOLTISZ in Dursztyn. Dorothy's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: dorothy-AT-thecore-DOT-com Andrea Babony:Hello, My parents are from Slovakia, but I know that we decendents from Hungary.
ginny jakubiak:Dorothy, My maternal grandfather was Paul Griglak who was born in Vysne Lapsze, Slo in1863 (now of course Lapsze Wyzne, Poland.) He migrated to US and lived in Pennsylvania and died there in1916. We think Paul's father was Louis or Lawrence Griglyak. Keep in touch if you want to. Please email me.
ginny jakubiak:My email is: nebadonia@lycos


Location: Washington, DC
Monday, February 24, 2003 03:48 IP: Researching the Frankovsky family - Velka Frankova. Other surnames connected are: Korman and Littman. On the Hungarian side - from Bekescsaba, HU - surname - Laurinyecz,Petrovszki Bill's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: billyl-AT-erols-DOT-com


Location: MT. PLEASANT, PA 15666
Monday, February 17, 2003 06:00 Host: I am looking for info on John Joseph Sova Born in Dursztyn. What is the name of the church on your webpage? Are there any other Catholic churches in Dursztyn? Ann Ann's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: arig-AT-zoominternet-DOT-net

24) Lila Mondrush

Location: Spiceland, Indiana U.S.A.
Sunday, February 16, 2003 16:44 IP: I am researching a John Mondrosch and Maria Scholz. The area is Hneizdne, also Anna Pilak. I do not have an area for her. Lila's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: monteci-AT-nltc-DOT-net

23) Mike Ovsonka

Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, February 16, 2003 16:24 Host: Hi, I stumbled upon this website and happened to see my family name OVSONKA. There are no OVSONKA'S in Canada other than my family and no information on my family background here. If you can let me know of any way i can find some info on my family name that would be great. Mike's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: boxman_mo12-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

22) John Lynn Babicz

Location: Tucson, Arizona USA
Thursday, February 13, 2003 09:23 Host: My ancestors are from Odrowaz, Nowy Targ. My grandfather immigrated in late 1800's, going first to Pittsburgh, then Northern Illinois, then to Wisconsin. John's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: johnbabicz-AT-earthlink-DOT-net

21) Ken Sisitka

Sunday, February 9, 2003 09:32 Host: Searching the name SISITKA in the region of the Vah River valley from Martin to Ratkovo and east. Ken's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: sisitka-AT-aol-DOT-com

20) Stan Chlebek

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, February 6, 2003 06:01 IP: I'm researching the CHLEBEK family from Czarny Dunajec whose origins may be in Podszkle where Maciej Chlebek is mentioned in 1624. I'm interested in contacting any and all Chlebeks doing research and/or interested in Chlebek genealogy. Stan's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: chlebekgen-AT-yahoo-DOT-com Anna Chlebek (Brouwer):Is this Stan, my cousin in Chgo? My dad is Ted (Teofil) Chlebek on the North-Side... If it's you, thought I would drop a line and say hello! Anna Chlebek (Brouwer) in Colorado. :)

19) Tom Piatak

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Wednesday, February 5, 2003 16:53 Host: My great-grandparents, Joseph Piatak and Mary Zoldak, emigrated to Cleveland from Kolackov, Slovakia in 1899 and 1900. Other names in my family tree include Zamiska, Tatarsky, Krupka, and Kozik, the first three coming from Kolackov and the last from Nizne Ruzbachy. Tom's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: tpiatak-AT-yahoo-DOT-com

18) Bob

Location: New Jersey
Sunday, February 2, 2003 18:09 Host: Looking for Feczan, Kornaj, Holowacz. Came from Poland early 1900's. Villages Biala Woda, Jaworki. Parents married in Newmarkt, Austria (now Nowy Targ, Poland). Cannot find any Feczan or Kornaj in America using web searches. Can find Holowacz in America using web searches. Anyone who recogonizes any names would appreciate an e-mail. Thanks. Bob's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: nezafr-AT-aol-DOT-com Sharon:Looking for Hawran, Hollowich,Karpiak,Demej, Surmiak from Jaworki

17) Wayne Huss

Location: Pennsylvania
Thursday, January 30, 2003 18:42 Host: Am interested in German (Zipser Deutsch) surnames HUSZ(Hus) and BULLNER(Bolner) for Tvarozna pre-1775. HUSZ also found in Dvorce, Kezmarok, Levoca, Lubica, Poprad, Ruskinovce, Slovakia. Wayne's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: Huss.W-AT-gmc-DOT-edu

16) Les Blues

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tuesday, January 28, 2003 10:51 Host: Researching Joseph & Victoria BOROWY from Skawica who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. Les's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: lblues-AT-telus-DOT-net

15) Blanche Francetic

Location: Ohio
Tuesday, January 28, 2003 09:59 Host: Researching grandparents, John & Elizabeth (TOTH) PROKOP from village of Hluboka, Austria/Hungary. Now possibly considered to be in Ukraine. Have had no success. Blanche's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: francpe-AT-msn-DOT-com

14) Charlene Szymusiak

Location: California
Sunday, January 26, 2003 21:42 Host: Searching for information and connections with surnames: SZYMUSIAK, WCISLAK, OBROCHTA, BIELINSKA(i) from Czarny Dunajec, Odrowaz area, northeast of Zakopane, Poland. Grandfather Jan Szymusiak born 1880, Grandmother Frances Wcislak born 1888. Planning a trip to the area soon. Charlene's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: cszymu-AT-msn-DOT-com

13) Robert Tvorik

Location: Lansing, Michigan USA
Sunday, January 26, 2003 19:51 Host: Searching TVORIK: My grandfather Stephen (Istvan)Tvorik emmigrated to USA in 1907 from Also Lipnicza Hungary now Lipnica Wielka, Poland. Previously, my great-grandfather Matyas Tvorik and son Charles (Karoly)traveled to Clarksburg, WV in 1904. They visited brother in law Ladislav GAVELDA. Charles stayed and Matyas returned home where he had a tannery business. Robert's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: rtvorik-AT-aol-DOT-com Marc Karnafel:Don't know if it is relevent, but Felix Gavelda of Clarksburgwas my father's godfather, and my grandparents came from Lipnica Wielka. (Also Lipnicza)between 1906-1912.
Marc Karnafel:My email address isMarc_Karnafel@maymerchandising

12) James M. Menegos

Location: McDonough, GA USA
Sunday, January 26, 2003 18:05 Host: Researching Slovak surnames: BORZ, BOGACIK, SEDLAK, HUDAK, BORSZ, BORS & BODALAK. James' e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: JMMenegos-AT-aol-DOT-com

11) Stan Gawel

Location: Philadelphia PA area
Sunday, January 26, 2003 17:36 IP: Hi! I am researching my family (Gawel) who lived in Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland. The Parish of Saint Szymon and Tadeusz and Monsignor Stanislaw Maslanka has not responded to my correspondence. Has anyone been successful in contacting this Parish office? If so would like to hear how this was accomplished. I am researching specifically my Grandfather Szymon Gawel and my Fathers' relatives of Stanislaw Gawel (who died in Chicago in 1955 ) who may still live in the village. Would appreciate any helpfull suggestions. Stan's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: spgjlg-AT-aol-DOT-com Mother's Maiden name was Gawel but they come to Austrlia from Poland in 1960. I think from City of Kielce.

10) Joyce

Sunday, January 26, 2003 17:28 IP: Researching TOMAZY, GETTLER, KRISTOFIK and JAROSZ from Jelsava and Sumiac, Slovakia. My web page is: http://familytreemaker.genealogy/users/h/e/w/Joyce-A-Hewlett. I was in Slovakia last summer so there are some pictures and articles of the area. There is also a link to the History of Jelsava. Joyce's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: WHew536674-AT-cs-DOT-com cotney jones:my fiance is kurt kristofik. i noticed that there are not many kristofik genealogy areas. im not sure if it will help but his grandfather was mike kristofik born 1914 died 1998. i also believe i found census of his great grandmother and grandfather johan kristofik and annie kristofik 1874 and 1877 in arkansas. his heritage is slavokian according to his grandmother. if you think this may be of help i can find out more and would love to find out more about his heritage.i am not sure of the slovakian heritage and ohysical characteristics. i can tell you that ALL kurts aunts and uncles on his father's side including him are average5'9-6 foot dark hair, strong cheekbones, and strong noses. however they do have indian heritage as well so i may be off base. my name is cotney jones my e-mail is coattail79@yahoo. my home phone is 1-501-513-0774.

9) Francis Michalak

Location: Coraopolis, PA 15108
Sunday, January 26, 2003 16:48 IP: 216-29-126-129-AS5200.pulsenet Looking for info: Frantisek Luszczyk PL and Lustek SK Namestovo SK area, including PL. Family of 7 immigrated to Elbert WV 1910-11. Spellings of SK Lustik Luscek PL Lusczyk, Luszczyk, Terezia Budzel from Klin SK immigrated to US & married Andy Lustic 1912-13 in Pocahantas VA moved to Harwick, PA 1916-17. We believe Luszczyk family were were born in PL close to Klin SK (Ludzimiezer) Dlugopole Poland. Francis's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: butchmich-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

8) Ruth M. Bross

Sunday, January 26, 2003 12:50 IP: 6532232hfc209.tampabay.rr Seeking any information on the surname PERUNKO and the village of Spisska Nov Ves, SK. I now have one contact in that region and we are each trying to find links to our common ancestors. Ruth's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: rmbross-AT-tampabay-DOT-rr-DOT-com Julie Ballas:Hello! I am researching Mihaly SCHONVIZNER, b.about 1871 in IGLO, Austria (stated on his naturalization papers). I have been told that Iglo is now Spisska Nova Ves. I believe he had a brother, Joszef. They both came over to US and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. They came over about 1903 (give or take a few years). I would like to know if anyone has that surname in that area (perhaps your contact could have a look), and also any historical information about Iglo (Spisska Nova Ves) in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I also have his wife, Terezia RICHTER and their first daughter, Mary.Terezia had many sisters, but I don't know if they came over to US.What a wonderful site!

7) M. Bayliss

Location: Baltimore, MD
Sunday, January 26, 2003 11:36 Host: Researching ULMANEK, KADLUBEK, POTOCEK & NOVAK from the Jablonka - Nowy Targ area. Ancestors came to the U.S. in the late 1800's through 1925 and settled in western Pennsylvania in the Gallitzin and Tunnel Hill area of PA. Any information appreciated. M. Bayliss's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: mbartfx-AT-aol-DOT-com

6) Bob Janowski

Location: Denver, CO
Sunday, January 26, 2003 11:21 IP: I'm following my maternal grandfather's family from Maniowy, Czorsztyn, and Sromowce in the Dunajec Gorge area of Poland. The primary family name is SZEWCZYK with marriages to BLASZCZYNSKI, BLANT, MICHERDZINSKI, and KOLODZIEJSKI. Bob's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: tarryall-AT-bigfoot-DOT-com

5) peggy hanley

Location: Connecticut, USA
Sunday, January 26, 2003 10:43 Host: I am searching for my grandparents -- Isidor Pastva, father named Ferencz, and Mary Yanoviak -- both listed on Ellis Island as from Also Lipinca -- any information appreciated. Thank you. Peggy's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: wussweiler-AT-cox-DOT-net


Location: Apollo, PA
Sunday, January 26, 2003 05:56 Host: Looking for Stefanjak from Hagy, Slovakia. Jon Stefaniak married Maria Ann Baka from Hadusovce. Married around 1870. Also the Froncek family from Niedzica, Poland. Michael Froncek married Anna Hovanec around 1870. Their parents were Jon Froncek and Zofia Pojedyniec // Jon Chowaniec and Maria Pukanska. Anything from these towns or names would help for our Stefaniak reunion. George's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: gcstef-AT-comcast-DOT-net. Luap Kainafets: STEFANJAK......?

3) Bob Dominak

Location: Parma, OH
Sunday, January 26, 2003 05:33 Host: I am researching the following surnames in Slovakia: DOMINAK and DURIK from Krasna Horka, FULAK and BEBEJ from Habovka, and MUCHA, TIMOCHKO (TIMOSKO) and GELENIK (HELENIK) from Orlov. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Bob's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: dominak-AT-netzero-DOT-com

2) Noreen Hasior

Location: Lake Peekskill, New York
Sunday, January 26, 2003 03:05 Host: I am researching, in Slovakia, the surnames: KREJC, MICHALCSEK, BARTOS, LYIPKA (LIPKA), MUCHA and JANKURA. My family originated in Raslavice, Liptovska Teplicka, Lubicke Kupele, and Ruszbachy. In Poland, my family is: HASIOR and KROL. The Polish side of the family is from the Nowy Sacz area. Would be great to share with others from the areas. Noreen's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: krejc-AT-aol-DOT-com

1) Paul Bingham

Location: Escondido, CA
Saturday, January 25, 2003 13:57 IP: I am researching the surnames WOJTANEK (VOJTANEK), SOLTYS (SOLTYS & SOLTESZ), TZOPP (TRZOB), PLUCENSKI, MADEJA, RZEPISCAK, TROPIANKA, SARAPATA, and KURUC from the villages of Jurgow (Jurgo, Jurgov), Brzegi, Czarna Gora (Cierna Hora), Rzepiska (Rzepisko), and Bukowina Tatrzansa, Poland and also GRUSZKA (HRUSKA), STYRCZULA, STOSEL, MICHNIAK, FUDALA, TYLKA, and TOCZEK from the villages of Dzianisz and Chocholow, Poland, and also NANISTA, JACKULIK, and ZEMANCIK from the villages of Slanica and Namestovo, Slovakia. Any additional information on these lines or history of the area would be greatly appreciated! Paul's e-mail in spam-resistive form (minus the "@" and ".") is: targ_net-AT-hotmail-DOT-com


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