Trips to Poland, Slovakia & the Tatras

Traveling with TARG Members to the Old Country  Shouting Newspaper Boy Dressed in Goral Outfit

Helene Cincebeaux's 2011 Treasures Tours are currently booking!

Helene Cincebeaux Has Released Her Schedule of Four New Tours for 2011.
Tour #1 (June 22-July 2) is her "Slovak Art, Crafts, Villages & Castles" tour in Slovakia. Tour #2 (July 8-17) is her 23rd annual "Treasures of Slovakia" tour in Slovakia & Austria. Tour #3 (July 17-25) is her "Five Countries, Five Cultures" tour in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic & Austria. Tour #4 (July 27-August 9) is her "Off the Beaten Path Adventure" in Serbia, Romania & Carpathian Ukraine. TARG members may especially find her #1 and #2 tours popular as each are scheduled to travel through the Tatra area. Anyone who knows Helene knows she is very flexible and can probably make any of her tours work for you with a guide and a car to take you to your ancestal village or an archive, then rejoining the main group and tour bus later. She can also help arrange to have you stay on after the tour if you so desire. If you want more information please contact Helene directly by calling toll free: 888-529-7150, e-mailing her at or by visit both tour websites at: and

If you would like to see many images from a magnificent trip to Poland, Slovakia and our TARG region in May and June of 2009, click here.

The photo above is of the Bazilika Panny Marie on a hill north of Levoca, Slovakia, taken on that trip.

Helene's Past Trips with TARG Members!


TARG members enjoying their first Goral Homecoming Trip with Helene Cincebeaux and crew in August 1999. Picture in front of the Goral restaurant "Szalas" in Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland.

TARG group in August 2001 outside a Goral restaurant in Sucha Hora, Slovakia where we ate ourselves silly and enjoyed some really authentic Goral entertainment.


This is our August 2003 Goral Tour group (with many smiling TARG members!) posing with the Bednarczyk's in front of their home in Nowa Biala, Poland.

Our group inside the village library in the basement of the Bednarczyk's home August 2003. (Photo courtesy of Zivot magazine.)

TARG members dancing with the Nowa Biala performers August 2003. (Photo courtesy of Zivot magazine.)

Late 2011 begins TARG's 13th Anniversary!

 Shouting Newspaper Boy Dressed in Goral OutfitYes, it all started back in November of 1998. For those interested in a special TARG Tour to the Tatras in the future please e-mail your thoughts to: NOTE: I've heard from a few of you so far. Thank you for your comments! I'd like to hear from more TARG members on this subject, too. The best flights and accommodation prices are between September and May. September 1st through November 1st and again mid-March through May 1st would be ideal (fewer crowds, no archives closed or parish priests gone for summer vacation, decent weather, and everything's more affordable then).

Click here for photos from when Paul and his sons took a very wintery trip to the Tatras in early March 2003!

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