Lipnica Wielka, Poland

A local hay wagon passing in front of St. Lukas Roman Catholic church in Lipnica Wielka, Poland. The church dates back to 1769.

Lipnica Wielka, Poland was known as Velka Lipnica, Slovakia prior the Slovak/Polish border change in 1920. In both languages the name of the village means "greater Lipnica". The word "Lipnica" is the name of the brook which runs the length of the town and derives its name from the "Lipa" or local species of Linden tree which grows along its banks. Lipnica Wielka is currently the largest town in the region known locally as "Orawa". Orawa comes from the Slovak "Orava" which was once the county name before the border change. The population of Lipnica Wielka is now around 5,300. Most inhabitants are still farmers. The village is almost ten miles long and was first settled by fleeing peasants from Zywiec, Poland in the early 1600's. Lipnica Mala or "lesser" Lipnica is a village nearby built along the banks of Syhlec creek. It is smaller, but also settled by Zywiec peasants. Many of the same family surnames are common to both these villages.

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