This map represents the area of Poland nearest the High Tatra mountains referred to locally as Skalne Podhale or "Rocky Podhale". North is up in this map. The area immediately to the east called "Spisz" (two of its villages shown as "Trybs" and "Niedzica") was until 1920 a part of Spis county, Slovakia. Likewise, a comparable section immediately to the west (including the village of "Orawka" as shown) was part of Orava county, Slovakia until 1920. (See also an historic Diocese map showing these two areas of Slovakia turned over to Poland in 1920.)

A larger region known locally as "Greater Podhale" consists of Rocky Podhale and more surrounding areas to the east, north and west. Most all of these villages and towns consider themselves part of Goral culture. All areas of Greater Podhale are within the TARG Sphere of Influence.

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